Empowering Cornerstone Engineering LLC’s Growth with Ossisto’s Integrated Virtual Assistance Solutions

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Client Info

  • Client Name: Mauricka McKenzie 
  • Company Name: Cornerstone Engineering LLC 
  • Website: Cornerstone Engineering LLC 
  • Location: Clinton, MS, USA 
  • Plan: 80 hours per month 

Client's Needs and Requirements

Mauricka McKenzie, the visionary founder of Cornerstone Engineering LLC, recognized the pivotal role streamlined operations play in business growth. Facing the dynamic challenges of the civil engineering sector, Mauricka sought a comprehensive solution to manage diverse tasks efficiently. His requirements ranged from meticulous calendar coordination to sophisticated database administration, underscoring the multifaceted nature of his business demands.

When considering potential virtual assistance providers, Mauricka prioritized several key factors

  • Reliability: He sought a partner capable of delivering consistent and high-quality support, ensuring seamless integration into Cornerstone Engineering’s operations. 
  • Versatility: Given the diverse nature of his business needs, Mauricka required a provider capable of offering a wide range of services, from administrative tasks to specialized project support. 
  • Scalability: With aspirations for business growth, Mauricka sought a partner capable of accommodating evolving needs and scaling their services accordingly. 
  • Expertise: Mauricka valued expertise and proficiency in handling complex tasks such as bid creation and client communication, seeking a provider with a proven track record in his industry. 

Overview of Actions Taken

Embarking on a journey of operational refinement, Mauricka partnered with Ossisto to harness the transformative power of virtual assistance. Initially enlisting Ossisto for basic administrative support, Mauricka gradually expanded their scope of engagement. Through collaborative consultations, Ossisto proposed and implemented an array of solutions tailored to Cornerstone Engineering’s evolving needs. From calendar optimization to intricate sales bid creation, Ossisto’s seamless integration into Mauricka’s workflow facilitated enhanced productivity and strategic focus. 

As Mauricka’s trust in Ossisto’s capabilities grew, so did the scale of their partnership. From an initial commitment of 20 hours per month, Mauricka progressively upgraded to an 80-hour plan, underscoring the invaluable contribution Ossisto made to Cornerstone Engineering’s success. This strategic alignment empowered Mauricka to delegate essential tasks confidently, freeing his time to pursue revenue-generating initiatives and strategic growth opportunities. 

Growth Metrics

The impact of Ossisto’s integrated virtual assistance solutions on Cornerstone Engineering’s performance is evident in several key metrics 

  • Revenue Growth: Through optimized operations and enhanced client communication, Cornerstone Engineering experienced a tangible increase in revenue. 
  • Lead Generation: Ossisto’s support in prospecting and lead nurturing contributed to a broader and more qualified lead pipeline. 
  • Time Efficiency: Liberation from non-revenue tasks enabled Mauricka to allocate more time to strategic planning and business development. 

Notable Achievements

Ossisto’s partnership with Cornerstone Engineering LLC yielded significant achievements, including: 

  • Delivery of high-value leads, enriching Cornerstone Engineering’s prospect pipeline and driving business expansion. 
  • Consistent plan upgrades, showcasing Mauricka’s confidence in Ossisto’s ability to deliver impactful results. 


Through Ossisto’s seamless integration of virtual assistance solutions, Cornerstone Engineering LLC achieved heightened operational efficiency and accelerated growth. Mauricka McKenzie now navigates the competitive landscape of civil engineering with confidence, empowered by Ossisto’s unwavering support to drive sustained success and innovation.

Ready to streamline your operations and drive business growth like Mauricka McKenzie of Cornerstone Engineering LLC? Contact Ossisto today and discover how our integrated virtual assistance solutions can elevate your business to new heights.

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