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May 5, 2023

Virtual Assistance Is Revolutionizing The Travel Industry

We’ve made virtual travel assistance for travelers easy, so you have time for what really matters in your world. Forget about using juggling long numbers of business. The impact of COVID-19...

We’ve made virtual travel assistance for travelers easy, so you have time for what really matters in your world. Forget about using juggling long numbers of business. The impact of COVID-19 on the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry has brought the entire traveler community to a standstill. The countries that are solely dependent on tourism will take many months to recover post the crisis. Starting from March 2020, many countries closed borders without proper notice and this resulted in chaos among travelers who got stranded in places for months together.

Many got anxious over not knowing the policies of the respective countries, and quarantine details and confused about how to book a flight back home. What if there was an assistant who could give the travelers clarity on restrictions, book the tickets on time and assist them every step of the way? This is what virtual travel assistance can do for a traveler, anytime and everywhere. Read on to know more about the travel assistants, who are capable of creating a personalized approach for all the clients availing of the service.

The Best Virtual travel Assistance For The Ultra New Concepts Of Travelling

Cheaper vacations, economical flight tickets, and improved lifestyles, all of these empower more people to travel across the borders, a lifestyle was far different from a generation that used to get awe-struck just by sitting in an airplane. Also, more people are getting visa stamps faster than their counterparts from a different century. Life itself is moving faster, leaving out no time to spare for those decision-makers around the globe.

Whether a person is a backpacker or a business traveler, a hope for a better assistant to take him or her smoothly across the globe is seen as bliss. Meantime, they get to concentrate on what they require to do. A business traveler would want to prepare a talk, a traveler might have to write a blog; these things need utmost focus.

A virtual travel assistance is a professional specialist who is capable of helping the client from anywhere around the globe. They are paid on a project basis and help the travelers in saving money. True happiness is to know that there are absolutely no ends to the list of jobs a travel assistant cannot accomplish.

Here is a condensed list.

  • Prepare travel itinerary
  • Give consultation on destinations
  • Involve in budget planning
  • Book tickets
  • Arrange for visa, currency exchanges and transfers
  • Help with web check-ins
  • Reserve accommodations
  • Find best deals on hotels and accommodation
  • Ticket cancellations and alternate booking
  • Find out travel insurance options
  • Schedule business meetings
  • Answer calls while on travel
  • Send emails
  • Manage impromptu plans
  • Book personal care and services
  • 24/7 information support and much more

However, the dividing lines between business and travel are vanishing and ideas around travel are changing with new lexicons such as Bleisure (business + travel), quick packing, Greycation, etc. A virtual travel assistance can help all the types of travelers equally.

Bleisure is when a person is sent for an official trip; yet take extra days to check out the country or a place. A virtual travel assistance can help such a traveler to book the right hotels, find the travel destinations, assist in ticket cancellation, rebooking or getting any information requirements to enjoy the stay as much as possible.

Quick packing is a backpacking done instantaneously without a specific plan. For instance, if a traveler is quick packing to a country say Vietnam, a virtual travel assistance can help the person find the safe backpackers hostels, discover local eateries, travel guides, arrange for budget friendly transfers etc.

Greycation is an interesting concept. Many times people get to travel only after they get old. These trips make them extremely happy and give them ultimate joy. When an older person is involved in a travel, extra care needs to be taken. A virtual travel assistance can be a true asset to those wanderlust souls who lag behind in technological skills. Age is just a number anyways.

In fact, a virtual travel assistance can prove to be extremely helpful to business travelers who try to manage the bookings on one hand and finishing an important PPT on the other hand. All people in such instances need to do is to inform a VA of the date of travel and place, rest everything will be scheduled on time and convenience.


Through news channels and newspapers, we learn about the apathy of stranded students and travelers. It took many days for authorities of various countries to begin with the evacuation operations. One cannot blame on the world leaders. Stringent safety measures are taken to contain the pandemic, travel is a secondary concern in such a scenario.

Many virtual assistant agencies received calls unusually high for requirements to find a flight, book a ticket, etc. in the last few months. Keeping aside these regular demands, queries such as what are the airport screening procedures, should a traveler wear a face mask or covering? What can I expect while entering a foreign country? demanded patient conveyance of information by an expert. Those who didn’t have a personal travel assistant had to wait for long call queues of flight companies and hotels. Lines were unusually busy as many lost jobs in travel and hospitality industry.

A remote virtual assistant can help you, if you are stranded or want to arrange an immediate and safe travel to a far away destination. There are people who went on to a beautiful honeymoon vacation in places like the Maldives and got stuck there, not having enough funds. Then there are business travelers who had to stay back in a country, because of the prolonged project requirements. Whatever is the reason, hiring a virtual travel assistance during the pandemic time is a smart move.

One can gain:

  • 24/7 information on travel restrictions, announcements, flight resumptions and details of Covid-19 testing centers
  • Contacts of travel companies that provide sanitized, clean and safe airport transfers
  • Bookings with hotels and other accommodations that follow standard operating procedures
  • Flight cancellation re-booking
  • Smart itinerary
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Facilities to attend the calls and schedule meetings, etc.

These virtual travel assistance can help with travel financial management too. Queries such as where to get the right travel insurance? How to get back the airline cancellation fees? I am stuck in a place, where can I get an immediate personal or the travel loan? One can get the right answers and directions by relying on a virtual travel assistance. Most of the people are going through real financial problems. Over that, ATMs won’t be functioning; money exchange may not happen on time and one may not have a kith or a kin to help from an unexpected financial hiccup.

Travel management for an entire business is another virtual travel assistance  forte. Arranging travel requirements for a group of executives based on company policies, fixed budget and offering real time support can be expected from a professional VA.

Perhaps, when someone talks about a virtual travel assistance or a personal assistant, a cliché picture of a freelancer might come running to your mind. However, this is not the truth. If you hire a virtual travel assistance from a reliable agency like Ossisto, all of them are well qualified and  forms professionally successful teams dedicated to serve clients from various destinations.  They are self-directed, needs no supervision and they are always a call away.

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