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May 5, 2023

Managed Outsourcing Services Is The New Buzz Word

Ways in which businesses outsource tasks have changed tremendously over the years. Technological advancements, the requirement for expert opinions, need for an all-in-all solution for cost-cutting, and faster business growth...

Ways in which businesses outsource tasks have changed tremendously over the years. Technological advancements, the requirement for expert opinions, need for an all-in-all solution for cost-cutting, and faster business growth has resulted in ‘Managed Outsourcing Services’. Some of you will be thinking to outsource and managed outsourcing services are the same. ‘The answer is ‘no’. However, both include an external organization or an agency helping out businesses to complete their operational, management, and other specialized tasks. This blog entails the uniqueness and advantages of ‘Managed Outsourcing Services’. 

Simplifying the Concept

If you are running a business and consider outsourcing services , what you might probably do is to select a few services and give it to an external agency or company to complete them. Meanwhile, if you choose ‘Managed Outsourcing Services’, you are looking for a more holistic approach and strategic ways to complete tasks, especially that are of technical nature and importance.  With the ongoing economic crises and pandemic close-downs; businesses are looking for partnerships and extended teams instead of mechanically working outsourcing agents.

Many companies bear the moniker of ‘Managing Outsourcing Services’, but how many of them do justice to it is a different thing altogether. The question here are, will their services add to the long term visions set by your organization, are the experts value additions to your human capital and do they transform the way you carry out the business? If not, they are just another simple outsourcing agency.

Service Range

As managed services often refer to technological services, the team involved indulges in multiple functions related to IT management and repair. The varied services they provide include network administration, data backup, network security, communication and IT services and more.

Managed Outsourcing Services Is The New Buzz Word

Special Advantages

Cost Efficiency

Having an in-house IT team gives so many unpredictable scenarios and reasons to spend money services. Meanwhile, an outside agency has a fixed monthly rate or they charge only according to the services availed. By relying on a ‘Managed Outsourcing Team’, there is absolutely no requirement for training of the members, as the team will already have specialists service.


An in-house IT team lead’s or the manager’s concentration will often be on different things, from training to coordinating with the teams,  choosing the technology, allocation of resources and a lot more.  Only a focused IT team can concentrate on the security of the networks and be pro in monitoring the risks. A managed outsourcing services team is focused and provides an opportunity for faster and controlled project completion.

Round the clock support

Many organizations might promise round the clock support, but are often just in the papers.  For instance, a company that works 24/7 cannot afford a down time. And having an IT team that functions for a few hours but says 24/7 will only add chaos to the organization. Security compromises and other IT threats will all be a common issue in such scenes. Constant monitoring can be made easy by outsourcing tasks to a managed service team. Remote monitoring and real time analysis of an organization’s IT systems can be performed by efficient managed service teams and that too at pocket-friendly prices.

Win the competition

It is important to have superior technologies and capabilities to win over competitors. When it comes to IT teams, proactive involvement, right knowledge, regular maintenance etc. is very important. This is exactly what a managed service provider will offer. One can expect more than just the project completion. One gain access to custom strategic solutions, lenses to find loopholes in the processes and unbiased industry knowledge by asking for relevant help from the managed outsourcing teams. This step will bring more insights into an organization leading to operational excellence.

Reason For Its Demand

Until a few years ago, IT outsourcing was available only to Fortune 500 companies. Today, despite the size of the organization, Information Communication Technology (ICT) framework can be outsourced partially or fully to experts at a reliable agency that offer managed outsourcing services.

Smart businesses are looking for quality managed services, so that they can concentrate on more critical operational tasks with a relief that the IT security and systems are in safe hands. So, the efficiency of the services provided will be totally dependent upon the agency, a business chose to entrust. In an organization like Ossisto, the IT specialists partner up with clients providing improved safety and security plus additional benefits such as agile reporting. Our customer centric approach ensures quantifying results, continuous improvement and drastic drop in expenditure. The team has professionals with relevant experience working around business IT support, IT infrastructure monitoring, cyber security solutions, cloud computing and more.

The foresight an eminent managed outsourcing team exhibit is humongous, making it easy for the clients to keep their businesses functional and operational. In general, managed outsourcing services refer to IT managed service outsourcing. However, many imply more meanings to it these days, but for most of the people, managed outsourcing services are still for fulfilling IT needs.

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