Healthcare Efficiency – A Case Study with Ossisto’s Administrative Support 

Discover how Ossisto streamlined administrative tasks to enhance healthcare efficiency in Los Angeles.

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Explore how Ossisto’s tailored administrative support optimized operational efficiency for a healthcare provider in Los Angeles. 

Client Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles 

Client's Needs and Requirements

The client required robust administrative support to manage a myriad of tasks including Requests for Authorization (RFA), patient chart verification, billing procedures, records maintenance, and documentation management. The goal was to enhance operational efficiency and streamline administrative processes. 

Key Responsibilities

Patient Scheduling and Queries

  • Manage patient appointment scheduling, ensuring optimal use of clinic time. 
  • Handle patient inquiries via phone, providing accurate information and support. 

Patient Dashboard Verification

  • Verify patient information and ensure accurate completion of check-in forms. 
  • Correct any inaccurate data to streamline administrative processes. 
  • Verify session notes to ensure accuracy and completeness of patient records. 

Creation of Request for Authorization (RFA)

  • Create RFAs for specific treatments as requested by doctors. 
  • Submit RFAs to insurance companies for verification and approval. 

Document Management

  • Maintain and submit records or documents as requested, including medical record requests, subpoena requests, and treatment notes from referring providers. 
  • Ensure all documents are correctly aligned with patient charts. 


  • Post charges for treatment sessions based on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. 

Administrative Support

  • Actively participate in all administrative team gatherings and meetings. 
  • Provide general administrative support as needed. 

Overview of Actions Taken by Ossisto

Ossisto initiated a detailed analysis of the client’s administrative needs and processes. Leveraging our expertise, we implemented solutions to streamline workflows and enhance overall efficiency within the organization. 

Conclusion - Outcome and Success Story

Our collaboration has resulted in a substantial increase in operational hours and efficiency. By leveraging our administrative support, including virtual assistants, the client has successfully enhanced patient scheduling, streamlined documentation management, and expedited insurance processes. This transformation underscores the effectiveness of our partnership in driving positive outcomes for the client’s business objectives. 

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Discover how Ossisto streamlined administrative tasks to enhance healthcare efficiency in Los Angeles.