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How to Evaluate a Virtual Assistant Company

how to evoluate a virtual assistant company

Evaluate a Virtual Assistant Company


As an entrepreneurial or small business, your firm must be experiencing immense growth. So much so that you don’t have the time to breathe as you could before. This inadvertently leads you to hire a virtual assistant.

But, the question arises – how do you choose the right virtual assistant company?

This is exactly what we will discuss here. Read on to find out more.


Why is it important for you to choose the right virtual assistant company?


Luckily, finding the correct virtual assistant company doesn’t get to be intimidating.

As far as you are concerned about the well-being of your enterprise, every single element of it has to be monitored and should remain of high quality. For the simple reason that any adverse effects on them will immediately reflect on the outcome, exposure of the brand that you are trying to build.

Since a virtual assistant will be working closely with your in-house team, it is imperative that you choose those professionals that are credible and reliable – those that are a product of a good company.

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology and the inception of the internet’s search engine has made the process less daunting. Though it’s completely natural to be a bit apprehensive, we have devised a simple guide on how you could go about the system.

Initial, a fast primer on the various types of virtual assistant companies.

Before we proceed any further, here are a few basic types of virtual assistant companies, you should know of:



In this case, the virtual assistant company (which is typically based in a country different than your own) would provide services to your enterprise, from overseas. This is also one of the most popular types of Virtual assistant company services used widely in the world today.



The term onshore can be considered as an offshoot of onsite. In this case, a Virtual Assistant company offers to have their assistants work in the country that is preferred by their clients.  this would mean that they would be completely engaged with the local culture and environment and be well informed about the same.



For those that need basic administrative or personal tasks, might choose to opt for task-based virtual assistant companies. In such an arrangement, the assistant is paid according to a certain or a lot of VA tasks that they have to tend to.



Sometimes it just so happens that your in-house team might be lacking in a particular skill that your business might be in dire need of.  In times like these, who better than a VA who is a specialist in the same? This is exactly what a service based virtual assistant does. they bridge that gap between skill sets so that every business gets to experience its full potential.


What kind of a virtual assistant company would suit you best?


virtual assistant company


To land on a solution to this question, take a good look at what you need, your constraints and deduce what you should go for.



When deciding on the virtual assistant company, ask yourself if you want to hire a virtual assistant to work in the same timezone as you, or if you can have them work according to a different one. If it is the latter, one of the biggest advantages is that unlike physical employees, VA’s can work well after the typical 9 to 5 to make up for lost time even after your business has been closed for the day.



It’s obvious that a good business is a reflection of how good the investments or financial foundations are. Hence, it is necessary to either reserve a portion of your budget to hire a good VA or ask yourself, just how much of your finances can you spend on hiring them, per hour or day, etc.



Should your virtual assistants be of a local culture background? should they be able to proficiently converse in a local language better than they do in English? these are various questions that you should ponder over if a language is a highlight for the reason you will hire a VA for.



Virtual assistants can form one of the strongest professional relationships in taking your business forward if you choose to have it that way.  Depending on the tasks and job requirements, you can either have a team of virtual assistants or just one to cater to all your needs.


Type of tasks

The type of task that you assign to a virtual assistant company is just as important as the aforementioned factors.

Are the tasks that are going to be assigned to the virtual assistant of personal or professional importance? Will they require basic, entry-level skills or that of high grade, professional and specialized quality?


What qualities should a virtual assistant possess?


Communication skills

Irrespective of the fact of whether the virtual assistant will be working on tasks which would require them to communicate verbally effectively, it is necessary that they possess that kill to a certain extent. This is just to ensure that communication between you and them goes about smoothly.



Having the right industrial expertise and knowledge about the tasks that need to be worked on, is primal to any given virtual assistant in the market. For instance, a digital marketing Virtual Assistant company would have to be well informed about SEO, SEM, PPC marketing, Google ads, so on and so forth.


Understand the requirements

Depending on the job, the virtual assistant would have to understand the requirements provided by the client that range from – understanding the target audience, keeping up to date with the latest technology and more.


Being proactive

Being self-motivated enough to work is a great trait to have, even more so, if the associate is a virtual assistant. They must show tremendous interest to learn about the client, job, industry, and business which will help produce distinctive and productive results.



Since time is of the essence, being able to deliver results quickly as possible, within the proposed time, should be at the top of the ‘qualities a VA should have’ list. Imagine not being able to meet deadlines, which in the long run would prove to be detrimental to the company.

Are the tasks that are going to be assigned to the virtual assistant of personal or professional importance? Will they require basic, entry-level skills or that of high grade, professional and specialized quality? Though these might seem surficial, they are bound to help you a lot more than you would have anticipated them to.  Analyzing every single point mentioned on here would be a sure shot method to land on a virtual assistant company that will perfectly complement your business’ mission and values.

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