Successful start-ups are led by the team of young professionals with youthful thoughts and notions. Every small business is a selected enterprise built around an innovative and tech-enabled platform. Each passing day, freshstart-ups are taking birth worldwide. Yet, many of them are estimated to lose grip within a few years.

A statistic study conducted by Harvard Business School stated that “75% of venture-backed start-ups fail”.This extreme condition leads to a thought process of ‘things to be taken into consideration in order to reduce the failures’. Let us dig into few secrets and strategies that are applied by successful entrepreneurs in building their start-ups. For building an endurable business, the three concepts that must be kept in mind are digitization, innovation and scalability.

Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Hire An Efficient Small Business Ideas Partner

Cover your weakness by hiring the right candidate.Get the right people aboard. If you are weak in executing a particular task, hire someone who can implement it like a Pro.

Conduct Extensive Market Research

Start-ups fail majorly due to uneven fit into the Marketing. Perform extensive market research and find out the ways to reach your customers effectively and efficiently.

Implement The Right Tools

Successful entrepreneurs must be aware of the right tools that drive the market. Get your hands dirty in email productivity. Conduct your own testing and figure out the tools that enable solid ROI. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the availability of millions of successful tools, start focussing on the upright options.

Get Ready For a Change

Investigate new technologies and follow the suit accordingly. Because small business ideas are unpredictable and come with a new twist every day. Whatever may be the reason, get ready to oscillate and enact the change, each time.

Enhance Scalability

Quality product and on-time service help you gain loyal customers. Build your small business idea model around the key customer segments. Focus on your niche market and work closely with the talented people around you.

Raise Enough Money

Aim to raise double the money you need and implement it twice the time than expected. Enough money means enough cash flow. Ask for more so that, in the end, you get the working capital you actually need.

Focus On Innovation

Lack of innovation is the primary reason for failing start-ups. Not all innovation turns out to be a breakthrough. Imitate the best practices followed by successful entrepreneurs. Instead of trying out new things, at first, any entrepreneur must borrow ideas from other parts of the world. Because they already possess “considerable knowledge sharing” which can turn out to be a great asset for the budding entrepreneurs.

Finest changes in current operating models/operations can lead to the newest innovation. It is certainly important to consider the potential improvements in 7 P’s of marketing i.e.

  • People
  • Physical Evidence
  • Place
  • Pricing
  • Process
  • Product
  • Promotion


Though strategies and tactics differ from one business to the other. Create and set mission and values that are unique to your enterprise.

There is no single formula or rule for success. It is a continuous effort. Passion and determination will bring you success over the time.

Build belief in your small business ideas and set a considerable goal. The above-mentioned factors, along with an on-going vision for the business to enhance the framework for the businesses in becoming successful in any start-up line, you choose. Define your own secrets that enable you to grow from smaller businesses today to bigger business tomorrow.

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