Must Have 15 Essential Virtual Assistant Tools in 2024

Hiring a virtual assistant is a means by which businesses reduce their total entrepreneurial cost. But have you ever wondered, how virtual assistants tool are able to do their tasks efficiently.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a means by which businesses reduce their total entrepreneurial cost. But have you ever wondered, how virtual assistants tool are able to do their tasks efficiently and on time at a reduced cost? Well, they make use of effective virtual assistant tools to ease their job. Here in this blog read about the software tools used by virtual assistants.

Essential virtual assistant tools

List of 15 Best Virtual Assistant Tools:

15 Best virtual assistant tools

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling tool developed by Google. Virtual Assistants make use of this virtual assistant tools to schedule meetings, for planning focused work time, email the events or meeting details to the clients, add the location of the meeting, sync details with CRM and much more. This helps the virtual assistants tool to tweak and fix problems related to arranging multiple client meetings, allocating client work and managing the appointments.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox is a new age alternative for those who are not interested to use Google app format. With the help of Dropbox business, virtual assistants tool share huge files without any hassle. One can create and share videos, photos and other files without any delay. It is suitable for a virtual assistant firm as it is reasonably priced.


Virtual assistants who are providing Digital marketing agency services to clients know the difficulty in managing multiple social media pages. To solve this issue, tools like buffer is used. It helps in scheduling the social media posts, track content performance and manage all accounts at one single space. Buffer often comes up with plans that helps multiple people manage a client’s social media accounts. An absence of a virtual assistant tools in the workplace wouldn’t affect the workflow as an another employee can access the accounts using Buffer.


Skype is the most explicitly used software to conduct online conferences, meetings and interview. Its features are so convenient that helps the entire world get connected. Chat history is auto-saved on Skype’s cloud for 30 days. Virtual assistants mostly use Skype to have interactions with the clients because most people are familiar with the software. It also facilitates screen sharing and PPT collaboration options.


PayPal helps virtual assistants to have easy transactions between the clients. As most people are used to the features of PayPal, using the app has become a standard among most virtual assistant providers. One can track all the transactions. Other features are online invoicing, mobile card reading facility, bill me later option and many more convenient features.


pCloud is a cloud storage solution that has been proven to be a necessity in virtual assistant businesses worldwide. As one of the best virtual assistant tools of its kind, it aids professionals in maintaining and storing huge data that would be too complex to be supervised manually.

Additionally, one would get 10 GB free upon signing up, ensuring a sample to understand its working mechanism.


As an entrepreneur or a small business, getting your designs to be utmost creative and professional is a must. Ui Ux Design Services has quite a lot of tools at their disposal for this reason. One among them is Canva, a design and editing tool which makes it easier for even non-designer to use them. Most of the VA prefer using this Virtual assistant tools for creating engaging images.

Upon signing up you are provided endless access to templates, logos, flyers and brochure designs, amongst other which will add to a creative and vibrant result.


Bitrix24 can be considered as one of the most efficient CRM application son the market today. This also makes it a boon for virtual assistants tool. One can monitor everything from advertising, calls, work time and a lot more, that help them keep their tasks and the business in check.

It also acts as a great social interactive platform for stakeholders and associates involved in a project or employees themselves.


Some might consider faxes to be outdated, but in reality, in the virtual assistance system, it’s quite far from it. HelloFax is a platform founded in the year 2010, with the sole purpose of making it easier for small and large business send and receive faxes online.

Moreover, it also promotes the “paperless” movement that has often come to represent that current market scenario.


Upwork today has become one of the most important tools or rather indicators of an individual’s quality in their skill set, knowledge in the subject matter and most importantly their professionalism. On the other hand, for virtual assistants, it would be a great way to scour new jobs on the market which they might not have the opportunity to land on, otherwise. Upwork is one of the best virtual assistant tools to find work and projects.


As a virtual content writer, there is nothing worse than submitting works that have been ridden with grammatical errors. Enter Grammarly -an online grammar and plagiarism check platform. This saves virtual assistants tool, not just a good reputation they have built over the years from getting ruined, but also produce great works of the content.


Like other work management applications on the internet, Asana is one among the finest. One of its UVP’s or Unique Value Proposition is its simplicity. It has been popular since the year 2011 for this very reason. Users to do not have to struggle to figure out how to work the application. Upon its use business owners or employees can create calendars, assign and track the time of a given task, get updates on the same and more.

World Time Buddy

Working as a virtual assistant means that you work remotely. This also means that you will have to keep in constant track of various time zones of the multiple locations your clients might be strewn about. This is where World Time Buddy comes in. It doesn’t just act as a world clock but will also take it a step further aid you to plan meetings, conference calls etc. accordingly.


What’s better than using a virtual assistant tools that has also been made use of some industrial heavyweights like NASA? Float is one such application. Its effectiveness in helping users to get their work done with sheer efficacy is unparalleled. Users can get live updates on the tasks that they and their subordinated have been working on, schedule miscellaneous work activities etc.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a powerful time tracking tool that helps virtual assistants tool to manage priority tasks and improve productivity. A client project is usually dealt by multiple assistants, so tracking their productivity and completion of the project will be easy and accurate with the help of this app.

Most virtual assistants tools used by virtual assistants is priced less, interactive and popular in terms of number of people use them. Some of the other apps used by virtual assistants other than the above mentioned ones are Hubspot, GroupMe, Rhino Support, Snagit, etc.

Assigning projects, collaborating with the clients, streamlining processes, storing data, generating sales leads, or optimizing company results; virtual assistants tool rely on software to complete all of these tasks in a timely manner.

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Hiring a virtual assistant is a means by which businesses reduce their total entrepreneurial cost. But have you ever wondered, how virtual assistants tool are able to do their tasks efficiently.