May 3, 2023

What is SSL Certificate And Why do we need One?

Google is pushing towards universal encryption and a safer web experience for users. There are many factors that determine the security of the user’s web sessions.

Google is pushing towards universal encryption and a safer web experience for users. There are many factors that determine the security of the user’s web sessions. One such parameter is an introduction of SSL Certificate within Websites.

Importance of SSL Certificate

Irrespective of the genre, every Website must possess an SSL for constant upkeep of the site. You might be familiar with the padlock symbol that you see next to each website URL in your browser window. The padlock signifies whether the website you are visiting is secure or not.

Websites that do not show padlock signals send a warning to visitors that the site is not secure. And such a warning might not go well with the viewers of your business. As an online business owner, one must be aware of what is an SSL Certificate and why any website needs it.

What is an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It creates a secure link between the visitor’s internet browser and your website server. This means the data shared between both you and your visitor remains secure. It gives an assurance to the user that he/she is connecting with your real website and not a fraud one. It protects your data and safeguards privacy when your user engages in online activities with your site.

You might have noticed that some websites begin their URL address with HTTP and some other with HTTPS. HTTP (means without SSL) is an unsecured connection. HTTPS (means with SSL) defines secure connection.

Different Types of SSL Certificate

  • Domain Validation
  • Organization Validation
  • Extended Validation.

There are different levels and types of an SSL Certificate. SSL can be purchased either from an individual provider or a hosting provider. A regular SSL works on every page of the website. There are free SSL Certificates available for smaller businesses and organization that does not take up user’s data and credit card information. Free Certificates require implementation every 1 month or 3 months.

Whereas purchase options are suitable for business, according to the security, price range and their business needs. Paid SSL Certificates offer two elements that a regular free certificate does not provide –

  • Organization Validation
  • Extended Validation.

These validations check for the organization’s existence, authenticity, legal identity, domain records, contact details, etc. Paid Certificates also come up with 24/7 support and warranties.

Why does your business need an SSL Certificate?

Why does your business need an SSL Certificate?
  • Without an SSL Certificate, data on your website is vulnerable to hacking.
  • Without an SSL, any third-party subscriber can spy into the web session of your user, and might potentially use it for nefarious purposes.
  • SSL Certificate establishes your website status as a reputable business.
  • It builds trust among your customers.
  • SSL Certificate improves Search Engine Optimization.
  • Google rewards all businesses with an SSL with the Search Engine Ranking.
  • Google algorithm prefers encrypted website and automatically send users to safer sites with encryption.
  • SSL helps your business load quicker.
  • It improves user experience and gives an additional boost to your site.

So, why late, purchase, install and reap the benefits of an SSL Certificate within your business website.


The choice of SSL depends on the type of SSL services that need to be secured and authenticated. What is your business and what level of security is ideal for it?

It can be a real challenge to choose an SSL. Do you need help in deciding which type of SSL certificate is right for your Business website? Contact Our Virtual Assistant with any queries, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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