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Role of Virtual Assistant for Property Management

Real Property Management professionals are facing difficulties to maintain substantial levels of productivity and efficiency due to getting highly involved in the general management tasks.

Virtual Assistants help property management business owners to reduce their fixed costs, and back-office administration and increase the capacity to grow rent-roll while permanently systemizing business using unique blueprints. They offer support to property investors, tenants, and businesses to improve the service level in online property management.

Nowadays, many real Property Management firms are seeking Online Administrative Assistants who can assist portfolio managers in their day-to-day tasks. A Virtual Assistant improves business operations, maintains complex schedules, and manages the administrative support that significantly affects the growth of the business.

Virtual Assistant for Property Management, Real property management

Virtual Assistants understand both the daily business pressure as well as the intricacies of Property Industry. Hence, they offer specific assistance in wide areas of Management, including, Valuation, chartered surveyors and Building Surveying.

They navigate through online real Property Management Software with ease and confidence. They understand Real Estate/ Property Management procedures and are familiar with a lot of Real Estate/real Property Management sector-specific terminologies.

Property management client services of a Virtual Assistant from coast-to-coast:

Virtual Assistant for Property Management, Property managers near me

General Management

  • Manage inbox, reply queries.
  • File important messages.
  • Contact clients with interest in the property.
  • List new and relevant profiles.
  • Send out emails to tenants and potential clients.
  • Update calendar with all the essentials.
  • End-to-end management and transaction of data within online real Property Management software.

Manage Legal Documentation

  • Manage personal and business legalities.
  • Follow up with tenants and vendors
  • Source and complete legal documentation.
  • Land registration, auction, and planning permission.
  • Real Estate leads generation with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.
  • Chase clients and stakeholders involved in legal documentation.
  • Update listings and effectively find leads.
  • Share agreements, tax documents, inspection reports, statements, etc.


  • Update Property Management Software.
  • Review property lease and summarize salient points.
  • Transcribe dedicated letters and reports.
  • Create and insert ordinance survey extracts and images.
  • Speak with tenants when necessary.
  • Update Calendar.
  • Conduct Cold Calling.
  • Schedule meetings and viewings.


  • Prepare Marketing details, Budgets and Plans for properties and portfolios.
  • Update and maintain Internal and External property databases.
  • Follow up with tenants and vendors.
  • Maintain Building Systems.
  • Marketing and filling vacancies.
  • Help Bookkeeping, expense data capture, reporting and more.
  • Assist portfolio managers in collecting rents, resolving complaints, enforce rules of occupancy.

Property Research

  • Research and evaluate take-up, availability and competition schedules.
  • Search comparable evidence for valuations, lease renewals and rent feedbacks.
  • Research what facilities clients find appealing.
  • Respond to guest enquiries in a timely manner and book the reservations.
  • Screening prospective tenants.
  • Generate required reports.


Turn your Property Management into smooth systemized business with a Virtual Assistant at your service. Outsource all non-core duties and instead, focus your attention on sales, relationship development, and growing your business.

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