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Three Productivity Roadblocks to Avoid When Working With Your Virtual Assistance


Virtual Assistants come into the phrase when you are tired of performing the repetitive chores and roadblocks, or errands you are not good at and enjoy the least executing them. They help you focus on the most crucial and valuable tasks for your company.

Efficient outsourcing helps free up your time for the responsibilities and core business needs that truly matter. Virtual Assistants bring a variety of skills to the table, that too at an efficient cost.

If you’re considering hiring a VA for your business, there are some important things to set up. Similarly, there are a few other things that must be avoided in order to get the most from your VA.

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Failing to List out the tasks

It is advisable to list out the tasks-to-be-performed, before hiring a VA. By listing out the accurate tasks, you would be able to hire the precise VA with the right experience and skill sets. The listing also makes monitoring of each individual task, easy.

Key Point – Be precise in your instructions to foresee the expected results from your VA.

Less concentration on reviewing the roadblock work

You might be taken away by the thought that once you hire a VA, you are all set. But that’s not how it works. Reviewing the work is the key component of getting job done as per your expectations. Going through the work lets you detect problems prior and offer suggestions at the early stage. Monitoring the progress from day one lets you build connectivity between your VA so that he can call you up when stuck midway.

Timely and actionable feedback, save you and your VA, time and energy, which can then be invested in the more precious process.

Key Point – Mutual success depends on constant feedback and suggestions from both the ends.

Not possessing a system

Make your VA self-reliant by providing all the information like website passwords, frequently visited pages, cloud-based tools, computer software & applications and step-by-step procedures at one place. This must be accomplished prior to hiring a VA. Also, let your VA write up the procedures and manuals he/she follows so that it becomes a common reference tool for both of you. This enables easy transition and avoids the further distractions if any.

Key Point – Clear instructions let your VA perform better while executing tasks and ensure detailed outcomes effectively.


For many Business Operations, Virtual Assistants become your savvy and technological partner who derives your organizational success.

Working with a VA is exponentially believed to increase the productivity, better time management, enhanced work-life balance. Advance planning and prior setting allow avoiding the menace, in later stages. Following this process ensures quality work at the end.

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