May 4, 2023

How To Achieve Work Life Balance –A Virtual Assistant’s Role

Focusing on business leaves family & friends at a distance and in particular, it creates a distance with kids, your elderly parents, or your beloved spouse.

The Role of a Virtual Assistant in Achieving Work-Life Balance

Business and Personal life balancing these two have always been a challenge. Focusing on business leaves family & friends at a distance and in particular, it creates a distance with kids, your elderly parents, or your beloved spouse. Earning for your family is so important that it leaves you with little room to take some time out of it. After all, you run your own business or work in a company only for your family, and here are virtual assistants to give them the happy life they deserve.

On the flip side, spending more time with family & friends does not and will not allow you to stay on top of your business or work and be a champion. Business needs trustworthy and skilled staff to run effectively and profitably. If your employee(s) is capable of handling multiple business demands like handling customer care, administrative, secretarial, accounting, business development, sales & marketing, website design, development & maintenance, digital marketing, and so on, you are better placed to develop your business exponentially through a virtual assistant.

And, it does come with a lot of painstaking effort. Search for profiles, scrutinize and pick the suitable candidates, schedule and conduct interviews before hiring the right person, and last but not the least, train the hired employees. While large organizations have their own HR and other departments to take care of these activities, MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) are left with fewer choices.

In majority of the cases, the founder or co-founder are the ones driving the business from all sides and with all these business demands, they hardly find any time to spend with the beloved ones.

Here is where Ossisto virtual assistant fits in appropriately, helping you to strike a balance between your work and personal life. Ossisto has professionals, who are well trained on various business applications and client servicing to meet your expectations.

At Ossisto virtual assistant, our professional Client Service Executive’s have hands-on experience in client servicing vertical. They are highly skilled in various applications and tools. They have commanding communication skills, extremely organized in their work and helps clients to be organized at their work to stay on top of their business. These CSEs can handle any requirements that can be done online.

To mention a few typical services they can do are, Calendar Management, Managing Schedules & Reminders, Making Appointments, Travel & Event Management, assist you in business researches, presentations and reports. These virtual staff can handle the backend operations of your business as they are extensively trained to assist business clients. They are skilled in providing e-Commerce support with end to end e-Commerce services.

Other than the services they offer, the major advantage a business owner or a busy individual get from Ossisto is, these client service executives work in a team. Being a part of a team that has different talents, and minds, give you the leverage to get many of the business needs fulfilled by hiring a single CSE for you. No worries about hiring or finding skills on your own at your place.

Your CSE will act as SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) and get everything done for you. Alright, while this is really an advantage, the best thing is yet to come and that is, you don’t have to shell a single penny extra for this. Wow, isn’t it wonderful!

Since these executives are experienced, your time in training them is sav It doesn’t stop there. Ossisto virtual assistant provides you with a back up associate to handle the critical requirements of your business when your primary executive assistant goes on leave. Again, at ZERO additional cost! That sounds great, right. unless otherwise you want to train them on any specific requirement of your business virtual assistant.

What about seasonal changes in your business, where you need more man hours or less to meet the business requirements?  Businesses are meant to run profitably and reducing the man power & overhead cost is a way to improve the profitability of a business. Ossisto virtual assistant offers you the flexibility to add or reduce the man hours with a short notice. So flexible and convenient it is, indeed.

Not sure how this will work out for you, yet? Sign up for a free trial, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. If you are satisfied with our services you can enroll for a suitable monthly plan once after your free trial. We are sure that you will be delighted with our virtual assistant services & assistance.

Give it a try. It doesn’t cost you anything. All you need to do is to visit Ossisto and choose the “Try Us Out Plan” at the bottom of the page. Before you do that, please call us at 877-219-2717. Our sales representative will share the “Discount Coupon Code” which you can use to sign up and try our services for free.

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