Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency with Ossisto Administrative Support – A Case study

Explore how Ossisto's tailored administrative assistance transformed Onebh's operations, driving efficiency and productivity.

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In the dynamic realm of healthcare administration, organizations like Onebh in Los Angeles face multifaceted challenges that demand comprehensive support. Explore how Ossisto’s tailored administrative assistance transformed Onebh’s operations, driving efficiency and productivity.

Client Profile

  • Client Name: Yehuda Gertel 
  • Website: Onebh 
  • Company: Onebh 
  • Location: Los Angeles 

Yehuda Gertel’s quest for enhanced efficiency at Onebh revolved around the necessity for proficient administrative assistance. From managing Requests for Authorization (RFA) to meticulously handling patient charts and billing procedures, the role demanded keen attention to detail and expertise within the healthcare domain. Ossisto stepped up to the challenge, aiming not only to fulfill these requirements but also to optimize operational coordination and execution.

Client's Needs and Requirements

Yehuda Gertel from Onebh in Los Angeles sought comprehensive administrative support. His specific requirements included the need for an adept Admin Assistant to manage a diverse array of tasks. These tasks encompassed sending out Requests for Authorization (RFA), meticulously verifying patient charts, handling billing procedures, maintaining records, and managing documentation. 

This multifaceted role demanded a keen attention to detail and proficiency in various administrative tasks within the healthcare industry. Our challenge was not only to fulfill these requirements but also to ensure seamless coordination and execution of these responsibilities to enhance Onebh’s operational efficiency and productivity. 

Overview of Actions Taken by Ossisto

Our journey with Onebh began with a deep dive into understanding the intricacies of their healthcare operations. Despite lacking prior experience in the clinical field, we dedicated ourselves to learning the nuances of the processes, terminology, and medical codes. Under the guidance of Shivam, we meticulously analyzed Onebh’s business to identify areas where additional support could be provided, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meeting their administrative needs. Through this collaborative effort, we aimed to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency within the organization.  

Impact - Growth Metrics and Notable Achievements

Prior to our engagement, Onebh encountered significant organizational challenges hindering their operations. Through our assistance, we initiated a transformational process that facilitated better organization within the company. Our recommendations and support were instrumental in streamlining workflows and improving efficiency across various administrative tasks. As a result, Onebh experienced a notable increase in productivity and effectiveness in managing their operations. 

Furthermore, the client expressed appreciation for our suggestions, promptly implementing them into practice. This proactive approach not only enhanced the quality of their processes but also contributed to a positive shift in their work culture. Consequently, Onebh saw tangible improvements in their day-to-day operations, prompting them to extend work hours to accommodate the enhanced productivity and efficiency facilitated by our collaboration. This achievement underscores the value and impact of our partnership in driving positive outcomes for Onebh’s business objectives. 

Conclusion - Outcome and Success Story

Our collaboration with Onebh has yielded remarkable results, marked by a substantial increase in operational hours from 3 to 9 hours per day. This significant growth not only demonstrates the effectiveness of our assistance but also underscores the trust and satisfaction that Yehuda Gertel, the client, has placed in our services. 

We take pride in our role in enhancing Onebh’s efficiency and productivity, contributing to their success in navigating the complexities of healthcare administration. Our commitment to delivering tailored and reliable support has enabled Onebh to streamline their operations and focus on providing exceptional care to their patients. 

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Explore how Ossisto's tailored administrative assistance transformed Onebh's operations, driving efficiency and productivity.