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Ossisto provides accurate and efficient Accounting services, including reconciliation, financial statements, tax preparation, & payroll administration. Enhance your financial management today.


Streamline invoice management with Ossisto's Outsourced Bookkeeping. Enjoy accurate, real-time data using cutting-edge software. Experience hassle-free invoicing today.

Financial Reporting

Gain valuable insights with Financial Reporting services. We provide accurate financial record management, bank reconciliation, tax preparation, and tailored solutions.

Data Entry

Ensure accurate data entry with our Virtual Bookkeeping Services. We handle AP/AR, bank reconciliations, and provide detailed financial reports using cutting-edge technology.

Accounts Receivable

Effectively manage your accounts receivable with Ossisto's online bookkeeping services. We provide expert guidance and timely administration to optimize your financial operations.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Maximize efficiency with Ossisto's outsourced payroll services. We ensure accurate and timely management, handling processing, tax filings, and customization to drive business growth.

Save time and money by outsourcing your accounting needs to Ossisto

Our Accounting Services offers comprehensive support for your financial needs. Our expert team utilizes tools like QuickBooks Online, Zoho Books, Xero, Expensify, Odoo and more to ensure efficient bookkeeping, payroll management, and expense tracking. Streamline your accounting processes with Ossisto and focus on your business growth.

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Why choose us

Your Trusted Accounting Partner

Flexible Plan Change Options

Our Accounting Services offer flexible plans to match your unique business needs. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime without any hassle.

Access to Specialist Teams

Get access to our team of expert Accounting Services specialists who are well-versed in a variety of accounting tasks, including bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation.

Gain Hands-On Experience

Our Accounting Services team has hands-on experience and is up-to-date on the latest industry trends, providing you with reliable, accurate, and timely accounting services.

Innovative Workforce Solutions

Our Accounting Services use cutting-edge technology and software to ensure accuracy and efficiency in all accounting tasks, giving you a competitive advantage.

Back-Up Assistant at Zero Additional Cost

With our Accounting Services, you get a backup assistant at no extra cost, ensuring seamless continuity of your accounting tasks, even if your primary assistant is unavailable.

Contract Policy & No Hidden Costs

We have a transparent contract policy, with no hidden costs or surprise charges, so you can trust us to provide affordable and reliable Accounting Services.

How it works

Simplified Workflow for Success


Form Submission

We’ll consult, understand challenges, discuss goals, priorities, and expectations, plan a virtual executive assistant, and customize a solution.


Sales Call

After agreeing on a plan, we’ll onboard, integrate seamlessly, transition smoothly, understand your business, and provide exceptional support.


Candidate Interview

Thorough candidate assessment, targeted questions, and evaluation for a successful interview process and candidate selection.


Free Trial

Experience our services with a complimentary trial, allowing you to explore the benefits risk-free and make an informed decision.



Efficient onboarding process, seamless integration, and personalized support to ensure a smooth transition into our services.



Ongoing nurturing and guidance, fostering growth and success by providing continuous support and valuable resources.

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Accounting services are professional services provided by an expert in financial management, offering support in tasks such as bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll, tax preparation, and advisory services. 

Hiring an accounting service can help ensure that your finances are in order and up-to-date. It can also provide expert advice on financial planning, help reduce the risk of errors or fraud, and save time and resources that can be used for other aspects of your business. 

Accounting and bookkeeping services involve maintaining accurate records of financial transactions, creating financial statements, and reconciling bank statements. 

While bookkeeping involves recording daily financial transactions, accounting services analyze and interpret financial data, providing insight into your business’s financial performance, and prepare financial reports for stakeholders. 

Outsourced bookkeeping services involve delegating bookkeeping tasks to an external third-party provider. 

Outsourcing bookkeeping for small businesses can save time and money, reduce errors, and free up internal resources for other business operations. 

A professional bookkeeper is a qualified expert in financial management and provides bookkeeping services to clients. 

A professional bookkeeper offers services like maintaining accurate records, preparing financial reports, managing accounts payable and receivable, and reconciling bank statements. 

The benefits of virtual bookkeeping services include lower costs, increased efficiency, and greater flexibility, allowing businesses to access financial support remotely. 

The virtual bookkeeping process involves the use of cloud-based software and secure online systems, allowing access to financial data and reports from anywhere at any time. 

Online bookkeeping services are secure as they use industry-standard security measures to protect financial data. 

An online bookkeeping service can help streamline financial management, reduce errors, provide real-time financial reporting, and save time and resources. 

The benefits of payroll outsourcing services include time and cost savings, increased accuracy, compliance with tax regulations, and expert support. 

Outsourcing involves delegating business functions to an external provider, while payroll services focus on managing employee compensation and benefits. 

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