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Data Entry and Data Processing Services: What are They? What are Their Types?

Data entry and data processing services

What are data entry and processing services? Types of data entry and data processing services

Data entry and data processing services have been around for over a century. With the introduction of video displays in the 1970s however, things…changed.

The data produced today, demands more than just good hand-to-eye coordination. Given the complexities of the information, efficient computer systems have come to aid and rescue employees from hours of strenuous work.

Both data entry services and data processing services have been reformed not just for convenience but also, to save time for better and more important tasks as well.

What are data entry and data processing? How are they different?

Data Entry Service

In a nutshell, data entry is a process by which information is filled or entered into a computer system for archival or categorizing purposes.

Data Processing Service

Data processing is the collection of the said data to be altered and manipulated to derive information of better quality and purpose.

Data entry services and also comprises of several other procedures. And they are:

Data Cleansing

The answer for ‘what is data cleansing’ is self-explanatory and is in its name. In simple terms, it is a process wherein, the information retrieved in stored categorically to ensure that it is up-to-date with a business’s standards.

Data Classification

This is nothing but a process of organizing said data into myriad categories based on a set criterion either prescribes by a system/ organization or a business. This aids in filtering out unnecessary data with ease so that the relevant information is saved and maintained for later use.

Data Conversion

Data conversion is a process that involves the conversion of a given data into a certain, suitable format. For instance, a data can be converted into an image via the .jpeg format. Similarly if it needs to be converted into a PDF format, that can be done so, as well.


Data entry services

Types of data entry services

Though data entry services fall under two main categories – online and offline, there are several other types that the majority might not be aware of. And they are:

Online Data Entry

This particular type of data entry process involves entering specific data and information through an online portal, channel or into an online document.

Offline Data Entry

This involves converting hard copy data information into a digital format for safekeeping and storage. This also surpasses in efficiency compared to a hard copy, which will be subjected to wear and tear over the years.

Product Data Entry

When you are a product based company, you will have to keep every single product that comes out of the factory production house. This might seem cumbersome but is necessary should a problem arise. A product data entry will help make the said process easier without any human error.

Manual Data Entry

Sometimes data entry process will require one to manually convert the data into digital form using specific and advanced software which will help them get the job done. Though the idea of hard work might deter some from undertaking this process, technological advancements have made it quite easier.

Accounting Data Entry

Accountants are probably one of the busiest of the lot. Their high-pressure work schedule is a derivative of information coming from multiple channels. If this information goes unchecked or unrecorded, the system might run into some serious problems. Hence, account data entry helps in extinguishing such shortcomings.

Insurance Claims Data Entry

Insurance claims documents and data, given their sensitivity, are of high priority. Hence, in order to store them aptly, the insurance claim data entry service allows for the same.

Logistics Data Entry

Logistics is one of the booming industries in the world today. Keeping the data updates with information from the vendor or clients can seem exhausting. However, logistical data entry services help in keeping them in check so as to allow uniformity in the same.

There are also other data entry services like data cleaning service, MS Access data entry, and more. The main advantage of data entry service is that it assists in increasing the growth of the business organizations by skilfully managing essential information with precision and accuracy.

data processing services

Types of data processing service

Since we have already covered what data processing means by definition, below are its various types:

Manual data processing

Being one of the most labor-intensive processes, this type means that a person must process the data entirely by themselves without making use of any electronic device or technological devices and software.

Commercial Data Processing

Though this type might not be as complex as its peers, it’s still very beneficial in many ways. Because of its easy accessibility, it was often widely used in the areas of marketing, public relations, banking and more.

They follow an error filtration system which allows for raw data to be directly processes.

Scientific Data Processing

Data processing isn’t just one that is only used in the commercial or consumer-based industries. Scientific research too accumulates quite a lot of important data that have to be categorized accordingly.

Since academic data differ in its nature from the rest, the methodology of this type is also unique to its own.

Why should you outsource data entry and processing services?

This process, in particular, is time-consuming. This would mean that there will be less time left to cover important tasks that need more of an individual or business owner’s undivided attention.

It is better to outsource data entry tasks to experts or companies that provide such services, because of the high quality they offer for a low price.

Benefits of outsourcing data processing services and data entry services

  • One of the primary benefits of outsourcing data entry and data processing services is that it allows for wider access to the latest technology, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.
  • Since virtual data entry experts are better equipped to handle several demands of the data entry process, you would have exclusive access to the industries best talent
  • Upon outsourcing, you will also see a steady and gradual increase in your business productivity since the attention from data entry has now been taken away and given to your core competencies
  • Companies outsourcing data entry work, in the long run, can help form great partners in running your business efficiently.

With all of this covered, hopefully, you will find it easier to meander through any issues you might be pondering over. In that note, we also hope that it has sufficiently if not just managed to quench your curiosity on data entry and data processing services.

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