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May 10, 2023

Real Estate Property Management Firm

This brief case study is an analytical discussion of the Real Estate firm’s KPIs post and pre-integration with Ossisto’s Virtual Assistants. The capabilities of virtual assistants are used to improve...

Real Estate Property Management Firm | Real estate lead generation


This brief case study is an analytical discussion of the Real Estate firm’s KPIs post and pre-integration with Ossisto’s Virtual Assistants. The capabilities of virtual assistants are used to improve business outcomes by providing a good vision and engagement in the growing business environment. They also improve client satisfaction towards real estate property management, real estate lead generation, and other organization metrics. The efficiency to manage such real estate lead generation and other services by Ossisto’s Virtual Assistants has been discussed in this study.


Growing dramatically with the improving market and influx of clients was this Real Estate firm in Arizona. Though it had a positive appearance on the business front, the company struggled to cater to its clients and manage this influx. Though it was the success that the business owners had been looking for ages, it was daunting to even think about expansion. While talks were going on with regard to expanding the workforce, the timeline to hire new talent was longer than anticipated thus hindering their business activity and losing loyal clients.

As the real estate firm was not equipped or prepared to take the right approach to handle the real estate lead generation or other real estate services, the expansion of the firm proved to be more of a challenge than a blessing. Further discussions on these challenges and how the company completely changed the administration to be smooth and efficient were made possible with the integration of Virtual Assistants in the firm.

Challenges Faced by the Firm

Being in sync with the Virtual Assistants who were working remotely had some challenges initially. However, within a week a well-organized structure was established that allowed things to run smoothly. Ideas were proposed to improve the identified areas where client interaction had gone wrong and new projects for business growth were suggested steadily. The daily tasks were performed smoothly as well which reduced the strain on the current workforce.

There was a dramatic drop in the client satisfaction numbers due to the limited staff and the high influx of clients and due to poor management skills, the schedules couldn’t be matched. Additionally, the business’s public relations aspect lacked a client-centric business approach resulting in dropping in employee satisfaction ratings. This was accompanied by an increased workload and underprepared management, making the work culture in the company strained. But with the growing clientele, the introduction of cloud technologies and IT support was majorly required to integrate the management with the latest.

The senior management did not have the time to look at the market analysis and to strategize plans to stay ahead of their competitors or to work on the brand building besides their administrative duties. Thus a solution to resolve these issues altogether with a reasonable investment and an experienced workforce was sought out by the firm to cover their real estate lead generation and property management needs.

Integration of VAs

Ossisto’s Virtual Assistants were the viable solution that was introduced to the firm as virtual real estate property managers to handle real estate lead generation and other real estate services. The integration of Virtual real estate property managers within the firm was a good decision for improving KPIs, especially with such a reasonable investment. The hiring of an experienced full-time employee, including employee perks, limited working hours, and more would cost the company more. However, with a Virtual real estate property manager, they were not liable to recruit the virtual real estate property managers permanently, as the firm was capable of handling clients 24×7.

This revolutionized the business potential and improved client interaction while making the client network stronger. Due to the updated market analysis by the virtual real estate property manager, the senior management got direction, allowing them to establish a vision. The major advantage of hiring a Virtual real estate property manager was the faster approach to getting experienced workers in property management which saved time on training and the costs that were incurred. Hence, the integration of Virtual Assistants by Ossisto for Real Estate lead generation and property management proved to be an asset.

Here are some of the Key improvement highlights that the real estate lead generation and property management firm went through after integrating Virtual Assistants from Ossisto.

Establishment of an efficient IT infrastructure with a skilled workforce as VAs.

Seamless Administrative interface with experienced Virtual Assistants to manage real estate lead generation.

Improved functionality of managing clients Real Estate legalities and document processes are done faster with a streamlined process.

Detailed market analysis to help accurate decision-making.

Improved rating on employee satisfaction.

Better strategies for marketing campaigns and the high-volume influx of clients.

Increased client satisfaction and turnover rate improving sales.

Established an efficient financial management system with the right investment, after research & analysis.

Established an efficient system for getting quotes and selecting the right vendor.

Increased ability to manage projects and success in implementation.


The Real Estate firm in Arizona was in a downward spiral, being less prepared to handle the growing market. In addition, the poor management hindered the company’s growth, making convoluted decisions that disorganized the work floor and reduced employee satisfaction, affecting their work and productivity. With the integration of VAs, this had been completely changed, and the landscape at the Real Estate firm became an equipped organization with a major upgrade. This was possible with Virtual Assistants as it was cost-effective with an experienced and knowledgeable workforce to establish the right tools and suggestions for the improvement of the firm.

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