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Why Was YouTube Down?

YouTube is Down Temporarily Due To Access Issues

YouTube, a popular website across the world, experienced an outage on Tuesday night around 9 p.m. ET. It was down for almost 2 hours. Google-owned Support Company had detailed the reasons for the outage.

Youtube is Down


Users who were on YouTube to access videos were astonished to see the You-Tube Internal 500 error messages (including 503 error messages). Social Media was buzzing with the questions, “Why You-Tube is not working worldwide?”. However, the services were restored after an hour and a half around 10:30 p.m. ET.

youtube 500 error

To answer the questions of the users, YouTube has taken up Twitter explaining what problems have occurred with the Google Video Service that it led to the outage. They said that they were resolving the issue, and let the public know once it is fixed. They apologized for the inconvenience and promised to stay updated with the latest news.

In the similar tweet, they also thanked the users for providing reports about YouTube, You-Tube TV and You-Tube Music access issues. No further information has been provided on the cause of the outage and how long it would last.

Youtube Issue Update

US users have complained that “Still the search would work, but the videos don’t get displayed, Video would appear when clicked, but it doesn’t take it back to the main page when returned. So one is stuck with the broken video.”

USA Users Facing Issue With Youtube

Finally, after resolving the issue, Team YouTube has posted, “We’re back! Thanks for all of your patience. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.”

Youtube Issue Resolved

As a Virtual Assistance Service Provider, many of our clients have brought up to Ossisto the issue, and we thought we would share it with else other, this important update.

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