May 11, 2023

Web Design and Digital marketing

Senior Travel Club is an associate company of Compare Travel Inc. and have been a part of this industry for 33 years targeting easy access to travel for senior citizens who are often ignored by most travel companies.

Web Design and Digital marketing


  • Enhance the online outreach and brand equity through storytelling
  • Enhance the overall foundations and navigational aspects of the website for a better and seamless experience
  • Create a better social integrated and profound media propelling content that empathies with the needs and issues of the audience
  • To drive SEO based content to enhance leads, conversions
  • To apply an interactive solution executed by WordPress CMS

Phase 1 – Reinventing

Senior Travel Club was in need of a complete redesign and reinvention of their current website so as to have a robust outreach to its target audience. They provide a unique and hassle free tourism experience for those part of the senior diaspora, but their searches were predominantly channeled through advertisements rather than online searches.

Hence on observing that they needed better SEO strategy, we targeted the same to give them a broader user experience and inject brand storytelling to the entire process.

Phase 2 – Styling

One of the highlights of the reinventing stage was to target their unique USP of catering to senior citizens and world class travel service. Therefore, we created the website to be styled in a way that it would divert a user’s attention to the aforementioned characteristics of the website.

Phase 3 – The Integration

The very last target to be accomplished here was to build a surficial outlook in a way that it best represents the brand’s vision and industry. Using a predominantly primary color palette to grab attention to ensuring easy navigation for the users searched were the key aspects here.


After having undertaken these changes of :

  • Enhancing the look and feel of the website compared to their competitors
  • Increased speed by developing the website through Word press with proper HTML ratio
  • By integrating better social media marketing tactics the domain got hold of vast reach of potential customers
  • Since the Google guidelines have been met, the organic searches as part of the SEO aspect of the domain it has aided them in a farther outreach by reportedly 1k visitors to the website monthly.
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