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We make IT & Web Development easier and enjoyable

So that you can focus on building your business.


Outsource your IT & Website Development services to our experts who can execute all the tasks in a secure environment. Professionals who are adept in new technologies indulge in executing projects within a short timeframe.

Skills of Ossisto IT and Web Development VA

  • Keenness to constantly learn and improve
  • Ability to manage and prioritize the tasks without micromanagement
  • Holds technical skills that can help thrive in a competitive environment to bolster your business
  • Capability to conceptualize original ideas and simplified execution
  • Creation of solutions based on guidelines, best practices and standards
Website design & Development

Website design & Development

  • Get a stunning website to accomplish your business goals.
  • We aim to contribute to making your brand a well-known identity by designing a successful website that matches the business requirements.
  • End-to-end IT and website development.
  • Get an engaging website to bring your dream into reality.
  • Get a fully functional website design done to enhance the look of your website.
  • Our solutions are quality-checked and approved at every stage.
  • We create a user-friendly interface that relates to your audience.
Website Maintenance (Security & SSL Services)

Website Maintenance (Security & SSL Services)

  • End-to-end tracking of all website issues.
  • Fix the issues immediately to avoid any downtime.
  • We provide you with timely security updates, up-to-date software, and needed optimizations to improve web performance.
  • We keep your website up-to-date and secure.
  • We tackle all the day-to-day website issues pertaining to loading issues, content management, Hosting & Email, eCommerce, SSL Certificate, speed, and many more.
Website Redesign

Website Redesign

  • Revamp your website to enhance the bottom line.
  • The redesigned site attracts more traffic, generates more leads, and enhances your revenue.
  • Beautifully designed websites are a must to draw visitors’ attraction. Enhance the effectiveness of your website through our redesigning services.
  • Create a responsive website to mirror your image.
  • We can create the desired website for your unique business and enhance the visitor experience.
E-commerce Website Design & Development

E-commerce Website Design & Development

  • We are here to provide a complete solution for your E-commerce business.
  • Our professional team provides a robust platform to showcase your brand.
  • We create tailor-made solutions as per your specifications.
  • We are a one-stop solution for your needs, looking for social media integration, custom shopping cart services, various secured payment methods, store locators, dealer modules, logistics, and payment integrations.
  • Our E-commerce Website Design & Development instills every detail with precision and makes the website user-friendly and attractive.
Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page

  • Provide the customers with an in-depth insight into your business by building an attractive landing page.
  • Let the first impression drive to sales closure.
  • Let your landing page help to differentiate your business from the competitors.
  • We can add advanced features like chatbots, POS integration, and a virtual shopping experience link.
  • Your landing page displays the clarity of thought and enhances lead generation.
Install Plugins & Themes

Install Plugins & Themes

  • The themes and plugins define your webpage. Add new functionalities and features to make the website attractive.
  • We change the way your website works. So get attractive, get real, and get going!
  • Let the clients relate to the brand through visual imagery.
  • We help in installing plugins and themes to upgrade your webpage.
  • We set a theme for the website and helped create a visually appealing website.
WordPress Installations & Customizations

WordPress Installations & Customizations

  • The content management system is of prime importance for a successful webpage.
  • We help you with WordPress installation and customization that will help to showcase your organization’s goals, content, and vision.
  • Create a differentiator and establish a niche.
  • A custom theme code helps in the web development and security.
  • Make the website SEO-friendly by WordPress installations & customizations.
  • Showcase the exclusive features and stand out in the crowd.
App Design & Development

App Design & Development

  • Digital life is largely based on the Development of mobile apps.
  • Create a rich experience for the users by choosing the best App Design & Development team.
  • We vouch to create the required app using the right methodology and with utmost professionalism.
  • The app users will have a smooth run and enriched experience.
  • Join us to cater to every minute requirement of the users.
Banner Design

Banner Design

  • Our qualified designers will customize the banner designs for your brand. Enhance the brand image with the beautifully designed banner.
  • We have an eye for every detail. The correct color blend, logo, image, and words are put together to design banners.
  • Our banner designs set you apart from the competition and create an effective marketing pitch.
  • Our graphic designers are skilled and trained to give the best solution for your branding needs.
Logo Designing

Logo Designing

  • Get an eye-catching and dynamic logo designed for your brand.
  • Make your logo the face of the company and give it a visual appeal.
  • We consider all the elements from colors to style and shapes that will have a significant impact on the audience.
  • Our talented logo designers have a good knowledge of branding expertise and business concepts.
Design Mock-Ups

Design Mock-Ups

  • Help to explore your website design with mock-up designing services.
  • Help reveal the visual impressions, analyze, and change accordingly.
  • Alter the design in the initial process of Development.
  • Allocate the energies to design a visually appealing website.
  • Our mock-up design will help the stakeholders to understand the final product immediately.
  • Analyze the design implementation by our mock-up design services.
Creating Unique Images

Creating Unique Images

  • We can gain higher traffic and lead generation using the unique images we create for your web development.
  • Images enhance the user experience and portray what your brand stands for.
  • Help us bring the product to life with visuals and images.
  • Wish to enhance your SEO experience? We are here to assist you by creating unique images for your brand.
  • Images used on the website are a great way to invite clients to spend time browsing your web development.
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

  • Smooth Workflow-Whether it be web design or IT development service, experience a smooth workflow.
  • Result Driven-Strategies that can act as a bridge between your specific goals and outstanding results.
  • Industry Orientation-Truly diplomatic industry-oriented services par your requirements and expectations.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will my virtual assistant go on a holiday? open

At Ossisto, our team works throughout the year without a break! We ensure that the assigned work is finished within the specified time, without a hitch.

Can I assign repetitive tasks? open

Yes, you have the complete freedom to assign the same tasks to your virtual assistant. Ossisto will ensure that your work is carried out with the utmost efficiency whether it is one-time or repetitive.

Where will my virtual assistant be located? open

We are located across the world. However, our location is never a concern as our assistant will be your virtual shadow and will handle all the assigned tasks with the utmost professionalism.

Can I ask for a specific assistant every time? open

At Ossisto, we hire highly skilled teams after a stringent selection process. All our assistants are equally capable of handling your assigned task in the best possible manner. However, you could place a specific request and if it is viable, we will try and accommodate the same for you.

Will my assistant work through the weekend? open

Yes! We work round the clock. Once you delegate your task to Ossisto, just lay back and enjoy your weekend without any worries!

Can my assistant work for me even if I am in a different country? open

Yes, you can delegate the task and go on your vacation. Our virtual assistant will ensure that all your tasks are completed at your desired time and location before you return home.

How will my assistant introduce himself / herself? open

Our virtual assistants will introduce themselves as your representatives in all correspondence. If you wish otherwise, you can give specifications while assigning any task. Our virtual assistants will follow every instruction of yours.

How secure are my personal/financial details with my virtual assistant? open

Your information is precious to us and will be secured with high priority. Your passwords and bank details are accepted by our specialised system through an extremely secure channel. Contact your Ossisto virtual assistant to know more.

What can my virtual assistant do for me? open

Your virtual assistant can handle any job that does not require your physical presence. Read list of services on our website to know more.

What happens once I sign up? open

A virtual assistant is immediately assigned to you. You can instantly log onto your account and start submitting your tasks.