How to Outsmart Your Boss on Data Entry Virtual Assistant Skills

Data entry is one of the most required skills in the job market nowadays, especially in remote and online jobs. But with proper guidance provided by many professionals like...

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Issues with the boss are common in the workplace. Boss can be light and sweet and can still undermine you, especially on data entry virtual assistant skills. Data entry virtual assistant skills can be tricky and are in most demand in the job aspect. Hence you would require a few additional tips to outsmart your boss and every other employee in your office.

What is Data entry?

Data entry is the procedure of entering data and updating information on different electronic forms.
It is the act of entering information directly into a database using processing software and hardware devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. It is the method of organizing relevant data clearly to make it easily understandable and accessible.

What is a Data entry virtual assistant?

What is a Data entry virtual assistant

It is a virtual assistant, and its primary function is to enter data into the client’s database. It safeguards vital information of the client by collecting and moving them between different formats. A Data Entry Virtual Assistant ensures that the information entered is concise, clear, and easily approachable by people who require it.

They follow the latest quality management, data entry norms, confidentiality, and data security.

This is not a job that anyone can easily do. However, it is more than just writing numbers randomly and mindlessly. With technological advancements, it is considered the first step in marketing and business processes and has become integral to the success of any business.

Data entry virtual assistant skills required

Data entry virtual assistant skills required

Typing speed

Above-average speed is essential for data virtual assistant skills. The primary reason why companies hire additional staff is to save time. A virtual data entry assistant helps in entering a large amount of data in a very short time.

Some companies require that their DEVA meet the minimum typing speed of 4050 words per minute. Others, however, may be stricter as they hire only those who can write no less than 70 words per minute. However, speed ​​is not the only parameter for this. A balance needs to be stricken between typing accurately and fast. Accuracy is as important as speed in this role.

Organizational Skills

Time is of the essence for any business. A virtual data entry assistant has exceptional organizational and time management skills and should complete your job goals as soon as possible. You require to master multitasking, from fast and accurate typing to archiving and classifying data. Your primary focus should be to stick to a schedule and meet deadlines.


A database is the most important treasure for any company. It is necessary that all information should be clear, accessible, and up to date. You should know how to effectively double or triple-check all the information entered for possible spelling and grammatical errors. The intensive focus should be on all details as a data entry specialist to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Knowledge of computer programs

To outsmart your boss in data analyst virtual assistant skills, you need the ability to use a wide range of software programs.
You should also be able to use other types of database software except for excel and spreadsheet, depending on your client’s needs and industry. For example, different programs used by virtual assistants for data entry and classification are word processors, customer relationship management systems, etc.
Additionally, you must be knowledgeable and comfortable in handling different hardware of computers like scanners and printers.

Great communication skills

A virtual data entry virtual  assistant does not work alone. Your team’s job is to collect, record and upload data to your portal. Effective communication, both oral and written, is required in all aspects of this work.

Additionally, businesses depend on the accuracy of DEVA-encoded data. Therefore, communication skills must be at a high level to avoid potential mistakes.

High concentration power

Data entry requirements are primarily repetitive, which can sometimes be monotonous. Therefore, a data entry Virtual assistant assistant needs patience and the ability to focus on the tasks at hand as their prime quality.

When it comes to numbers and information, it takes a sharp mind to focus, especially on minor details. However, with a high concentration level, you can maintain the integrity of the database.

Critical thinking

This job is much more than typing information. You must be able to understand critical details to maintain an effective database. For example, it is essential to differentiate between the changed, deleted, or corrected data. As a data acquisition specialist, you also require problem-solving skills.


The most critical skill is understanding the importance of confidentiality. There will be various data processing, including relevant personal and business information, so data privacy is a prime duty. Additionally, you must understand the effects of lost or mismanaged data.


Outsmarting a boss, especially in data entry visual assistant skills, can be challenging and tricky. However, data entry is one of the most required skills in the job market nowadays, especially in remote and online jobs. But with proper guidance provided by many professionals like Ossisto and learning the skills mentioned above, you can easily outsmart your boss in data entry.

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Data entry is one of the most required skills in the job market nowadays, especially in remote and online jobs. But with proper guidance provided by many professionals like...