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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to Ossisto. Maintaining the trust of our clientele is vital to the successful growth of our business, and this Privacy Policy is presented to make you feel at home when you visit our website and use our services. This Privacy Policy reveals the protection hones for the virtual assistance administrations, websites and some other sites and administrations worked by Ossisto. This Privacy Policy will provide you with all the necessary information with regard to our policies regarding:

Personal Data:

“Personal Data” comprises of details that enables someone to identify or contact you, such as, your full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.

(1) What is the nature of the personal data collated?

There is a set of personal details collated from you during:

  • Registration of services.
  • Subscription of free newsletters.
  • Notification of any amendments to our website.
  • Submission of requisite forms, e-mailers or whenever you send us any other related information.

(2) Who collates the personal data?

Ossisto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. collates all the personal data. Our mailing address is mentioned here with:

Ossisto Technologies Pvt. Ltd,

214 Smith St Suite 300 Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

We avail customer service that can be accessed 24/7 at info@ossisto.com.

(3) How does Ossisto propose to utilize the personal information?

We use the individual data provided by you to customize the services to suit your profile and nature of the requirement.

We operate with the utmost integrity and do not share or sell your personal data to any third parties without your written consent to allow us to do so.

We may circulate information about our users if required, but without disclosure of any personal data.
Your privacy is dear to us, however, in case of any legal requirements as per the law of the land, we may have to disclose your private communications and other personal data to third parties. For instance, we may be liable to provide the requisite information to government agencies, law enforcement or third parties under certain circumstances, or if third parties illegally breach or access personal data or communications. We may share personal data with our team and associates in order to maintain business continuity if the said employees or associates have signed the required confidentiality clause and the non-disclosure agreement as per our company laws.

(4) Who is privy to the personal data shared on Ossisto website?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to Ossisto. To safeguard your personal data, the user has to be 18 years and above to subscribe to our services. Apart from this precaution, we have securitized our website with impregnable firewalls to prevent or counter any data breach.

(5) How can the subscribers correct any inaccuracies in their personal data?

At any given instance, if there is a change in your personal data, or if you wish to unsubscribe from our services, we have an easy format in place wherein any updates can be made instantly by reaching our customer support team at info@ossisto.com.

(6) How does Ossisto implement a security protocol / protective measures to secure any breach, loss or misuse of personal data that is submitted by the subscriber?

At Ossisto, we adopt a highly advanced security system as a measure towards protecting our users’ data. On submission of your personal data through the Ossisto website, our security mechanism safeguards it both online and off-line. All information that is submitted through the registration process is classified and secured using SSL encryption of industrial standard.

Any alterations in the privacy policy will be mentioned on the Ossisto website.


Ossisto safeguards all your information by securing the data through Industry Standard 128-bit encryption.


This Privacy Policy is a part of our Terms & Conditions (T&C) and by using the Ossisto services, you agree to be bound by its T&C. This Privacy Policy only addresses activities on our servers. Other sites (including those that we link to any third party sites or services which we co-brand) may have their own policies, over which we have no control or authority, and thereby not addressed or controlled by this policy.
For any further queries with regard to our privacy policy, feel free to contact our team at info@ossisto.com.

Your Rights:

  • Users that are located in countries including but not specific to those located within the jurisdiction of the European Union, can access statutory rights in relation to their data.
  • Users can access statutory rights in relation to their data.
  • Bearing certain legal exceptions in mind, you as a user will have every right to request access to the information provided herewith and have the liberty to ask of making changes, deleting updating to your data
  • As an individual you have every right to be informed, this has been reflected throughout this privacy policy
  • You have a right to object any form of direct mailing from Ossisto or from certain third parties that we might have shared your data with

Who we’ll be sharing your personal data with:

As mentioned above, for the purpose of providing you a seamless service, we might offer your personal data to third parties that belong to the following categories.

  • Those that provide professional services in association with our business, such as: business consultants, web hosting services etc.
  • Law enforcement and government authorities
  • Those who we associate with for processing services, such as: warehouses, payment companies etc

How long will we store your personal data?

  • At Ossisto we will not store your personal data more than what is required of us. In other words, it lasts only until our business contract is done or has been terminated.
  • It would also depend on your interest in having us store the same.

Data Protection Officer

To communicate with our Data Protection Officer, you can send an email to bavisath@ossisto.com