Executive Virtual Assistant – A Time-Saving Solution for Busy Professionals

An executive virtual assistant is becoming an important part of businesses. It allows work from a remote location and serves as an automation tool.

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An executive virtual assistant is becoming an important part of businesses. It allows work from a remote location and serves as an automation tool. From scheduling appointments to digital marketing, a virtual assistant can do many things.

A Role of Virtual Executive Assistant is to handles activities that include monitoring calendars to scheduling project coordination, allowing the executive to focus on the more important stuff- decision-making, strategic planning and anything else that will help grow the company. From startups to MNCs, everyone is looking for the ideal combo of administrative assistance, executive level insights, and the versatility available with a virtual role.

Do you find it challenging to update a calendar, clean up spam, or manage simple routine tasks? Are you always late to the office trying to do up titbits of futile tasks? If all these are familiar things, you need a virtual executive assistant. 

What is a Virtual Executive Assistant?

What is a Virtual Executive Assistant?

The first step before hiring a virtual employee is to assess your business needs. The most common tasks a virtual executive assistant Service can do are – social media posts, managing schedules, and data entry. Additionally, a virtual employee can also reply to regular emails, keep accounts, and organize a database. The task details with a time plan will give you a fair idea of routine tasks.  

Many companies are proficient in providing executive virtual assistants. However, it is advisable to conduct a thorough background check on the virtual assistant company before entering into a business arrangement. Another effective method is to post a job listing on job sites to search for freelancers. Despite its potential efficacy, this process can be cumbersome, and finding the ideal candidate might prove challenging. The most optimal approach, without a doubt, is to opt for a reputed virtual assistant company that excels in connecting you with the right candidate. Ossisto, in particular, is a well-established, reputable, and reliable partner in sourcing the best virtual assistants for your company.

In simple words, the role of Virtual Executive Assistant is to work from home and provide administrative, organizational, and strategic assistance for executives. They do a bunch of jobs, much like an Executive Assistant in an office. But the only difference is that, instead of being at a desk nearby, they could be anywhere, using digital tools to manage your schedule, plan your professional and personal events, respond to emails, calls, and more. They’re always there when you need them, to save your precious time and energy and help you focus on much more important tasks.

Why Do Businesses Prefer Virtual Executive Assistant Over AI?

Why Do Businesses Prefer Virtual Executive Assistant Over AI?

Considering  Artificial Intelligence modules is a viable option employed by many brands. Even though they utilize machine learning to complete tasks, they can only follow commands. AI modules rarely think out of the box while encountering a situation. A simple fact that AI can’t adapt the way humans do. An executive virtual assistant helps businesses personally and professionally with added human intellect and personal touch. 

Executive virtual assistants are extensively used everywhere these days. As more companies hire a virtual workforce, it has a great future and use. Here are ten reasons businesses need a virtual executive assistant over an AI module. 

1. Employ Management

It is always better for companies to utilize their trained force for essential tasks. The mundane job can be handled by automation or remotely by an AI moduleHowever, a virtual executive assistant can intelligently tackle most ordinary and repetitive tasks. Trained employees focus on essential functions of the company and do not reply to a redundant command given to an AI module. 

2. Cost Reduction

Hiring an executive virtual assistant reduces the cost. Instead of appointing a full-time operator, companies can outsource it at an economical hourly cost. It will reduce the monthly salary and other facility costs and save you the cost of training and creating additional infrastructure. An AI module also works well here but is comparatively costly and inefficient as an executive virtual assistant. 

3. Time Management

virtual executive assistant plays a significant role in saving time; your team need not put extra hours on resume screening, posting ads, or the interview process for essential functions. A virtual employee can accomplish these tasks efficiently and quickly. In the end, you will have an efficient and happy team. However, AI may solve some of your problems, but it may not be as efficient as an executive virtual assistant. 

4. Handles Financial Records

A virtual assistant can prevent your business from collapsing by adequately maintaining your financial documents. It can create labels according to the expenses incurred every day. Recording purchases with the reconciliation of each transaction is also one of the essential features that a virtual executive assistant performs.  A proficient accounting virtual assistant helps businesses track expenses to cut unnecessary costs. It records and links financial transactions to accounts for easy verification of payments. 

5. Generates Invoice with Bill Payment

Your virtual assistant can track your returns and report financial requirements. A virtual assistant can pay the bills and generate an invoice. It acts like a trained accountant performing an everyday task to perfection. 

Your payment follow-ups are no more problems. With your executive virtual assistant, you can track the dues and plan your finances accordingly. 

6. Pay Management

All companies, big or small, need payment management software for their companies. Hiring a virtual assistant eliminates the requirement for additional software for payroll management. It can efficiently handle all pay and perks-related issues and keep an account of the same. 

7. Generates Financial Statements

A virtual accounting employee can generate financial statements for audit trails and expenditure-related queries. It can even generate profit or loss statements whenever required. Your virtual executive assistant is an asset for analyzing cash flow and trial balances. 

8. Files Income Tax Return

Filing an Income tax return is a mandatory process for all businesses. All tax queries must be processed as per the IRS deadlines. Your virtual assistant manages all tax-related documents and assists in filing your tax returns. It can also evaluate all dues and generate a return file where needed. 

9. Helps in Business Purchases

The rule is to never make personal purchases from a business account. If you follow this principle, the funds will have no irregularities. An accounting executive virtual assistant will keep trails of all business purchases. It can make automatic purchases for monthly recurring expenses. Your virtual assistant keeps all purchase accounts in place. 

10. Human Intellect

Last but not least, hiring a virtual assistant gives you the added advantage of the human touch. A machine functions in a set pattern to follow a set of commands. There are many situations when a customer query needs to be answered deliberately. In the event of a technical glitch or an inquiry call, an executive virtual assistant is a better and more efficient option than an AI module. 

Executive Office Assistant vs. Executive Virtual Assistant

Executive Assistant vs Virtual Assistant

You might think that an Executive Assistant and a general Virtual Assistant might have the same job title. Well, it’s more or less the same but with a few niche differences along the way. But keep in mind that this is an Executive Assistant working non- virtually versus an assistant working virtually.

Work Location

An Executive Assistant (EA) often works in a conventional office environment, giving leaders on-site support. On the other hand, a VA works remotely, providing customers with virtual support at a distance while frequently utilizing online communication tools. An EA is usually bound by borders whereas a VA can work from anywhere they prefer.


High-level executives usually have primary administrative needs met by EAs- who also handle communications, schedule meetings, manage calendars, and plan trips. They frequently serve as gatekeepers, working on behalf of the executive, keeping them on their toes a lot. Virtual Assistants provide a wider range of services and are not limited to only working for executives. They are able to manage and run social media platforms, handling admin duties, providing customer service, doing research and analysis etc. A Virtual Assistant can specialize in a particular specialized field too, depending on their skills, talents and resume


The average salary for an EA as well as a VA is calculated depending on factors like location, company size, clientele type, number of tasks, executive level among many others.

Average Salary of an Executive Office Assistant

USA- $50,000 to $80,000 per year
UK- £30,000 to £45,000 per year.
India- INR 5,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 per year

Average Salary of a Executive Virtual Assistant

USA- $20 to $50 per hour
UK- £20 to £40
India- INR 300 to INR 1,500 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities of a Virtual Executive Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities of a Virtual Executive Assistant

CRM and database management

VEAs maintain and update CRM and database systems to ensure accurate and well-organized records of contacts, clients, and crucial business data.

Meeting Preparation

They help with meeting preparations by developing agendas, collecting necessary paperwork or presentations, and providing attendees with the appropriate resources beforehand.

Presentation Layout

Using tools like PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides, VEAs are skilled at producing aesthetically appealing presentations. To effectively explain information, they can help with slide design and formatting.

Administrative Support

VEAs undertake a range of administrative duties, such as managing calendars, setting up meetings, arranging papers, and creating reports.

Email and Communication Management

They effectively manage email communications, filter messages, manage inboxes as well as reply on behalf of the executive, and uphold personal and professional communication.

Support for Clients and Customers

A Executive Virtual Assistant can deliver exceptional customer service by responding to questions, resolving problems, and fostering connections with customers and potential clients.

Impromptu Work and Special Projects

VEAs clearly demonstrate flexibility and adaptability by accommodating shifting priorities and assisting with ad hoc work or projects that are a priority, as and when needed.

Calendar Planning

They assist executives with task prioritization, time management, and deadline assurance, allowing them to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Data Security

To protect sensitive data, they handle it with the highest confidentiality, follow data protection laws, and put in place strong security measures.

How Much Does a Executive Virtual Assistant Cost?

How Much Does a Virtual Executive Assistant Cost?

Businesses need to combine finances with the benefits that an experienced, skilled and versatile Virtual Executive Assistant could bring. Before agreeing to a long-term engagement, it may be wise to begin with a trial period or project-based arrangement to evaluate the VEA’s performance.

In the end, companies should undertake in-depth research, assess the specific job requirements, and take into account their credentials and experience to establish a reasonable and affordable wage that suits their requirements and budget.


When compared to other nations, the cost of employing a VEA is comparatively lower in India. VEA prices can range from $5 to $15 per hour on average, depending on the assistant’s experience and training.

United States

In general, it costs more to hire a VEA in the US. Depending on the level of knowledge, specialized talents, and the individual tasks performed, hourly charges might range from $20 to $50 or more.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the wage for Executive Virtual Assistant prices typically falls between £20 and £40 per hour. Rates may change depending on expertise, knowledge of the sector, and quantity of support needed.


The cost of employing a VEA in Australia is comparable to that of the United States and the United Kingdom. Depending on qualifications, experience, and the intricacy of the work involved, hourly pay might range from AUD 30 to AUD 70 or more.


Executive Virtual Assistant rates, depending on the assistant’s caliber, often range from CAD 20 to CAD 50 per hour or more.

Why Hire Virtual Executive Assistants?

Why Hire Virtual Executive Assistants?

Before opting for an AI, it is necessary to consider the difference between AI and real-life VAs. We shall demonstrate how a life Virtual Executive Assistant is better than an AI module.  

The executive virtual assistant is efficient in developing an emotional connection. In addition, it observes a non-linear approach which is impossible for AI to achieve. Here are a few areas where an executive virtual assistant is preferred over AI.  

1. In Customer Service

Customers often prefer humans over AI for solving their sale-related queries. Though AI has been expanding in the customer service sector, it is suitable for limited questions. When a customer posts a complex query, the AI module fails to identify the query pattern. 

2. Scheduling Tasks

Scheduling is the best example to illustrate how humans are better than AI. A Virtual Assistant can embrace AI to reduce the time spent on lower-level tasks and concentrate more on strategic work. 

3. Sales

virtual executive assistant can leverage AI to execute menial and tactical tasks and concentrate better on high-clinical work. AI modules are ineffective in generating sales, while virtual taskforce can do wonders. 

4. Calendar Management

With a virtual assistant, you need not hire a personal secretary to manage your schedules. An executive virtual assistant efficiently synchronizes calendars, schedules appointments, and sets up reminders. In addition, a virtual assistant can also import and export calendars and update them. 

5. Business Research

Business research may seem an uphill task and may not be suitable for a virtual workforce. But Ossisto has the best available virtual force to help your business grow. Our executive virtual assistant can do effective vendor research, market research, and competitor analysis. Our virtual employees are also effective in product research, including real estate research.

6. Lead Generation/Contact list Building & Management

Some may not believe it, but Ossisto has provided virtual employees who have done contact list building and client management. The workforce is trained to research business contacts & leads and prepare a business contacts list. 

7. Preparing Presentations

Ossisto’s virtual executive assistants do have the ability to build on your ppt and do an update on animation and font checks. We have helped many businesses in researching presentation content and preparing business presentations.

8. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a lifeline for many brands. In the future, most business will either expand their digital marketing campaign or have a dedicated team. A virtual executive assistant is a force multiplier for digital marketing campaigns. Our virtual employees can do active Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Social Media Marketing. In addition, virtual employees are trained for analytical tracking, competitor analysis, and value branding.

About Ossisto Virtual Executive Virtual Assistant 

You Don’t Have to Do Everything. Let Ossisto, Take-on

Ossisto’s virtual executive assistant can elevate your business to new dimensions. We provide virtual assistants for all types of companies that are better compared to AI modules.

At Ossisto, we deliver executive virtual assistant in the form of professionals for all kinds of businesses. 

Ossisto has been a leading name in digital services and employing virtual executive assistantsWe have assisted more than 515 clients and have answered 95% of calls within the third ring cost. The company also has the distinction of delivering over one thousand completed projects. 

Executive virtual assistants can be trained to work with proficiency around the clock. It is an effective communication tool that can get into details of transactions and records that other accountants may miss. Virtual executive assistants are proficient with Google, Microsoft, and other popular platforms. 

You Don’t Have to Do Everything. Let Ossisto, Take-on

Everyday tasks eat up time, resources, workforce, and money. As a leader, you should delegate responsibility. Specific duties are critical and should be handled under your supervision, while other tasks are routine and can be trusted. Monotonous functions like replying to emails, project updating, or updating documents can be delegated by you to a Virtual Assistant. The better way to manage is by outsourcing in the form of our executive virtual assistant.

 Ossisto’s best Virtual Assistant service can help manage your business with an efficient and experienced Virtual Assistant. The costs are pocket-friendly and economical in the long run; the Virtual Assistant is validated to get you the right assistant for your needs. So shed the load and get valuable assets for your business growth. Keep spare time to manage your business goals. 

Our Other Services

1. Content Writing

1. Content Writing

We have developed content across industries with specialized blog services. We have a team of top-rated content creators across all niches. With thousands of satisfied customers and top-ranking content on the SERP, we at Ossisto are committed to delivering the best content-writing solutions

2. Graphic Designing

2. Graphic Designing

At Ossisto, we provide comprehensive UI/UX services for websites and e-platforms. Supercharge your creative index with custom illustrations, presentations, digital ads, and graphic motion pictures. Put your brand the best face for a competitive acceleration and create a lasting impact. 

3. Business Consulting

3. Business Consulting

We are helping businesses grow across the United States and on four significant continents across the globe. Ossisto’s company consulting gives you the best business advisory and consultancy in the central business models. We are proud to provide the best business consultancy to our clients who speak volumes of our services. 

4. Digital Marketing

4. Digital Marketing

Ossisto’s Digital marketing services provide performance executive virtual assistant to businesses to access diverse media platforms. Our vast experience in digital marketing provides our clients with top rankings in the SERP. Along with social media marketing, we provide the best SEO and google ads results. 

5. IT and Website

5. IT and Website

With Ossisto, you get the best It and website services. Whatever site design you need, wherever you are in the world, and whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, we will provide customized websites. Our vision is to enable SMEs to use emerging digital technologies best. 

6. Bookkeeping

6. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping involves identifying, classifying, recording, and summarizing significant transactions. Outsourcing accounts with Ossisto keep you legally safe and on track in the fierce business competition. Apart from the legality of financial transactions, we give valuable analysis and help companies in planning, decision-making, and recording transactions. 

7. Business Support

7. Business Support

With Ossisto’s business support services, you get the best telemarketing, business delivery schedule, and logistics analysis. Your company can build an online business presence with enhanced customer interaction with our business support.


In a dynamic, progressive world growing skillful every day with technology, businesses need to automate their process to keep pace. A virtual employee helps to upgrade most routine tasks without errors. Not only it saves time and money, but it also makes your business transactions smooth. 

The ability to adapt is more crucial than ever. Human creativity and the ability to soothe with personalized conversation and sophistication come in handy while managing software applications. AI is less capable of detecting these new behaviors and convincingly presenting them. 

Many reputed companies are serving their customers with satisfaction. At Ossisto, we offer clients solutions with an efficient virtual executive assistant. If you want to know more about virtual employees, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or you can drop a message, and one of our team members will contact you. 


what does an executive virtual assistant do

Virtual executive assistants provide administrative support remotely, handling tasks like scheduling, email management, travel arrangements, and more to help executives focus on core responsibilities.

How much do virtual executive assistants make?

Virtual executive assistant salaries vary based on experience, skills, and location. On average, they can earn between $20 to $40 per hour.

How to become a virtual executive assistant?

To become a virtual executive assistant, gain relevant administrative skills, create a strong online presence, and apply to virtual assistant platforms or freelance websites.

How to get a virtual executive assistant?

To hire a virtual executive assistant, use online platforms, review profiles and ratings, conduct interviews, and clearly communicate expectations and tasks for a successful partnership.

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An executive virtual assistant is becoming an important part of businesses. It allows work from a remote location and serves as an automation tool.