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End to end consulting exclusive for every business engagement. Re-engineer capabilities.

By Outsourcing Technical Tasks to a Virtual Consultant


Our VAs possess vast experience in the Corporate Environment, and support members of Executive Management to maintain high level day-to-day duties with accuracy including strategic process around the project.

Skills of Ossisto Business Consulting Services

  • Analytic skills that help businesses that are rapidly transforming
  • Competitive attitude to reimagine strategies across the various communication landscape
  • Ability to produce digital solutions that can drive operational efficiencies to maximize growth
  • Potential to assist business consulting services and to capture opportunities and fuel growth
Business & marketing plans

Business & marketing plans

  • Now accelerate the desired results with our business consulting services and marketing plan team.
  • Integrate the digital marketing strategy with other media options.
  • We help present your work to the target audience by designing relevant marketing plans.
  • Improvising the SEO and getting qualified leads with the help of our marketing plans.
  • Build a client-centric business model and get the needed insights timely to develop the best business consulting services strategy.
Market research report

Market research report

  • Our AI-powered solutions make market research a cakewalk.
  • Get research reports pertaining to your industry, company, or specific role, product development, Consumer segmentation, market developments, brand testing, or market sizing.
  • We are your trusted partners who provide custom research reports that enhance your market knowledge.
  • Uncover the hidden through our market research reports.
Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

  • We design your competitive analysis framework and get you the desired reports.
  • We take care of all the hurdles faced to dig out the relevant information.
  • We pick and choose the correct analysis parameters to deliver an accurate report.
  • We provide you with quantitative and qualitative data to drive your business consulting services decisions.
  • Develop your USP by doing a detailed competitive analysis.
  • Get clear benchmarks and create marketing strategies.
Analytic type research

Analytic type research

  • Let’s meet the challenges head-on and let analysis do its job.
  • Let the data speak and let the research design lead to the flawless execution of the plan.
  • We are a combination of consumer-centric research, detailed analytics, deep thinking, and data visualization strategies.
  • Our capabilities turn the analytic type research into a base for further business strategies.
  • Use our analytic type research to get in-depth customer knowledge.
Complex information research

Complex information research

  • We aim to drive a successful business outcome through our complex information research.
  • Our gamut of research services includes solutions for market segmentation, client experience, building brand equity, shopper insights, product innovation, marketing strategies, information research platforms, and advanced use of technology.
  • We work across industries and deal with complex data most simply.
  • Leverage the result of our research to device new marketing and growth strategies.
Executive summaries

Executive summaries

  • We help you design an articulate executive summary for your brand.
  • We design a summary that displays the essence of your brand.
  • Proper length and appropriate language are what we vouch for.
  • The summary covers the purpose, problem, analysis methods, results, and recommendations.
  • All major points of consideration are a part of our well-designed executive summary.
Business Consulting Services

Business development type functions

  • We help qualify leads for all your marketing campaigns.
  • Help you contact all the prospects and help in sales closures.
  • We represent your company in front of potential buyers.
  • Let us do all the liaising work for you and help develop a solid strategy.
  • We help customize all the product solutions for you.
  • Seek new opportunities with our assistance 24*7.
Other complex business functions

Other complex business functions

  • Digital transformation is here to stay, and we partner with you to create an everlasting valuable brand.
  • Our advanced tools make complex operations simple.
  • Business consulting services and assistance in every field across industries.
  • Your transformation will increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience.
  • Our professional staff is easy to work with and willing to assist you in every business consulting services and strategic decision.
 Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

  • We develop effective business consulting services based on the current market trends
  • For timeless and dynamic methodologies, get assisted by us
  • We have in our team digital advisors who can focus on the business goals
  • Our team of consultants can help you optimize operational processes
  • We orchestrate projects that are aimed to transform businesses
  • Business consulting services that deliver quick insights and scalable solutions

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Frequently Asked Question

Will my virtual assistant go on a holiday? open

At Ossisto, our team works throughout the year without a break! We ensure that the assigned work is finished within the specified time, without a hitch.

Can I assign repetitive tasks? open

Yes, you have the complete freedom to assign the same tasks to your virtual assistant. Ossisto will ensure that your work is carried out with the utmost efficiency whether it is one-time or repetitive.

Where will my virtual assistant be located? open

We are located across the world. However, our location is never a concern as our assistant will be your virtual shadow and will handle all the assigned tasks with the utmost professionalism.

Can I ask for a specific assistant every time? open

At Ossisto, we hire highly skilled teams after a stringent selection process. All our assistants are equally capable of handling your assigned task in the best possible manner. However, you could place a specific request and if it is viable, we will try and accommodate the same for you.

Will my assistant work through the weekend? open

Yes! We work round the clock. Once you delegate your task to Ossisto, just lay back and enjoy your weekend without any worries!

Can my assistant work for me even if I am in a different country? open

Yes, you can delegate the task and go on your vacation. Our virtual assistant will ensure that all your tasks are completed at your desired time and location before you return home.

How will my assistant introduce himself / herself? open

Our virtual assistants will introduce themselves as your representatives in all correspondence. If you wish otherwise, you can give specifications while assigning any task. Our virtual assistants will follow every instruction of yours.

How secure are my personal/financial details with my virtual assistant? open

Your information is precious to us and will be secured with high priority. Your passwords and bank details are accepted by our specialised system through an extremely secure channel. Contact your Ossisto virtual assistant to know more.

What can my virtual assistant do for me? open

Your virtual assistant can handle any job that does not require your physical presence. Read list of services on our website to know more.

What happens once I sign up? open

A virtual assistant is immediately assigned to you. You can instantly log onto your account and start submitting your tasks.