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May 4, 2023

Reason To Outsource Blogging Technical Aspects

Are you a novice blogger or a business struggling to understand everything about blogging? Then, you must affirmatively read this Ossisto blog to understand how outsourcing the technical part...

Blogging as a primary task has now become an integral part of most organization’s digital marketing effort. However, newbie bloggers who are good at writing may not always be proficient in the technical aspects of it.

Well, what is the point of hiring a writer and relying on a second person to lead the blogging task to a completion? From choosing the right publishing platform, designing the cover that goes perfectly with the content to link prospecting; blogging is not solely about writing.

Small businesses cannot afford to have multiple employees working on the same task. Here is where a Virtual Assistant Content Creator will play a crucial role. They write plagiarism-free original content and are also capable of handling the blog publishing software and the correlated chores.

Well, are you a novice blogger or a business struggling to understand everything about blogging? Then, you must affirmatively read this Ossisto blog to understand how outsourcing the technical part of it can prove to be a true time saver. Read on.

Why Your Business Should Consider Blogging?

If you thought that blogging is for namesake, you have no idea about the advantages of writing informative content related to your business.

It is one of the cheapest means to keep the audience informed about your products/services/blog.

If you include more original content to your website, chances of getting a better page ranking on Google and other search engines are undeniably high.

If you consistently blog, your website will get a steady flow of organic traffic.

If you give options for the readers to comment on the blogs published, you will get to know firsthand opinions of the prospects and based on it, you can decide on business improvements.

If you add social media sharable options to your blog, it opens up an inexpensive branding opportunity for your business. More the number of shares, more publicity for your organization.

If you write a long-form blog about your products and services, it becomes a reference material for the prospects who would like to know about your business in detail. Explaining the business over the call has limitations, especially in a busy world with people who have got no time to listen.

What are the various technical aspects of blogging?

Choosing and Managing the Publishing Platform:

All bloggers need a publishing platform. And choosing it depends on a lot many factors such as the level of control one aim for, pricing plan and the ease of usability.

There are only 2 choices. One can either go for free spaces such as WIX, Weebly, etc. or a self-hosted blogosphere like the popular WordPress.org.

Many of the platforms need coding skills and then there are website builders like Gator with easy drag and drop building options.

From checking for backup, performance and security to updating new features; managing a platform requires constant attention from a tech-savvy person.

Correcting Formatting Issues:

Coding is quintessential in order to format issues on complex publishing platforms such as Hashnode, Hackernoon, etc.

SEO Strategies:

Optimizing blog content has different intentions. From getting a higher Google ranking to making the blog easier to read; marketers have a million things on their list when it comes to performing SEO for a blog. It is definitely multidirectional. Also, if one searches Google to check for various tips to optimize the blog; every subject matter expertise will have a different set of opinion. What to follow or what not to! It is quite confusing for a beginner.

Designing and Adding Other Creative Elements:

No one wants to read a plain blog. To reach a wide audience, it should be complemented with attractive images and pictures. Firstsiteguide.com indicates that there are around 570 million blogs as of 2021. Only the creative elements elevate a blog’s chance of getting discovered over other competitor’s blogs.

Each blog cover image has different specifications and to create them, one needs to know the technical aspects of image creation tools. Well, blogs can be incorporated with videos, infographic, stats, gifs and what not? Getting someone with UI/UX experiences along with an ability to produce an empirical approach to design issue is rare in market scenario; though there are hundreds of designers readily available on job posting sites.


#1: Not narrowing down blog topics and content for a specific set of audience

#2: Poor quality content

#3: Copied Content

#4: Not including compelling titles and sub-titles

#5: Giving no response to the blog comments

#6: Choosing a wrong domain name

#7: Having overconfidence on the content and believing that it will go viral within a short time

#8: Forgetting to promote the blog


#1: Inconsistent blog formatting

#2: Incoherent page designs

#3: Not using the right SEO keywords

#4: Not taking server issues seriously

#5: Not checking factors that cause HTTP status errors

#6: Using poor quality and blurry images

#7: Not considering analytics

#8: Broken links

#9: Not having proper CMS platform

#10: Not using ‘Alternative Text’ for the Images

From reading the aforementioned sections, it is so obvious that if a business is already having an in-house content creator, they can outsource technical aspects of blogging. As most VA Content Writers take up multiple projects from varied clients; they will have a better idea of the ongoing trends. Also by entrusting a VA with the tough technical tasks associated with blogging, businesses can go carefree and concentrate more on the content part.

Advantages of Outsourcing Technical Aspects of Blogging

  • Both content creation and publishing will get equal attention
  • Time can be saved considerably
  • Money can be saved as VA charges are truly pocket-friendly
  • No worries on purchasing all the software and tools. Content Writer VAs’ already have the necessary technological resources and for them, it is profitable as they work for multiple businesses.
  • Fixing errors becomes easier
  • The quality of the posts improves
  • Keyword research and other SEO related tasks can be completed quicker
  • Speedy Image creation, post uploading, internal linking, guest blog outreach, etc.

The Conclusion

Consumers these days trust brilliantly written articles over paid stunts on social media platforms to make purchase decisions. So, never underestimate the power of an active company blog. More than adding credibility to a website, it is the most authentic way to channelize thought leadership, to promote products/services and to engage prospects in a meaningful way. Having no resources with deep technical skills shouldn’t be a reason for any businesses to not begin blogging. Content or technical aspects – entrust it all to a VA Content Creator; it’s the best strategy you will embrace in 2021.

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