Refund Policy

Any refund on your Ossisto expenses will be administered by the Refund Policy expressed underneath.
At Ossisto, all payments for services are gathered ahead of time in view of the plan picked by the subscriber.

  1. Refunds on cancellation/downgrades will be entertained only if the client has served the due notice period for cancellation/downgrades. All cancellation and downgrade requests require a 30 day notice period.
  2. Refunds are not applicable for purchases made on the behalf of the subscriber. Any purchases are made by Ossisto virtual assistants simply after affirmation is gotten from the subscriber.
  3. In case of disappointment with the undertaking the task, Ossisto will endeavour to redress the issue to the subscriber’s fulfilment. Refunds by virtue of disappointment, of services will be at the tact of the administration of Ossisto. All such refund solicitations should be steered to the Quality Department of Ossisto either through direct email or through the web frame within 3 business days of receipt of a completed task/assignment/project, failing which it is presumed that the service quality is acceptable and there is no dissatisfaction with the service. In such matters, the final decision lies with the company management at Ossisto.
  4. On the assignment of tasks to Ossisto, our virtual assistants shall not be held liable for insufficient/incorrect or delayed documentation/data from subscribers.

For any further clarifications, you could get in touch with our customer support team at

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