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Social Media Trends in 2023

social media trends

Social Media Trends 2023

Social media has become a daily affair in each one of our lives and social media strategists are experimenting on how to make the interactions unique and gripping. Each year, experts come up with new strategies; then, businesses and brands implement them to get more conversions and profit. These widely used approaches become the top trends of the year. Some of the key trendsetters are those who build innovative solutions for brands with huge social media followers and are visionaries who study the subject in depth. In this blog learn about the best social media strategies that one can look forward to in the year 2023. 

Considering the fact that the common folks do not flock into the social media pages only for entertainment, it is the perfect space for businesses to catch hold of their prospects and gain some traction in their respective fields. Those who are not active on social media, eventually die submerging in the tight market competitions. The state of social media in 2023 was robust revolving around story formats. Reliable reports propose that more than 1 billion accounts now use stories globally. “Somewhat effective” or “very effective” is the verdict of the brand about this new kind of format after deploying it as a part of their social media strategy.

On the brink of 2023, what we see is the easy introduction of ads in Instagram and FB stories, so in 2023; businesses would invest in story ads to generate more value and opportunities. Buffer’s research in collaboration with Social Chain found out that many businesses are yet to adopt the trend. 2023, also saw the rise of influencer marketers, augmented and virtual reality marketing, rich lead profiling, programmatic advertising, personalization, next-level SEO and it is never-ending.

Every business is a victim of digital Darwinism, which means that before even getting a chance to exploit the potentialities of various platforms, newer & advanced technology is born. Revolutionizing the digital marketing sphere has its own negative aspects to it like adapting to digital Darwinism. Many businesses are forced to invest in new technologies and business models even before giving it thought on whether it will work positively or not. Staying ahead of time is a necessity, but the trends on the internet that you read shouldn’t rush you to adopt them.

In the face of digital Darwinism, only the fittest will survive, but the move should be slow, carefully placing focussed steps towards the right goals. Spanish proverb is to be remembered before adopting a newer trend in the market; ‘What cures Sancho makes Martha Sick’. Choose the right trend that works for your business.

social media trends 2023

Here are the 3 trends that would top the list of 2023 social media experts’ blogs. 



Story format would continue to be the darling of brands. More small businesses and startups will exploit story publishing platforms. Marketers have come up with a new term for this kind of publishing videos and stories that would disappear within a short period. It is called Ephemeral content. Ephemeral content would be available only for a certain time and marketers are utilizing the advantage of a psychological factor here, i.e., FOMO.

Fear of Missing Out. Ephemeral content is created to get 2 kinds of responses. One is to elicit an immediate response and the other is to increase user engagement. Also, tools that help in creating social media stories are getting more popularized. One of the most social media trending tools is Factory, it helps brands in crafting quality content for visionary brand experiences.



AI is an integral part of most social media platforms that one uses today. It holds the greater power to transform how brands create and manage marketing on social media platforms. According to markets and markets, a social media research company; AI for the social media market would grow from $633 million in 2021 to more than $2.1 billion by 2023. AI is already in use, but it will now be widely used by social media platforms for various purposes.


Social media platforms incorporate AI to:

  • Serve the right content
  • Recognize the user’s face
  • Identify visuals
  • Offer job recommendations
  • Track the facial features like how Snapchat does. Most of us would have already explored this feature of Snapchat that leverages the power of computer vision. This feature enables the user to overlay a filter that moves with a face in real-time.
  • Improve the user experience. It is said that around 2.8 billion people use social media platforms and to create a difference in experience, these networks need to utilize modern technology. Currently, there is nothing better than AI to perform this task. For instance, Twitter is using AI to monitor the topics that are trending and provide the right tag options to the users.
  • Trace conversations.


While talking about the future of Social media trends, it is important to discuss on people opting for a digital detox. The number of people leaving social media platforms has increased drastically. It is not a lone incident, there are many among us deleting their profiles and deleting apps. According to a recent reliable report 1 out of 3 adults in the UK have reduced their social media usage. The same report suggests that some 6% of social media users have removed their app from their phone and another 6% have totally deleted their accounts.

There are many reasons why people opt for a digital detox. The reasons range from social media affecting mental health to distrust of various platforms. The numbers are quite shocking and are a warning for digital marketers and platform builders to solve these issues for the people. Social media platforms like Facebook are huge but in the near future, they may lose a large set of people. Like how Gemini Adams in her book said, “Facebook is big. Bigger than Justin Bieber or Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter following. Hell, it’s even bigger than obesity and possibly just as lethal!”, it definitely is humongous, but it might not remain the same forever.

With more people opting out of social media platforms, the reach and engagement of posts would come down drastically. Marketers should stop placing all his or her efforts on social media alone. Instead, email marketing or search engine marketing should be given more preference.    

Social media trends help marketers set innovative ways to reach their prospective. In 2023, if you are looking forward to connecting with the people in a better way or if you want to stay relevant in social media; learn, adapt, change and never stop experimenting. Businesses should also keep watching the detox trends, to understand where to invest and where not to. If you are in the B2C market and are targeting a young audience, platforms like TIK TOK would be the best option, while if you are in B2B; platforms like Facebook or Twitter would be the right choice. Yes, you heard it right; in 2020, more businesses would utilize TikTok, as this platform grows rapidly every day.

Also, make sure that your present pages on the existing social media platforms are search engine optimized and do not forget to conduct an audit of your website. These steps are to ensure that your previous year’s efforts aren’t wasted while trying to adopt the newer trends. Maintenance and assumption of newer Social Media Trends should go parallel in any business process.  

Social media is a dynamic and competitive space and these Social Media Trends can help you ace your social media trends game. So, keep abreast of the latest developments around these themes and use these for your social media trends initiatives.

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