Around the globe, outsourcing companies and virtual assistant agencies perceive the Canadian economy as a gold mine. In fact, there is no statuary restriction on the outsourcing agreement period, and this openness energizes Canadian entrepreneurs to thrive on Virtual professionals inside and outside their geographical territory. Well, it is not just 1 reason, but many reasons on why topics like ‘Virtual Assistant for Hire in Canada’ are trending online. Read on further to discover why there is a huge demand of Virtual Assistants in Canada.


The backbone of the Canadian economy is not huge conglomerates or Fortune 500 companies. It’s the micro-enterprises that generate 97% of its gross domestic product. According to a reliable 2019 online report, there were about 1.2 million small businesses, 22, 905 medium sized organizations and 2,978 big businesses in the Great White North. More the number of small businesses, a demand arise for hiring professionals at the lowest possible cost. What works better than outsourcing to achieve cost-efficiency? Unlike its neighboring country ‘North America’, Canada doesn’t have a public job loss fear, when it comes to outsourcing decisions.
Firstly, more the number of small businesses, the survival of the fittest fight harden.
Secondly, Canada is underpopulated and that’s why immigrants are happily welcomed.
Third, finding specialists and experts in any field in Canada is not an easy task.

THE RISE OF Virtual Assistant DEMAND

  Virtual Assistants are the Saviors. Many small businesses readily outsource most of their business tasks to an offshore VA agency or onshore professionals. Check out the top reasons. To Improve Efficiency – Organizational efficiency can be achieved by reducing wastage in using money, time and resources. Small businesses rely on VA to remain competent against the rivals. Outsourcing hotspots such as India and Philippines are preferred for cost efficiency. While the key decision makers in the organization get to concentrate on revenue generating tasks, other tasks can be completely outsourced to a VA. Countries like North America reach out to VAs in Canada, because compared to the US dollar; value of Canadian dollar is low. This means, Americans can improve their work efficiently by outsourcing various general and specialized tasks to a Canadian VA at an affordable cost. Great idea, isn’t it? Canadian VAs understand the US market better than anyone else and will provide recommendation to improve a project. This might not be the case with VAs in other countries, where the work culture is to complete the project and wait for the clients to get back with their feedback. To Get Access to the Experts – Canada faces a huge dearth of skilled experts and specialists. Despite availability of many jobs in Canada; there aren’t enough people to fill in the positions. This cannot stop small businesses from growing, can they!? The solution is to rely on virtual assistants. At a reliable price; expert strategies, services and solutions are offered by highly skilled professionals in countries like India. Recently, Coronavirus and its aftermath resulted in more Canadian organizations desperately wanting to get opinions from specialist and experts. However, the best brains come with huge price tags and small businesses cannot afford it due to budget constraints. Outsourcing specialized and skilled tasks to a reliable VA is the smartest solution to dramatically reshape an already sinking economy. Meanwhile, Canadian Virtual Assistants are the easiest near shoring option for Americans. So, some of the technology specific companies in the US opt for Canada for outsourcing rather than other nations. Similar time zones, language ease, mature technology scenarios, unparalleled quality output are all reasons why developed nations are looking up to Canada for getting their business tasks done. To Reduce Labor Cost – Cost saving for business, especially, for a small business is crucial. Outsourcing helps organizations cut cost by 30%. This is not any random statistics. It was published by Harvard Business Review. Establishing a brand name is more difficult than starting a business in Canada. Lack of workforce, low budget, and predetermined business priorities; all of it impact the growth. However, by outsourcing marketing and branding projects to professional VAs, the in-house employees can concentrate on revenue generating tasks. Nonetheless, the Canadian IT sector is still hesitant to outsource the tasks to any foreign professionals and virtual assistants. This is to protect the intangible IT assets and to focus on developing Canadian based technologies. In parallel to this scenario, Virtual Assistants working in Canada are of great demand, as more American companies readily outsource their tasks to them. WHO TAKES UP OUTSOURCED CANADIAN TASKS? If you think Canadians are outsourcing their business tasks only to popular outsourcing destinations such as India and Philippines, then you are wrong. Canadian Technology businesses resort to UKRAINE.
  • Majority of Ukrainians speak English.
  • The country imparts quality technology education to its graduate students.
  • 60% of IT specialists in the country had studied Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Development projects are taken by professionals at a cost as low as 25 to 30 dollars, which is still a budget friendly price for Canadian businesses.
  • I Canadian Dollar = 21.99 Ukrainian Hryvnia.
 Canadian Manufacturing industry turns-to CHINA
  • China understands the manufacturing industry like no one ever has.
  • Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, it has a high concentration of highly educated professionals working in the outsourcing industry.
  • Some reports suggest that only 1 % of Chinese speak English and it is definitely a drawback. However, the situations are changing slowly. Many Chinese organizations employ English language experts.
Canadians get benefited by all rounder INDIA
  • India’s hourly rate for project completion is way too below Philippines and China.
  • It has a wide pool of highly educated skilled labor.
  • The agencies in India assure quality output and this means a big deal for Canadian mid-sized organizations.
  • Compared to many Asian countries, many Indians speak native-level English.
  • Rather than having a single outsourcing rule and legislation for all the industries; Canada has industry specific norms and regulations.
  • Data protection is given high priority by many industries. For instance, as stated by USMCA, restrictions on the movement of data crossing the borders are still prevailing. USMCA is the abbreviation for United States-Mexico- Canada Agreement.
  • The blessing is that there is no restriction on period of outsourcing contract delineated in law for Canadian businesses. The contract is derived on mutual understanding of the parties. In many countries, even auto renewal is a part of the service agreement.
  • Canadian businesses are extremely careful in choosing their outsourcing partners and VA services. They scrutinize and make wise choices by comparing pricing options, data security norms and practices, service flexibility, provider’s guarantee on disaster recovery and hundreds of other factors.
  • The businesses make deals with VAs and outsourcing agencies on various pricing agreements. Fixed price, resource based charges or any other mode of transaction agreement; it is dealt between businesses and outsourcing agencies.
  • Outsourcing disparities and disagreements rarely become serious and reach the courts of Canada. But it happens every now and then.
WHAT TASKS DOES VAs TAKE UP? A VA agency can take up most of the business operational and administrative tasks which doesn’t require any physical presence of the person. Here is a list of tasks that can be easily outsourced to a VA or a VA agency.
    • Bookkeeping
    • Call handling
    • Project strategizing
    • IT development and designing
    • Digital marketing
    • Sales chores
    • Managing ecommerce store
    • Research tasks
    • Business support services
    • Personal VA services and much more….
Virtual Assistants In Canada Tasks THE WIND-UP Growing pains of Canadian small businesses are alleviated by Virtual Assistants and Strategic Outsourcing Partners. On low budget doesn’t mean one has to do all the tasks single-handedly. Many Virtual Assistants charges in developing economies are even less than price of a take-out coffee.

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