10 steps to create a powerful marketing funnel?

The initial and important step of building an effective marketing funnel is knowing your Target audience. One benefit is that it will help you conduct effective marketing research and build a precise funnel.

Marketing Funnel? So what is the hype all about? Marketing Funnel is one of the most used and is currently one of the trending terms used in Marketing strategy. So why was this new concept introduced? The answer is simple Marketing funnel is a marketing strategy of a brand from which they understand its ability to influence a buyer’s decision. It’s one strategy that helps in understanding conversions.


A Marketing Funnel is a customer’s way of understanding your brand through your products and services. The Funnel is designed with various marketing components that help filter the customers interested in buying your services.

  • The Funnel journey starts with Awareness, which is possible to be aware of your brands through your marketing campaign.
  • The second stage of the marketing funnel is desire. In this, the brand should be able to stir up the desire among the people who are visiting and start generating leads.
  • The leads are converted to possible customers. This step is known as Consideration in this marketing research and various other stages.
  • The next stage is where the possible customer will evaluate various products or services and the intention. The interest in buying or not is built by the brand.
  • The next step includes when the possible customer is evaluating all the options and choosing the one which is the best for him. This is known as Evaluation.
  • The last step is the purchase, in which the potential customer finally buys the products.

Step By Step strategy to build an effective marketing strategy.

A few steps will help you build a strong marketing funnel, and thorough marketing research will help you generate leads.

Understand your Target Audience:

The initial and important step of building an effective marketing funnel is knowing your Target audience. One benefit is that it will help you conduct effective marketing research and build a precise funnel. You can understand your target audience through various ways, including feedback, reviews, social media, surveys and analytical data. This type of Marketing research will add to your benefit as you will not just know who your target audience is but also know a variety of demographics in it, like what type of content they prefer, which is the most used social platform by your target platform.


Start Building the Funnel

The first step or the first stage of the marketing funnel is Awareness. This stage is all about how the customer should discover a brand. The first step is essential as it can either make or break a deal. A few ways can help a brand build brand awareness among its target audience.

  • Using SEO: you can create brand awareness through Search engine optimization. This is done by using keyboards, and through optimized content, you can choose a digital marketing agency to help you optimize your content.
  • Advertisement: A brand can create Awareness among its target audience through paid advertisement. There are different mediums of advertisements which can be used radio, Television, newspaper and just a few. You can even use social media platforms and start sponsor advertising or posting. This helps in improving your business visibility.
  • Social Media: Social media platforms are another great way to build Awareness. These will help you reach more and more people in a shorter period.



The next step of the marketing funnel is Consideration. Now the brand focuses on people who already know about your brand. This can be done through different steps, which include:

  • Using target-based keywords: businesses need to focus on high-intent keywords at this stage. This will help you filter whether your leads show any desire or intention to buy products or services.
  • Use Email Marketing: Email marketing is the easiest and fastest way to reach your Target audience. You can inform your leads about the benefits and tell them about new products and services.



A business should focus more on creating ads and marketing strategy which helps customers Convince people why they should consider your services or products. Use your analytics to understand your customer needs better and how you can improve them in your next marketing campaign.


Any experienced marketer will know that retaining customers is much more important and difficult than acquiring new customers. As a result, many marketers believe and have added loyalty and advocacy as two new elements of the marketing funnel.


Loyalty: Conversion is not the end of the marketing funnel but just the beginning of customer satisfaction. Maximum businesses aim to get good returns on their investments. You as a brand have to focus on getting more and more leads, retaining your previous customers, and informing them about your new and old customers and newer service. A perfect product is not what might be in the expectations of the customers, but having a company that knows and looks after their customers, makes the customer want to visit them again.


Rewarding is another benefit you can add to your customer service, affecting how customers perceive your brand. This also motivates the customer to buy more from your brand and build a relationship with you.


The last aspect of the Marketing funnel is advocacy:

When you have happy customers, they recommend your brands to the people they know. Many new customers check the online reviews before making any product purchase. So for a brand, it is important to build an image of a business with many positive reviews about products and the staff and the brand. Using reviews for building a brand image is also an effective way. If your customer has stories about the brand, highlight them.


This is also something you can do for your next business campaign. Using referral codes is another way a brand attracts new customers.



At the end of the marketing funnel, you can measure how much success your marketing strategy has brought you. Also, remember that the Funnel does not end at the step where the customer decides to buy the products. Still, also it’s the beginning, and the business should provide top-quality customer service to maximize future purchases.

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The initial and important step of building an effective marketing funnel is knowing your Target audience. One benefit is that it will help you conduct effective marketing research and build a precise funnel.