How a Virtual Sales Assistant Can Help You Increase Your Sales?

A Virtual Sales Assistant is a qualified sales professional offering service from a remote location at an unbelievable cost. They can also be a part of a bigger Virtual Assistant Agency that provides a wide range of business services other than sales.

Did you know that you can hire a pro Virtual Sales Assistant for even less than 10$/hr?

Don’t you see an opportunity here to scale up your sales stats? Strategically operating organizations, with the help of a Virtual Sales Assistant, build their sales framework robust to avoid pitfalls in their performances. But, what the majority of organizations do is bridge gaps in the pipelines after they realize the initial sales glitch or post noticing poor performances.

This is not the right approach. Building a revenue-generating sales cycle requires qualified professionals working ardently toward a common success story. Most businesses, especially startups cannot afford highly qualified sales specialists due to the huge salaries they demand. Here is where a Inside Sales Virtual  Assistant would prove to be a true asset.

Do you aim for higher sales metrics in the upcoming months? If yes, try and onboard Inside Sales Virtual  Assistants.

Who are Virtual Sales Assistants?

Virtual Sales Assistant

A Virtual Sales Assistant is a qualified sales professional offering service from a remote location at an unbelievable cost. They can also be a part of a bigger Virtual Assistant Agency that provides a wide range of business services other than sales. These specialized employees work with multiple clients and have a thorough knowledge of current trends, tips and tricks and technological insights which they use to identify challenges and opportunities in the sales pipelines of their clients.

On hiring, they can assist you in completing both essential and non-essential sales tasks within a stipulated time frame with precision. Even if an organization already has an in-house sales team, giving away repetitive and mundane sales tasks to these super workers will reduce the burden and as a result, businesses can achieve more focus on core activities.

What sales tasks can you outsource to a Virtual Sales Assistant to increase revenue?

On a regular day, a sales desk of an organization deals with prospecting, connecting/ qualifying, researching, presenting, handling objection and close deals.

All the sales tasks we know would fall under one or the other aforementioned category. A business that keenly watches its sales team’s regular progress will understand what to do to improve sales revenue. It will also understand what not to do to improve sales revenue.

The majority of the tasks relevant to sales revenue generation can be taken over by a Virtual Sales Assistant.


A Virtual Sales Assistant can help you create a better roadmap because of their in-depth sales experiences. Well, an in-house employee can do it too, but they cannot suggest the best plan from a competitive, unbiased and a wide market angle. So, let a Virtual Sales Assistant.

  • Aid in finding market potential of the products and services by conducting thorough research.
  • Conduct prospect research.
  • Find the best possible ways to increase monthly and annual sales revenue, adding value to the management decisions.
  • Create ideas to increase sales win rates.
  • Track sales progress and analyze metrics, and much more.

Having a clear cut plan positioned to win a competitive market will gain more attention from the prospects. Greater brand identities will in-turn results in more average transaction size. Average transaction sizes means making a customer purchase or buy more. But this is a lot of work. From having a pleasant initial communication with the prospects to nurturing customer relationship, all of these demand great time, resources and investment.

When Virtual Sales Assistants come into the picture, more activities can be completed within a minimum time and at a reduced cost. All of these efforts will snowball into greater sales and revenue.


Pricing plan influences purchase decisions of prospects and customers. A successfully running organization will not be too pushy or desperate to sell their products, ideas or services. Such productive companies give rebates and discounts to the customers, so that they feel the deal is worth. But think from the business perspective of a start-up. Such organizations cannot afford to give discounts before they generate sufficient revenue.

A Virtual Sales Assistant would not only help them in pricing the products right but also in making more revenue. This is because, unlike an in-house employee, a Virtual Sales Assistant is not getting paid a salary or won’t be given any extra allowances. They charge per hour or per project at a very affordable price suitable for small organizations. What business can do is to utilize the saved up amount in creating value additions for the customers.

Enhance Sales with a Virtual Sales Assistant
  • Analyze if the existing pricing and discount plans are adversely affecting the business.
  • Perform research to understand how much the prospects are ready to pay for a service, an idea or a product.
  • Collaborate with the in-house sales and marketing team to create newsletters, social media post and other stunts to popularize the pricing schemes.
  • Have a detailed database of customer feedback and responses.

If, as an entrepreneur, you didn’t know for a fact that pricing is based on many factors, then yes, you must need an expert who can throw light on various selling factors. Get a help of a Virtual Sales Assistant. Well, if an average salary of a sales specialist in the US is $16 (Source: Glassdoor), a Virtual Sales Assistant services will just cost you $6/hr (Source: Alliance Recruitment Agency).

A great scope for more savings, isn’t it?


Every sales leader should be aware of business metrics that can be tracked to understand the growth journey. If you think a Virtual Sales Assistant would be unaware of these important sales metrics, then you are totally wrong.
These Virtual Sales professionals would know advanced metrics compared to your average sales professional.

This is because; they have intense experience working with various firms and have already captured the best practices. To have an accurate sales forecast, one should have the sales metrics reports at the tip of the fingers. There are umpteen numbers of sales metrics that a business can track; all of these cannot be included in a single Ossisto blog.
However, let us give you details of the major ones.


By dividing the total number of deals that your sales team makes with total amount these deals generate will give you the average deal size. By regular monitoring of this metric, your business will get a fair picture of whether your deal size is increasing, decreasing or staying static.


By understanding sales funnel leakage, one can understand, if prospects drop out of the funnel drastically. Of all the interest a prospect would show initially, to be truth spoken only 5% of the people would end up buying a product or service.
There are various ways, an expert would find out the sales funnel leakage; from identifying drop-offs to doing the complete funnel analysis – it is a time-consuming process.


The conversion rate results indicate the percentage of the lead that would ultimately become customers. Also, the conversions should match the initial sales target to determine success. Now the question to ask is how a VA can help in tracking sales metrics?

A Virtual Sales Assistant would have the technology or the software to analyze these metrics faster. But you can ask a counter question here, why the in-house team can’t buy such software? The truth is all of this software is quite expensive. Add the employee cost to it and you would see that it is not economical.

Moreover, if you are relying on a Virtual Agency, the sales assistant would be working for multiple clients from the world over. So, for them all of this software is put to good use every day. Whereas, an in-house sales person would use it monthly, quarterly or even annually and it is a total loss for you.

There are various ways, an expert would find out the sales funnel leakage; from identifying drop-offs to doing the complete funnel analysis – it is a time-consuming process.


It is easy to persuade the old customers to buy the products and avail the services of a brand rather than converting a new prospect. However; prospects, leads or customers, all of these people needs to be reminded of a brand constantly. The easiest way is through both verbal and non-verbal communication. From the beginning of the sales funnel, till the end; only clear communication can help in lead conversions. Emails, telephonic or any other mediums are just devices, which still require a human touch.

Your Virtual Sales Assistant

  • Can create strong rapport with the relevant prospects and maintain the connection with your existing pool of customers by using their communication skills.
  • Will take efforts in creating personalized emails that have more open rates that the automated ones.(According to a report published by Oberlo, 3.9 billion people make use of email to send information and the same report also suggests that by 2023, 4.3 billion users will rely on email for sending information. This makes email still the best way to communicate business deals.)
  • Sets clear communication procedures that actually work faster in prospect conversions. For instance it is said that the best time to call a prospect is anywhere between 4 and 5 pm. The second best time is in the morning between 11 am and 12 pm. (Source: CallHippo). So an expert Virtual Sales Assistant will learn the market and study the situations and then initiate the calls.

Having professional salespeople in the team, who has great communication skills, will reduce the length of the conversion pipeline. This helps in gaining more revenue even before the targeted time period.


Some of you will be apprehensive about giving important sales tasks to a Virtual Sales Assistants, considering the fact that they are working from a remote location. There is nothing to worry about; if you learn how to hire and work along with your Virtual Assistants. An agency like Ossisto has professionals who are well-experienced, skilled and they are constantly monitored for productivity.

In such organizations, a ‘team lead’ will act as a single point of contact, so that the clients can forget about micromanaging their remote sales team. Sales revenue improvement plans demand for constant effort and time, which a Virtual Sales Assistant will readily invest.

Moreover, most organizations rely on their sales representatives regarding their customer details. Having a Virtual Sales Assistant can help you in forecasting the market climate for your products and services, as they invest their time to pull out critical information. For a startup, such minute details are necessary to survive in a competitive market.

You pay your Inside Sales Virtual Assistant per hour and they are already equipped with technology and other resources; here too you are saving some money. Well, all you have to do is to see that your  Inside Sales Virtual Assistants are self-motivated, deadline-driven, result-oriented, and familiar with modern sales tools.

The best suggestion for you to scale up your sales team today is to invest in a well-organized Virtual Sales TeamAlso, now that you know the importance of hiring a Inside Sales Virtual  Assistant, do you want to know how to assess a Virtual Assistant Organization?

Read our previously published blog:  How to Evaluate a Virtual Assistant Company.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about virtual sales assistant services

What is a virtual sales assistant?

A virtual sales assistant is a remote professional who provides sales support to businesses. They work from a remote location and use technology to communicate with their clients.

What tasks can a virtual sales assistant perform?

Virtual sales assistants can perform a range of tasks to support businesses with their sales efforts, such as lead generation, lead qualification, appointment setting, follow-up calls and emails, sales reporting, database management, and more.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual sales assistant?

Hiring a virtual sales assistant can help businesses increase their sales by providing them with professional sales support without the overhead costs of hiring an in-house sales team. Virtual sales assistants are also flexible, scalable, and can be hired on an as-needed basis, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

How do I find a reliable virtual sales assistant?

You can find reliable virtual sales assistants through reputable virtual staffing agencies that pre-vet their candidates and offer client support. Look for agencies that have experience in the sales industry and a proven track record of delivering quality virtual sales assistant services.

How do virtual sales assistants communicate with clients?

Virtual sales assistants communicate with clients through various channels such as email, phone, video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management tools. They use these tools to provide regular updates and reports, communicate with clients about tasks and projects, and collaborate on sales strategies.

Can virtual sales assistants work with my existing sales team?

Yes, virtual sales assistants can work with your existing sales team to provide additional support and help them achieve their sales goals. They can work closely with your team to develop sales strategies, provide training, and share best practices.

How do virtual sales assistants track their work and performance?

Virtual sales assistants use various tools such as project management software, CRM systems, and time-tracking tools to track their work and performance. They also provide regular reports and updates to their clients to keep them informed about their progress and achievements.

How do I know if virtual sales assistant services are right for my business?

Virtual sales assistant services are right for businesses that want to increase their sales but don’t have the resources or expertise to do it on their own. If you’re looking to expand your sales efforts, save time and money, and get professional sales support, virtual sales assistant services may be a good fit for your business.

How can a virtual sales assistant help me save time and money?

A virtual sales assistant can take on many of the time-consuming tasks related to sales, such as lead generation, appointment setting, and follow-up calls or emails. By outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant, you can free up your time to focus on other important areas of your business. Additionally, virtual sales assistants can often work on a flexible, part-time basis, which can save you money compared to hiring a full-time, in-house salesperson.

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A Virtual Sales Assistant is a qualified sales professional offering service from a remote location at an unbelievable cost. They can also be a part of a bigger Virtual Assistant Agency that provides a wide range of business services other than sales.