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May 3, 2023

Ultimate Guide to social media Virtual Assistants

Social media virtual assistants can help you get your social media work done and ensure that you are focusing on the work you have to do for your business.

What is a social media virtual assistant?

Social media virtual assistants does a social media manager’s job. Except this job is done from a different place, and you can let them handle it while you focus more on your business activities. Some of their tasks are interacting with your audiences on social media, managing and creating social media campaigns, and finding content and images for you to post.

Benefits of having a social media virtual assistant

Improves efficiency – Many core activities in a business are very important for its growth. Among these, it is important that you be efficient in the way that you work. So it makes sense that it would be better if you focused on those core activities instead of trying to figure out social media for your business. The more time you spend on social media, the less you will be able to use to devout your business.

Therefore, it is best if you just get social media to assist in handling all the social media tasks. Some jobs that you can outsource are researching hashtags, replying to comments, creating good content, and optimizing posts. All these tasks are still important, but it is better if you outsource them as you can spend that time working on your business.

Minimizes the hiring and training costs – Hiring people can also cost money because it involves interviewing, screening, and recruiting the best candidates. After you select your candidates, you will have to train them to do the job right. Instead of this, you can just hire a social media virtual assistant, and then they can do the job for you. IN this way you will not have full-time workers too. A full-time employee costs you a lot more money.

You could outsource this to other countries with cheaper work rates, but it is better if you have a social media virtual assistants who can do the job for you. The social media virtual assistants already know their job, so you do not have to train them either, which is beneficial for you.

It frees up your time – If you are just starting your business or you already have a good and established business. There are many important things that you can do other than handle social media. If you spend time on your business, then it can help you grow a lot more, and you will not be as tired because you have one less thing to consider. The tasks on social media as repetitive, and they take a lot of time. This is why the social media virtual assistants can handle these tasks very well and let you focus on the things that matter to you.

How do you hire a virtual social media assistants?

There are two ways that you can use to hire a social media virtual assistant. First, you could get them from an agency or hire an individual virtual assistant.

Hiring from a social media virtual assistants agency

The main benefit of using an agency is that if anything goes wrong, then the full agency is there to support you and handle the problem. The agency also keeps on checking for quality in the social media virtual assistants in their agency. There is also a replacement guarantee that you can use if your virtual assistant is not right for you.

Hiring an individual assistant

If you have already worked with social media virtual assistants, then this can be a good option for you because you will need to be careful who you hire, and it takes some experience to pick out the right person for the job. However, freelance marketplaces and networks do not have any guarantee if anything goes wrong with the virtual assistant, so only choose this if you know what to look for.

How should you manage your social media virtual assistant?

When you want to manage your assistant, then you can communicate with them in many ways. For example, you can share files through messaging tools and do normal work through messaging itself. You can also use video calling tools to see what they are doing to explain something important in detail. Zoom and Skype are very good for this, and you could have meetings or record them for later on.

If you are worried that since the people working for you are in a remote location, you can use an employee monitoring tool like time doctor. This tool helps you know how long it takes for your employee to finish tasks and if they are actually working for the hours that they are charging you. You can also monitor any time that they spend on any website or app.


Social media virtual assistants can help you get your social media work done and ensure that you are focusing on the work you have to do for your business. You can now hire a social media virtual assistant, and when you find the right one for your work, your business will do a lot better very soon.

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