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About Us

We are reliable and provide great value for your investment.

Our Mission

Quick, Easy and Cost-Effective Virtual Assistance, anywhere, anytime

Our Team

We are a young and dynamic team working exclusively for you. We are reliable, detail-oriented, and a master at ensuring productivity for your business.

Team Cooperation

We are a team possessing extensive experience in the vertical of virtual assistants. We realize your need for a partner to ensure nothing falls short

Organizational framework

We create a common framework, context, the use cases and the processes so that our VA and the client can work together effectively across physical and cultural distances.

Value towards Persistence

We, as a team, aspire to move forward effectively and efficiently through the persistence. We strive to take entrepreneurial tasks off your table.


We empower, design and implement the strategy that best suits your business and its needs. We ensure that we stay at the forefront of our client’s minds.

Our Work

We work for all types of businesses starting from Start-ups to unique entrepreneurial activities. Let us be the part of your journey. We are ready to handle all of the enterprise details.

What makes us Unique

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Our Approach

We put into creating opportunities for the wider business community.

  • Our approach is collaborative, that will open new doors, drive innovation and enable business growth.
  • We are a thriving community that recommends solutions and work in a way that suits your business.
  • We are flexible, diligent and attentive staff combined with great assistance and energized services for companies making it a pleasure for them to come into every day.
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Our Employees

Our diverse team of industry experts delivers first-class virtual assistants service and a range of truly innovative business solutions to help your business grow.

  • Our Employees are mature, cheerful and execute tasks within deadlines.
  • They are individuals with extensive experience plus a polite, friendly and business-like manner.
  • Our clients regularly compliment us on the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by our team and our enthusiasm to get that extra mile.
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Our Location


  • Fast, Friendly, and fully Functional, we extend our professional virtual assistants service throughout America.
  • We are a combination of location, amenities and administrative support with both professionalism and efficiency
  • Our incredible staff can help customize packages for your business needs.
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Our Story

Our story is simple. Clients who have outsourced business tasks to our company, Ossisto LLC, have been impressed with the quality and efficiency of the work done by our Virtual Assistants.

Our services provide well-structured analysis that enables you to make a decision.

Experienced Virtual Assistants service from the USA completely understand, support you and perform accordingly.

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Information Security

Information from our clients is a top priority for us. It is governed and handled securely. So, whatever you entrust to us, is protected. We also use specific software to secure the data sent via the Internet.

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Support Services

Our Virtual assistants work round the clock – to execute significant tasks efficiently. Ask for a Personal Service, Finance and Accounting, Administrative task, Web Development, Creative Design Services – and we have the relevant VA best in their work.

We have tasks done continuously with fulfillment. Come whatever may be, we have backup Virtual Assistants for you on duty.