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How can an Ossisto Virtual Executive Assistant help?

Email Management

Our Executive Assistants excel at screening and prioritizing emails, ensuring important messages receive immediate attention & helping you stay organized.

Creating Presentations

We create captivating, visually stunning presentations that effectively communicate your message, saving you time and enhancing your business image with impactful visuals.

Calendar Management

Leave appointment scheduling and reminders to our Executive Virtual Assistants, who will efficiently manage your calendar, so you never miss a important meeting or deadline.

File Management

At our reputable company, you can confidently trust our experienced Virtual Executive Assistants to handle meticulous file organization & secure storage, ensuring effortless access & efficient management of your documents.

Project Management

Let our Project Management Virtual Executive Assistants take charge of your projects, handling planning, scheduling, budgeting, & risk management, ensuring successful & timely completion.


Our Virtual Financial Assistants provide expert virtual accounting services, managing your finances, including bookkeeping, budgeting, invoicing, and financial reporting, giving you peace of mind.
Virtual Executive Assistant-Your Business's Secret Weapon

Maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness with a Virtual Executive Assistant

Need professional support for overwhelming administrative tasks? Ossisto’s Virtual Executive Assistants excel in Microsoft 365, G Suite, Canva, Asana, and Trello. We handle Email management, Calendar management, Projects, and Finances while you focus on success. Reach new heights with Ossisto!

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Outstanding expertise in Virtual Executive Assistant services

Flexible Plan Change Options

Need to adjust your Virtual Executive Assistant plan? Our company provides flexible plans that allow you to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Access to Specialist Teams

Our Virtual Assistant team comprises experienced professionals who specialize in various tasks such as scheduling, email management, and administrative support.

Gain Hands-On Experience

Our Virtual Executive Assistant team has hands-on experience in providing top-notch executive support, which allows you to focus on important tasks.

Innovative Workforce Solutions

Our Virtual Executive Assistant team uses innovative tools and techniques to improve productivity, such as task management apps and cloud-based file sharing.

Back-Up Assistant at Zero Additional Cost

Our Virtual Executive Assistant plans come with a backup assistant at no extra cost, ensuring uninterrupted support for your business needs.

Contract Policy & No Hidden Costs

Our transparent contract policy ensures no hidden costs or surprise charges, giving you peace of mind that you're receiving affordable and reliable Virtual Executive Assistant services.

How it works

Simplified Workflow for Success


Form Submission

We’ll consult, understand challenges, discuss goals, priorities, and expectations, plan a virtual executive assistant, and customize a solution.


Sales Call

After agreeing on a plan, we’ll onboard, integrate seamlessly, transition smoothly, understand your business, and provide exceptional support.


Candidate Interview

Thorough candidate assessment, targeted questions, and evaluation for a successful interview process and candidate selection.


Free Trial

Experience our services with a complimentary trial, allowing you to explore the benefits risk-free and make an informed decision.



Efficient onboarding process, seamless integration, and personalized support to ensure a smooth transition into our services.



Ongoing nurturing and guidance, fostering growth and success by providing continuous support and valuable resources.

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A virtual executive assistant helps with a variety of tasks, including managing schedules, booking travel arrangements, handling correspondence, managing email, and providing project management support. 

A virtual executive assistant enhances project management by optimizing task organization, schedules, and resource allocation, facilitating efficient project progression. They streamline communication, document project updates, and assist in monitoring project status and resource management. Virtual assistants also help control budgets, track expenses, and enforce time management, ensuring projects remain on course.

Ossisto is your ideal destination for hiring virtual assistants. We offer a vast selection of highly qualified VAs, a meticulous vetting process, and competitive rates. Our virtual assistants handle tasks ranging from data entry to customer support, tailored to your specific needs, streamlining your operations and allowing you to concentrate on core business activities.

To find a virtual assistant, start by defining your needs, then explore platforms like Ossisto. Review profiles, assess skills, and communicate your requirements. Ossisto offers experienced Virtual Executive Assistants with diverse skills, making the process efficient and cost-effective.

A project management virtual executive assistant streamlines project tasks, tracks deadlines, manages schedules, and assists with team communication. They help ensure projects stay on course by handling administrative duties, organizing documents, and facilitating collaboration. Virtual assistants optimize productivity, enabling project managers to focus on strategic decision-making, ultimately enhancing project efficiency and success.

A virtual financial assistant is an AI-powered or remote professional service that helps individuals and businesses manage their financial tasks. It can handle budgeting, expense tracking, tax preparation, and financial analysis. Virtual financial assistants use technology to streamline financial processes, saving time and reducing errors. Ossisto offers efficient virtual financial assistants for comprehensive financial management.

To become a successful virtual executive assistant, focus on developing essential skills such as organization, communication, and adaptability, while also staying proficient in digital tools. Efficiently managing tasks and prioritizing responsibilities, along with maintaining confidentiality and adapting to your executive’s needs, is crucial. Building a strong professional network can further enhance your success in this role. Time management is key, and executive virtual assistants enjoy the benefits of flexible work arrangements and diverse, dynamic tasks.

Virtual Executive assistants manage calendars by scheduling meetings, appointments, and events, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring effective time management for their executives. They use digital tools like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to create, update, and share schedules. Additionally, they communicate with colleagues to coordinate availability and handle last-minute changes, maintaining an organized and efficient calendar system.

Virtual assistants manage emails efficiently by organizing, filtering, and responding to messages. They categorize emails, flag urgent ones, and draft responses. They can also schedule appointments and maintain inbox cleanliness. Virtual executive assistants streamline communication, making it easier for users to prioritize and manage their correspondence effectively.

A virtual executive assistant, like Ossisto, can enhance your productivity and reduce workload. It can handle tasks like scheduling, data entry, and research, allowing you to focus on core activities. Ossisto’s services extend to administrative, technical, and creative support, offering customized solutions to optimize your workflow and efficiency.

Maximize productivity & focus on your core business with an experienced Virtual Executive Assistant