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May 4, 2023

Why You Should Think About Hiring a Virtual Office Assistant

Are you starting your business? Tiresome, isn’t it?. A startup is like nurturing a newborn baby, especially in the initial phase when you spend sleepless being a think tank.

Hiring A Virtual Office Assistant

Are you starting your business? Tiresome, isn’t it?. A startup is like nurturing a newborn baby, especially in the initial phase when you spend sleepless being a think tank. Your budding business demands complete attention. You can’t leave it alone, just like how you have to babysit; you have to spend most of your time, energy, and resources raising your business.

Many Virtual Office Assistant administrative tasks like client calls, maintaining balance sheets, and other financial records, etc., need to be managed every day when you run a business. You can handle many things for your business; after all, it is your baby, however; you need to look at other important aspects of the company to grow.

You would want to focus on the core activities of the business and assign all other non-core activities to someone else so that you can focus well and be more productive. However, there’s no harm in seeking a professional’s help in managing your day-to-day admin tasks.

So, why do I need to hire a virtual office assistant?

A virtual assistant like Ossisto.com is equipped to handle your day to day business chores like answering the calls, checking messages and responding to queries, emails, bank-related work like paying bills and managing funds, managing client database, setting up client calls and meetings, managing social media handle, rolling lucrative discounts and offers, managing sales, hiring, marketing, etc. Virtual Office Assistant can carry out all of the above activities for you to focus on expanding your business.

Let’s look at some more advantages of hiring a virtual assistant:

1. Get more productive hours

What else you can ask for if you are getting enough hours on your hands to deal with other trivial things if a gamut of business-related work is already taken care of by your Virtual Office Assistant. So, invest this time judiciously in the things that matter to you the most.

2. More work done in less time

When you have a dedicated team for every specific task, you get more work done in less time. In addition, you don’t need to oversee and supervise every minute; your staff can do their chores virtually from remote locations.

3. Save Money

Virtual office assistants are hired on an hourly or project basis, so you don’t need to hire a full-time employee on board for a specific monthly salary. Instead, you can outsource the task to a VA and get your work done for less money, which gives you the liberty to save a lot of money.

4. An affordable alternative to hiring

If you are a startup, you can cut down your operating cost by assigning the task virtually, and you don’t need to set up a physical office. This also takes off the burden from shoulders to pay fixed salary every month, and you can instead pay hourly wages to your VA and save massive fixed costs. So, this is an excellent alternative to hiring a full-time on-sight employee.

5. Reduced operational costs

Business owners find it challenging to generate revenues and meet their fixed expenses, especially when their business is initially. Hiring a VA is a wise call as you’ll end up reducing your operational cost by doing so. Since the Virtual Office Assistant operates remotely, you don’t need to spend money on a workspace and set up a computer, desk, chair, internet, electricity, stationery, and coffee. This way, you won’t, you won’t blow your pocket.

6. Don’t Pay Additional Benefits

A virtual office assistant is not a full-time employee. Therefore, you need not pay them perks and other allowances like reimbursement of their business travel expenses, healthcare benefits, pension, contribute to provident fund, paid leaves, and many others. This way, you can plug the saved money into your business to keep it moving.

7. Increase Productivity

VA works by saving travel time that in turn increases their productivity. Moreover, working in an inconvenient environment increases their happiness quotient, and a happy worker gives the best results. Ultimately, the business also gets benefited from their higher performance.

8. Focus on your strengths

No one enjoys repetitive tasks, so there’s a dim chance you’ll do that yourself. However, the same functions add significant value to your business, so if you hire an admin staff, you could delegate the same for the smooth functioning of your business. This gives you enough bandwidth to concentrate on your strengths.

9. Time for Yourself and Family

Hiring a VA gives you leverage to spend time with your family and live for yourself as well. Handling business is a demanding role, leaving no scope for you to spend quality time with your dear ones. However, a Virtual Office Assistant can assume most of your responsibilities effortlessly, and you can have some happy moments with your family.


A virtual assistant will save you time, money, effort, and energy and help increase your productivity. In addition, delegating your responsibilities will give you some time for yourself, and you can focus on other trivial matters of the business.

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