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The building blocks of any ecommerce marketing and ecommerce fulfillment platform providing site are having a sound marketing plan and a user-friendly interface. While working on the eCommerce service platform...


For any company, the main objective is to prioritize its business needs. To do so and to make the business grow,  e-commerce fulfillment by ecommerce marketing is essential. Ossisto provides Ecommerce services for all sorts of ecommerce fulfillment and ecommerce marketing needs based on the customer’s requirements. 

For years, hundreds of clients have been assisted by Ossisto with regard to meeting their business needs. Ossisto provides multiple solutions from supporting businesses with primary essentials to aiding with ecommerce fulfillment services, and digital and ecommerce marketing. To understand how Ossisto can turn a low-performing company into a recognizable brand using ecommerce fulfillment and e-commerce marketing, here is a case study that can provide unbiased insight. 

Case Study

The following case pertains to a commercial brand that took Ossisto’s aid for e-commerce fulfillment and ecommerce marketing. Note that the name of the brand shall not be disclosed due to privacy policy. This brand aimed to enhance its profit margin by boosting its sales. Though this brand was doing well, with regard to sales, on notable platforms like Amazon, it wanted to expand its reach to a wider network and have its own ecommerce fulfillment and ecommerce marketing platform. 

The brand, being aware of Ossisto’s services on Shopify, approached the team to create an ecommerce fulfillment platform in the form of an ecommerce marketing store. Ossisto then took charge of providing optimum Ecommerce services to do the needful. These included creating the ecommerce marketing store to provide ecommerce fulfillment with a suitable backend module while revamping the brand products through digital marketing

The Challenges

The building blocks of any ecommerce marketing and ecommerce fulfillment platform providing site are having a sound marketing plan and a user-friendly interface. While working on the eCommerce service platform, the following were some of the challenges the brand faced:

  • Providing an omnichannel experience for the users of the ecommerce marketing and ecommerce fulfillment platform.
  • Having a safe payment portal along with an online verification tool on the Ecommerce platform. 
  • Outshining competitors in the e-Commerce service genre by keeping up with their pace and staying updated.
  • Keeping track of customers who require Ecommerce and finding ways to maintain their loyalty.
  • Managing processes, issuing refunds, and pre-checking the reference details of returning products.
  • Safeguarding the marketing and ecommerce fulfillment platform and users of Ecommerce against cyber attacks and providing data security.

Ecommerce marketing: The Process

Ossisto’s team of experts identified the requirement of the client for Ecommerce after a thorough discussion and planned the time required for the project. To revamp the sales, a foolproof plan was made for the client after pinning all the valid points from the discussions. These essentials were grouped under the Backend development Module and the Digital Marketing plan.

The process required initiating a workable strategy along with excellent team coordination. The different tasks were divided between different teams under a Project Manager SPOC. Additionally, a chat group was created for the purpose of monitoring the project. This enabled the team to eliminate any possible communication gaps and ensure a sound reporting system.

Meantime, all the requirements were shared by the client in the form of an excel sheet. All the progress of the work was shown on a pamphlet which acted as a monitoring tool. The backend, marketing, technical, SEO, and design team all worked simultaneously on the project with a daily update protocol.

Digital Marketing Plan

The first step of the eCommerce service process was to create a strategic business plan. According to the objectives of the client, Ossisto set priorities that matched the specifications. The Digital Marketing plan consisted of three main steps as elaborated ahead. 

a) Creating a Vision

The team at Ossisto viewed the bigger picture, keeping in mind the previously worked projects and experiences. This involved formulating tasks under two main criteria (prioritizing the client’s ultimate objective). These were:

  • Designing high-impact banners as the promotional strategy
  • Utilizing social media platforms for postings and publicity.

b) Analyzing Market Gaps

It is essential to analyze the factors that may hurt the growth of the business on the e-Commerce service platform. Thus the creative vision was revamped with a strategy that worked around the vision while cornering any loose ends. Furthermore, Ossisto analysts carried out a SWOT analysis. This included:

  • Running email campaigns to gain more clients.
  • Informing existing customers about products and services by creating an email list.
  • Optimizing SEO for all products and running a module to oversee technical glitches. 

c) Determining Objective

After ensuring that all gaps were filled, Ossisto shifted its focus to the main objective of the client which was to boost sales by creating a high-end marketing platform. This was carried out using a two-fold process that addressed the issue. These were undertaken as:

  • Researching high-ranking keywords and writing blogs for the products of the client’s brand.
  • Using CTA to create a user-friendly catalog

d) Developing a Backend

After determining the objective, the team focuses on creating a backend for the client. It is absolutely essential for customer interactions and thereby responsible for their satisfaction. There were multiple steps involved in backend processing of which the two most important steps were:

e) Execution of the Strategic Plan

Once the plan is formulated, the main process is the right execution. The templates made for the plan needed to be filed and checked. Some of the essential steps included in strategic execution were as follows:

  • For shopping, Facebook and Instagram were integrated with CTA links.
  • Having high-resolution images to showcase the visible range of products.
  • Creating a design for the specification sheet of the products.
  • Making a user-friendly website module for mobile as well as other modes.
  • Ensuring easy navigation by uploading products as per different groups.

f) Review and Reassessing

There are always flaws during execution even when the plan seems great on paper. To avoid these, team Ossisto’s Ecommerce services include reviewing and rechecking every module before delivering the products to the customer. The client is given a real-time demonstration after undergoing a final optimization.

Final Integration

After observation and demonstration, all the additional points given by the client were implemented. To create a user-friendly interface for customers, the technical team along with the backend team installed a chatbox that ensured smoother communication. 

Using platforms like Instagram and Facebook, customers could directly get in touch with the client’s team and clear their queries.  This has also been incorporated into their website as they utilized Ossisto’s E-commerce services. To monitor influx and optimize the overall product, Google Analytics was used, thus enabling the client to see their marketing platform’s performance in real time.

The Verdict 

As expected, the brand witnessed an increase in sales along with a new facelift in product visibility after utilizing E-commerce services. Ossisto ensured cost cutting as well for the client by hiring an additional workforce that consisted of integrated virtual assistants. The brand also witnessed a 200% increase in traffic. This was seen within six months of using Ossisto’s Ecommerce services by the optimization of the marketing platform. The value and the quality of the products also increased as the sales values started increasing. 

This is one of the many cases in which Ossisto has helped businesses grow optimally using E-commerce services provided by Ossisto. It is clear that any brand can uplift its value with a clear vision and proper assistance.

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The building blocks of any ecommerce marketing and ecommerce fulfillment platform providing site are having a sound marketing plan and a user-friendly interface. While working on the eCommerce service platform...