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May 5, 2023

The Ins + Outs of Virtual Assistant Project Management

One of the best and primary benefits of hiring a virtual assistant project manager is that it lowers the cost of operation. Additionally, you only need to pay per productive hour...

When you have different people working on different projects, you need someone to supervise the smooth functioning of a business. Here is where Virtual Assistant Project Management can help. A virtual assistant is a remote employee who is highly skilled in monitoring, supervising, and ensuring the given project is on track and helps in providing quality work by managing timelines.

Many businesses are ready to jump into virtual assistant project managers to complete projects on time. If you, too, are looking to hire unsung heroes who help organize a business, then here is a guide to help you evaluate the ins and outs of Virtual Assistant Project Management.

The Ins of using a virtual assistant project management

Streamline your cost
One of the best and primary benefits of hiring a virtual assistant project manager is that it lowers the cost of operation. Additionally, you only need to pay per productive hour or per-project basis and are not employed full time.

In addition to saving from compensation, you are not entitled to allocated extra budget on utilities, rent, or internet. According to many reports, Virtual Assistant Project Management can help you generates up to 40% savings.

More efficient
Virtual assistants are well aware of the culture and work process. As a result, they are highly efficient in working and organizing work with supervisors and other employees. In addition, knowing the culture makes it easy for them to utilize their experience and work towards filling the given task on time.

Increases productivity
As many virtual assistants have previous experience, they do not require an extended period of learning. A seasoned virtual assistant only needs to be oriented once before he assumes the job.

Additionally, delegating business work to a virtual assistant will help you free up time to function on other vital issues that require your expertise.

Finally, virtual assistants are paid on a per productive hour basis, and you can be 100% assured they’ll work harder to meet the given target.

Safely scales operation
If you are glancing to scale up your business but are unsure about your cash flow, the best option you can rely upon would be hiring a virtual assistant, as the cost of hiring VA is comparatively low. Secondly, since VA’s are hired on a per-project basis, you may terminate the contract accordingly.

Strengthen weak areas
Virtual assistants are no more virtual personal assistants. Today you can find them highly specialized in various skills like digital marketing, market research, telemarketing, payroll preparation, or customer support. Given their advanced training and experience, you can always expect quality service.

Be less stressed
Once you delegate a great deal of responsibility, you will have more time for yourself. Doing so will help you recharge yourself. Thus, you’ll come back more reinvigorated for work. Stress hinders productivity; therefore, take an active rest and get involved in activities that support productive behavior.

The Outs of using a virtual assistant project management

Logistical shortcomings
Globalization has made everyone available just on the tap of seconds. With the evolving forms of communication, technology too has evolved and is advancing each day; however, it’s hard to beat the physical collaboration. You are unlikely to determine the productive behavior pattern while working virtually. However, when you share physical space, you can quickly identify behavioral issues and watch for cues.

Dealing with the language barrier
Suppose you hire a virtual assistant from remote locations like China, India, and the Philippines. In that case, language barriers may obstruct your likelihood of searching for VAs in developing countries. Additionally, social and cultural nuances create differences in perception.

Questions on dedication and commitment
A Virtual Assistant Project Manager often handles 2-3 projects simultaneously; therefore, if you are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant Project Management service who entirely dedicates himself to your project, you must make it clear before signing a contract with him.

Risk of data security
Whenever you engage with a virtual assistant, you will likely pass along confidential records, including the leads lists for sales, real estate, and insurance companies.

A lead list is easily converted to cash; therefore, you must subject them to tests, and interviews and conduct strict due diligence before getting into a Virtual Assistant Project Management service.


Organizing and carrying out large business projects consumes time and energy. However, the pleasant news is that you don’t need to handle it all by yourself. opting for a Virtual Assistant Project Management service can be highly fruitful in managing any project. Additionally, hiring a virtual project manager helps ensure your projects run smoothly and are completed on time.

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