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Price and ease; are the biggest bonus points for any organization that adopts a robust email marketing strategy. But not every business can afford to invest time, money, and resources just to tailor-make effective emails. Consequently, by opting to outsource email marketing tasks, businesses enhance their chances of getting more visible, of finding more prospects and having an everlasting connection with the existing associates.

Well, email marketing tasks are predominantly a subtle, original, and straightforward way to convey important messages. People are likely to open emails more than social media message because it has an invisible stroke of authenticity. One, who doesn’t leverage on email marketing tasks capacity that would help in earning $51 for every $1 spent, is either foolish or ignorant.

So, this Ossisto blog will give you insights on how to effectively outsource Email Marketing tasks and what are its myriads of benefits. Keep reading.

The Most Common Concerns About Outsource Email Marketing

The Most Common Concerns About Outsource Email Marketing

1. Low Email Delivery Rate

If a sales and marketing team fail to engage with the prospects or the existing customers on a regular basis, the emails sent to them are unlikely to get opened and the rate of delivery success will be extremely low. Getting a message to an inbox without bouncing or being marked as spam demands extreme patience and dedicated efforts, following widely accepted practices. From an unclear subject line to emails incorporated with too many high resolution images, there are many reasons that would lead to unsuccessful email delivery.

2. No Practice of Personalizing Messages

For convenience, businesses might send bulk emails to all who are on the list. Instead of enhancing customer experiences, this would do harm to the marketing intentions.

A choice to send an email with ‘Hi Customer’ or ‘Hi Ms. Stevenson’ (*an example) is totally in the hands of a decision maker of a firm.

However, personalization is the key to gain ROI from email marketing tasks. More than 70% of businesses do not personalize messages or create an attractive subject line.

3. Less Email Click-through Rate

Email marketing content usually has 1 or multiple click-through links. So, an email click-through rate is the percentage of people who clicked at least 1 link in the message sent to them. This is a very important aspect that you need to know before you outsource email marketing.

4. Click-through Rate Formula

Click-Through Rate ≈ Emails Clicked / Email sent – Bounce Rate

Less click-through rate is mainly because of sending emails at the wrong time. Performing a research to figure out the right time to send an email to the intended prospects or other recipients would be apt before rolling out an important email campaign. The so called ‘right time’ will vary depending upon the geographical area, social-cultural differences and even the nature of the message included in the body text.

5. A Never Ending Contact List

Stale email address need deletion on a regular basis. Bounced email addresses or undelivered email address; these items should be removed from the database. For the initial email sent, if a reply is not received within a stipulated time frame, consider these recipients as non-interested ones. Either the business can create a follow-up mail or delete the address; this step totally depends on sales and marketing decision makers. Longer email lists are often unmanageable ones.

6. Inconsistent Frequency of the Emails

What cures Sancho makes Martha sick is an ever famous quote. In email marketing too, this adage proves meaningful. Sometimes, sending emails frequently works and sometimes, it doesn’t.

However, many studies world over suggests that people like to receive emails less frequent. Ideally, there are no guidelines on email frequency that would work for all the industries.

Businesses should create a long term deliverability strategy. Any strategy that will reduce bounce rate is a good one. So, the decision on frequency should intend to solve bounce rate issues.

Outsource Email Marketing is the Ultimate Solution

1. Reduce anxiety about email campaign success

Email campaign success is directly proportional to the number of prospects that got converted. Also, the existing clients, customers and associates need reminders. Whether it is the planning stage or the execution phase, businesses need highly talented, Outsource email marketing expert and other resources to convert a plan into a reality.

If you think, Outsource email marketing tasks has no competition unlike affiliate marketing, content marketing or social media marketing, then you are absolutely wrong. Around 269 billion emails are sent on a daily basis and to grab the eyeballs, a robust campaign strategy is mandatory. What outsourcing would give small and medium sized organization is the flexibility to rollout campaigns at budget-friendly costs. One can hire not only the marketers, but also creative professionals to actualize every campaign success element at an outsourcing agency.

2. Personalized Messages

Many businesses understand the importance of personalized emails, but don’t follow it in their organizations because of lack of time and resources. On deciding to outsource, 1:1 personalized experiences for informed and knowledgeable prospects and other associates becomes hassle free. When it comes to an email campaign; set apart from the competitors by bringing personalization even to the micro levels.

By leveraging on existing information of a prospect, execute an email campaign that would create measurable ROI. For this, someone should dedicatedly invest time and talent. From setting up automated behavioral triggers in the messages to carefully choosing truly appealing images; an effective email campaign is the end result of hours of relentless labor. Outsourcing is the right choice when it comes to email personalization.

3. Budget Constraints

Supposedly, a company cannot afford to buy software that would help in creating impactful email campaigns. Instead of quitting the plan, the company can decide to rely on an outsourcing agency. Small or medium sized organizations trust their outsourcing partners in achieving quality, Outsource email marketing tasks output under any constrained budget.

This helped them in surviving one of the toughest years the world faced; 2020. Covid-19 and its aftermath killed many businesses at the budding stage. However, many survived too and thanks to technological advancements and outsourcing firms.

4. Sure Shot Email Delivery

Through outsourcing, one gains access to a full-fledged team to ensure that an email promptly reaches the recipient’s inbox. But to do so, a humongous amount of homework and following a clear cut check list is compulsory. A stringent A/B testing process, latest tech tool implementation, audits to avoid risks such as email blocking are all part of an extensive strategy to save the email campaign from collapsing.

5. Attention to Detail

Finding time to research on ideal time intervals to send emails, cleaning the database, monitoring email campaigns, creating robust email lists, finding reliable ways to reduce the bounce rate, etc.; all of these are an organization’s way to give attention to detail In outsource email marketing tasks. An extended team will only increase the capacity to do more in the best possible way.

A List of Outsource Email Marketing Tasks

A List of Outsource Email Marketing Tasks

In today’s digital landscape, email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience effectively. To streamline and optimize your email marketing efforts, outsourcing certain tasks to experts can prove invaluable. Here’s a breakdown of key tasks you can outsource to elevate your email marketing game:

1. Email Drafting/Editing

Crafting compelling and error-free content is crucial for the success of your email campaigns. Outsource email drafting and editing tasks to skilled professionals who can ensure that your messages are not only grammatically sound but also resonate with your target audience.

2. Template Creation

Design plays a significant role in capturing your audience’s attention. Outsource the creation of visually appealing and responsive email templates that align with your brand identity. A professional touch to your templates enhances brand credibility and improves engagement.

3. Generate Supplementary Images and Clever Elements

Visual elements are essential for making your emails visually appealing and engaging. Outsource the creation of supplementary images, graphics, and other clever design elements that can elevate the visual appeal of your emails, reinforcing your brand message effectively.

4. Outsource Email Marketing Expert Automation

Implementing automation in your email marketing can save time and enhance personalization. Hire email marketing experts to set up and manage automation workflows, ensuring that your campaigns are timely, relevant, and trigger based on user interactions.

5. Schedule Time to Send Emails

Sending emails at the right time is crucial for maximizing open rates. Outsource the scheduling of your email campaigns to professionals who understand the optimal times for your target audience. This ensures that your messages reach your audience when they are most likely to engage.

6. Tracking and Analysis

Effective email marketing involves continuous improvement based on data insights. Outsource the tracking and analysis of your email campaigns to experts who can interpret data, measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and provide actionable recommendations for ongoing optimization.

By outsourcing these email marketing tasks, you can focus on your core business activities while ensuring that your email campaigns are executed with precision and effectiveness. Embrace the advantages of outsourcing to stay ahead in the competitive landscape and achieve sustainable email marketing success.


It is always advisable to outsource email marketing tasks rather than make an in-house team to do it all.  Use the saved up time and budget to perform primary revenue-generating tasks, in parallel to getting outsource email marketing done by a reliable outsourcing agency like Ossisto. However, it is not mandatory for every organization to opt for the outsource email marketing options. It depends on the quantity, urgency and availability of resources.

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1. Why outsource your email marketing?

Outsourcing email marketing streamlines operations, allowing businesses to focus on core activities. It leverages expertise, ensuring strategic campaigns that resonate with the target audience. Professional teams manage databases, design compelling content, and optimize deliverability, enhancing overall efficiency. Cost-effectiveness, access to advanced tools, and staying abreast of industry trends make outsourcing a prudent choice for maximizing email marketing impact.

2.What is email outsourcing?

Email outsourcing involves hiring external services to manage and handle email-related tasks. It includes functions such as email hosting, customer support, and campaign management. This allows businesses to focus on core operations while benefiting from specialized expertise in email management, enhancing efficiency and communication.

3. Is email marketing still profitable?

Yes, email marketing remains profitable as it offers a direct and personalized communication channel with potential customers. By delivering targeted content, promotions, and updates, businesses can engage their audience effectively. It’s cost-effective, provides measurable results, and fosters customer loyalty. Regularly optimizing campaigns and utilizing analytics further enhance its profitability in the digital marketing landscape.

4. Why do small businesses need email marketing?

Small businesses benefit from email marketing as it’s a cost-effective way to reach and engage their audience. It helps build relationships, promote products/services, and drive sales. Email campaigns allow personalized communication, fostering customer loyalty. With measurable metrics, businesses can analyze performance and refine strategies for better results. Overall, email marketing is a vital tool for small enterprises to enhance visibility, connect with customers, and drive business growth.

5. Do you really need email marketing?

Yes, email marketing is essential for businesses. It enables direct communication with your audience, builds customer relationships, and boosts sales. With targeted campaigns, you can personalize messages and track performance, making it a powerful tool for engagement and conversion.

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Learn how outsource email marketing solves common concerns. Discover tasks, benefits, and enhance your strategy. Make informed decisions for success.