Top 10 Dental Billing Outsourcing Companies

Dental clinics already have a lot of their time demanded on providing the best dental services to their patients, making appointments, arranging equipment and managing medications.

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Dental clinics already have a lot of their time demanded on providing the best dental services to their patients, making appointments, arranging equipment and managing medications. This leaves very little room for creating or drafting detailed bills. Errors or miscalculations can also lead to huge losses. That is when dental billing outsourcing comes in the picture.

Dental billing outsourcing, especially when there is insurance involved- becomes a tricky task with all the paperwork. So, ensuring that dentists get paid fully by the patients for all the services provided and that insurance companies complete their work on time- you need to outsource dental billing.

Top 10 Dental Billing Outsourcing Companies

1. Ossisto


Ossisto is a Virtual Assistance and Outsourcing provider that can help you out with every possible work you can imagine. Leading the way with their innovation and efficiency, Ossisto revolutionizes your business with the help of their passionate team of professionals. With a range of problem-solving solutions like dental billing outsourcing, you get complete efficiency. Their focus on client satisfaction will surely help keep your payment problems at bay.

2. AnnexMed

AnnexMed Dental Billing Outsourcing

AnnexMed RCM has a team that is always up to date with billing and collection work. They can make sure that you’re billing, and payment operations happen smoothly so you don’t have to worry. This means you get your payments faster, helping you get more time with your patients and get your business to the top. They understand the trouble a dental clinic has managing bills, especially if you’re understaffed or low on budget. It also is a big challenge if you are a big company with a lot of different tasks to handle. With their support, everything could become easier, and you will always be taken care of.

3. DCS

DCS Dental Billing Outsourcing

The Dental Claim Support is all about making sure you get your dues that you deserve and on time! They let you focus on taking care of your patients without any distractions. At DCS Dental Billing Outsourcing, they handle insurance checks and EFTs, review AR to see what is pending, take care of any mistakes, like missing information or personal data, and last but very important- manage denied claims. With their help, you get more money in, so you can keep doing what you do best: creating healthy smiles.

4. Eassist Dental Solutions

With eAssist Dental Solutions you get a team that handles all the tricky insurance steps for you. They work on a remote basis, which means you and your office staff can focus on your patients with their full attention. Their team checks out all the details to make sure all insurance claims are right. If there’s a problem or something’s not paid right on time, they will handle it with precision and compliance. You also get constant updates about all the procedures and settled billing. So, with eAssist, there’s less stress about insurance and more patient care.

5. EZ Dental Billing

When you run a dental office, there’s a lot to take care of. But EZ Dental Billing makes things very easy. They take care of all the tricky billing parts so you can give more time and attention to your patient’s dental treatments. It helps you get experts at dental insurance with their dental billing outsourcing services.

This means less panic over paperwork and more growth opportunities for your clinic. Also, with their help, you get the time to plan out how you want to plan out your business in the future. So, while they take care of the billing, you can continue providing complete, top-notch and fully professional care.

6. Dynamic Dental Solutions

Dynamic Dental Solutions always keeps things simple and clear. They stay completely updated with the latest codes and insurance policies. They’re the pros in billing and administrative support- so your cash flow will never stop.

Thankfully with a team that gets into the details, managing insurance claims, with guarantee of full accuracy and any necessary corrections. They’re also on top of any account adjustments if required. All in all, they will be making sure that all your payments are collected without any trouble.

7. Dental Claims Cleanup

DCC Dental Billing Outsourcing

For 25 years, Dental Claims Cleanup has been a great name in dental billing. They know how to get dentists paid, from insurance or overdue/missed bills by your patients. Their expert team works remotely, letting your staff focus fully on patients. With Dental Claims Cleanup, you’re not just handing off billing tasks- you get complete trust each and every service you provide gets paid for. They handle the payments, so your team can prioritize patient care.

8. Medusind

Medusind is one of the top choices for dental billing. They provide you with tons of dental virtual support solutions, making billing easier. You can choose the services you want according to your needs or let them handle everything completely. That includes checking insurance, managing payments, handling account issues, and so much more. Plus, they work great with all kinds of software and tools used for dental billing outsourcing.

9. Elevate Billing Solutions

Elevate Outsource Dental Billing Services

Looking to boost your dental practice’s profits and offer even better patient experience and care? You can always check out Elevate Billing Solutions by Nobility. Elevate Billing Solutions can help improve your profits and actually elevate your name in the industry. They also offer tools and services for your financial needs. You will always get clear reports and regular updates from a dedicated expert working with you. Their aim is to always support and uplift your practice.

10. Mydental Revenue

Mydental Outsource Dental Billing Services

MyDental Revenue makes handling dental billing easy for all dental practices. They have a big team of over 1000 expert billers and coders spread out across the USA who are always ready to give your clinic only the best dental billing outsourcing services. Whether you’re an Orthodontist, Pedodontist, or Pediatric Dentist, they have got a plan that will fit your budget. They’re all about teaming up with you to push your profits while they maintain full transparency.

Best Practices for Selecting an Outsourcing Partner

Best Practices for Selecting an Outsourcing Partner
1. Conducting thorough research on potential providers

It becomes super important to research well about your options for providers when you are considering outsourcing dental insurance billing. Because not all dental billing companies are the same.

With research, you can find what fits your needs the best. Maybe you want someone that offers a virtual dental assistant or dental virtual support solutions. Or maybe it’s about getting the most reliable and trustworthy dental billing services or virtual dental consultation options.

When you make a hasty decision without getting all your information, you could end up with a provider that doesn’t match your clinic’s method of work or needs. Plus, proper study of your choices helps you ensure that you’re giving your billing to the experts- leaving you worry free and with lots of saved up time.

2. Seeking recommendations and reviews from other dental practices

When other clinics share their experiences, telling you which dental billing companies are the best, you basically get a client review. They will let you know about their great experiences with a dental virtual assistant or mention any complaints they might have about a particular virtual dental consultation.

Reviews can also warn you about any providers not to choose, helping you avoid making any wrong decision. Knowing that another dentist or clinic has a good rapport or trusts a certain billing service gives you a better understanding.

3. Evaluating expertise, experience, and track record

Knowing your outsourcing provider’s specialization lets you exactly know what they are good at. They could be great at consultations or have an amazing group of dental virtual assistants. Just a list of their client experience will show you how long they’ve been around for or how they manage outsourcing dental insurance billing.

Their track record will basically tell you how they maintained their billing tasks prior- this includes both their wins and clients they’ve lost. Without checking all of these, you could end up having a foul experience or suffer losses too. So, it’s always smart to know who you wish to work with and how good they actually are.

4. Inquiring about security measures and compliance standards

You’re billing for any and every dental service that needs your client’s data. So, when you outsource dental billing, you’re completely trusting a company with your patient’s private details and payment information. That is why taking maximum security measures is very important. This way you make sure that the data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Compliance standards keep in check that the dental billing companies are following the right work procedure. After all, a safe and rules adhering billing partner means lesser problems for you and carefree trust with your patient’s data.

5. Negotiating clear service level agreements (SLAs) and performance metrics

Negotiating clear and appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) and performance metrics are both very important before you choose who will do your dental billing outsourcing. SLAs will define the exact expected services from a dental billing company. This will guarantee that there is a mutual understanding of each other’s responsibilities.

On the other hand, performance metrics set the standards that companies should meet. If a clinic decides to take help from a virtual dental receptionist or a virtual dental assistant- having these clauses and metrics in place will keep clarity. It helps to maintain a certain quality of the services provided by both parties and that you get your money’s worth. All in all, it avoids any confusion and potential issues later on.

About Ossisto's Outsource Dental Billing Services

Enhance your dental practice using Ossisto’s Outsource Dental Billing Services. Allow your front desk team to prioritize patient care while we efficiently manage claims. With an affordable remote processing fee of $9.99 per hour, our expert outsourcing not only saves you time and money but also elevates your practice. Choose Ossisto for optimized efficiency.

A virtual assistant can streamline administrative tasks, allowing your team to focus on patient care. By integrating Ossisto’s Outsource Dental Billing Services, your practice can achieve higher efficiency and patient satisfaction. To learn more about our diverse range of virtual assistant services, visit our Virtual Assistant Services page.

The Pros of Outsourcing Dental Billing Services

1. Cost Savings

The first and the best way to save money and go budget friendly at your dental clinic would be outsourcing dental insurance billing. When you outsource dental billing, you don’t need to hire a full-time employee who will focus on the billing tasks. This means you save up on an employee’s salary, training or any benefits that they might have asked for.

You also don’t have to waste space, money or other resources on any special software’s or equipment for billing. Since dental billing outsourcing companies already are well versed with the process, the chances of errors or delays are almost zero.

2. Transparency

All specialized companies who provide dental billing services use the most modern tools and software. They often come with clear reports and documents which show everything that is being worked on. So, you can easily see what has been billed, what has been paid, and/or if anything is yet to be paid. You get a clear picture of your payments.

Plus, with experts handling your work, they can explain or clear up any doubts you may have and give you regular updates as well. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, you’ll get constant and fully updated reports.

3. Consistency

Dental billing outsourcing companies work with creating and providing billing all day every day. So, they pretty much are complete experts at this. No matter if it is processing insurance claims or handling patient inquiries, they do it without much trouble or complaints. Even with dental virtual support solutions, you have only great consistent service without even the need for a training session.

By using such dental billing services, claims get sent out on time always, payments come in regularly, and any concerns are answered promptly too. All of this along with accurate data storing and reporting. In short, with dental billing outsourcing, you’re not hoping for the best or just taking a chance- you’re guaranteed the same top-notch service every time.

4. More focus on patient care

It can be tough for a dentist to focus on a patient’s treatment if they’re always worried about billing. By choosing to outsource dental billing, you can free up a lot of your time. That means much less paperwork and/or spending hours on calls making claims to insurance companies. This is all handled by the pros.

With all that off your shoulders, you can focus more on caring for and treating your patients. You can give your full attention to them without any billing distractions.

5. Expertise and Efficiency

Dental billing services have the fastest and easiest way to handle any insurance claims, and they’re aware of all the updates or changes in dental insurance billing. This not only makes them super-efficient but also easy to work with.

Claims get processed faster, issues get sorted out in a minute and there is no place left for mistakes. You’re not just getting the job done; you’re getting it done expertly and quickly.

6. Faster claims

When a patient’s treatment is complete, the claim to the insurance company gets sent out immediately. Faster claims are nothing but a way for you to get paid sooner. And with the help of a virtual dental receptionist, any issues with the insurance claims will be noticed and fixed in no time. This can make sure everything is in order so there are no delays. At the end of the day using dental billing outsourcing means no more long waits, only quick and correct billing.

Dental Claims Cleanup service offerings

In the realm of dental insurance, claims processing can often be a tangled web of codes, paperwork, and communication breakdowns. That’s where our Dental Claims Cleanup service steps in to untangle the mess and streamline the entire process for dental practices and insurance providers alike.

Claims Review and Editing

Our experienced team meticulously reviews each claim, ensuring accuracy in coding and documentation. We edit claims as needed to comply with insurance requirements, reducing the likelihood of denials or delays.

Error Resolution

Inevitably, errors can occur in the claims submission process. We identify and rectify these errors promptly, minimizing disruptions in reimbursement and preventing revenue loss for dental practices.

Follow-Up and Communication

We take the hassle out of claim follow-up by managing all communication with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. This proactive approach ensures that claims are processed efficiently and any outstanding issues are promptly addressed.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your claims performance with our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Track key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your revenue cycle management.

With our Dental Claims Cleanup service, dental practices can focus on providing quality care to patients, while we handle the complexities of claims processing with precision and expertise.

Role of ICD Codes in Dental Medical Billing Services

ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes play a crucial role in dental medical billing services by providing a standardized system for identifying and categorizing diagnoses and procedures. While traditionally associated with medical practices, ICD codes are increasingly relevant in dental care to streamline billing processes and ensure accurate reimbursement.

In dental medical billing, ICD codes are used to classify diagnoses, such as oral diseases, dental injuries, and abnormalities of the teeth and gums. These codes allow dental practitioners to communicate with insurance companies and other healthcare entities in a standardized manner, ensuring that services rendered are properly documented and reimbursed.

Moreover, ICD codes facilitate data analysis and research in the dental field by enabling the tracking of trends in oral health conditions and treatment outcomes. This data-driven approach can inform public health initiatives, improve clinical practices, and enhance patient care.

In summary, ICD codes serve as a universal language in dental medical billing services, promoting efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in financial transactions and clinical documentation. Understanding and appropriately utilizing these codes are essential for dental practitioners, billing specialists, and insurance companies to navigate the complexities of healthcare reimbursement effectively.


When a dental practice hands over its billing task to the right partner, everything becomes simpler and financially smooth automatically. It’s like letting someone who’s really good at puzzles do it for you- including they won’t make any errors and follow all the safety measures. Outsourcing isn’t just about getting help; it’s about finding the right teammate. Someone who knows the insurance and billing game and can perform it well. So, for dental clinics, choosing the best partner for billing is a complete game-changer. In the end, it lets dentists focus on what they are the best at: taking care of our smiles!

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1. How much do dental billing companies charge?

Dental billing companies help clinics with their billing tasks. For this help, they charge a fee which can vary. Some companies could charge a flat monthly rate and others might take a percentage of the money (a commission) they collect for the clinic. The exact amount can change based on the type of company and the services they are offering.

2. What is dental billing?

Once your client’s treatment is completed, there is some paperwork that tells the client how much they need to pay. If the client has insurance, the insurance company gets contacted for claims. Dental billing outsourcing is all about handling this paperwork and making sure that the clinic and dentist get paid for all the work they’ve done.

3. How does dental billing work?

First, the dentist’s office will list every service they have provided, using certain special codes. Then, this paperwork is sent to the client’s insurance company, so the insurance knows how much they owe. Sometimes, there are services not included or paid for by the insurance and hence the remaining amount needs to be paid by the client.

4. Why outsource dental billing?

Investing in outsourced dental billing services can save time, reduce costly dental claim errors, and increase revenue for your dental practice.

5. Is dental billing harder than medical billing?

Dental insurance claims usually involve several processes, including supervision and coding. While medical billing might take extra time, dental insurance claims often require a little more effort because dental office staff members don’t deal with them regularly.

6. Why outsourcing is the best option?

In addition to cost savings, companies can employ an outsourcing strategy to better focus on the core aspects of the business. Outsourcing non-core activities can improve efficiency and productivity because another entity performs these smaller tasks better than the firm itself.

7. What is the biggest problem with outsourcing?

Things like data protection, confidentiality, liability, regulation compliance, and intellectual property rights are major concerns for any outsourcing project. Additionally, with outsourcing, legal processes can vary dramatically from one country to the other.

8. What is better than outsourcing?

Insourcing is having your teamwork in-house instead of outsourcing work to an outsourcing provider. There are pros and cons to outsourcing insourcing. The main pro of insourcing is having more control over the work. With insourcing, you can ensure that the work meets your specifications.

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Dental clinics already have a lot of their time demanded on providing the best dental services to their patients, making appointments, arranging equipment and managing medications.