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Lead Generation Strategies to grow your business in 2023

lead generation strategy, Lead generation marketing strategy

12 lead generational strategies to consider in 2023

As the marketing sphere changes each year, the audience grows more eager for innovative ideas and their attention span grows shorter. What does this mean for lead generation strategy? Reinvention of a more streamlined and customer interest inducing system.

A strategy so good, that the audience cannot help but be compelled into buying a specific product or service.

Before we proceed further, however, it is worth having an introduction to what lead generation truly is.

What is lead generation?

In a nutshell, lead generation is a process in the marketing arena that is built on the sole purpose of driving interest and a need in customers to purchase a particular product or service.

Be it an entrepreneurial enterprise, small business, or a corporate this forms the base of their lead generation marketing strategy.

Additionally, given the present scenario, marketers should bear in mind that one size does not fit all. Hence, asking for a serious revamp on their sales lead generational strategies.

Therefore, below are a few of these that would actually work in the year 2019 and ensure that businesses grow further than they did before?

lead generation strategy

consider direct mailing

A tried and tested method of getting a step ahead of the competition is investing in the direct mail method. What this does for outbound lead generation strategy is that it gives a window to keep the communication between you and your preexisting customers going or even excel if it is done right.

maintaining a referral system

As far as business-to-business lead generation strategy is concerned, there is nothing more rewarding than having your customers refer your services/products to another. Industry sources suggest that companies with a referral program witness about a 70% increase in their conversion rates compared to those that don’t.


Given that telemarketing alone can’t be the savior, it works rather well in collaboration with other marketing processes in tow. Successful lead generation strategy rely on getting on call to identify prospects that can be targeted either for email marketing or direct mailing purposes.

Tap onto your networking skills

It isn’t a secret that networking amplifies a firm’s marketing outreach and abilities. In fact, contacts serve a multitude of purposes. They can aid in word-of-mouth marketing, connecting with like-minded businesses for collaboration, refer services to the market in their entirety, and much more.

Lay emphasis on your online presence

In the age of the internet, as some would like to call it, it is imperative that companies keep a close eye on their online persona. Why? Simply because the audience’s judgment and opinion on their business, rely on it. Therefore, acting as one of the best lead-generation marketing strategies.
However, this should not be restricted to websites or social media platforms alone. Backlinking to other domains, for instance, is a great way to branch out in this sense.

Attend and conduct events

To understand the system better, it is recommended that you attend marketing conferences that might have talks and presentations by industrial big-wigs. It might so happen that you might learn or at least be pushed to consider a process that you might not have thought of.
Additionally meeting clients face-to-face by organizing events can instill trust in them in doing business with you in the long run as well.

Constantly update your website

What worked then, might not work now. This phrase stands true when it comes to websites. Technological advancements have led to changes in website development and design, which if left unimplemented might cost a firm’s business more than just a few prospects.
Clients need to know that you can keep up with the times. Hence, if your domain is still outdated, the perspective would be just the opposite.

Tap into influencer marketing

With social media comes an army of influences. They are on the rise for helping businesses reach out to a wider audience which they couldn’t have done themselves. Besides their huge following will easily consider taking a look at your firm, should an influencer choose to refer you to them.
Since popular influencers are too expensive to hire, a small business can target micro-influencers who though might have a comparatively small following, will still help the business shine in the niche industry.


As a lead generation follow-up strategy, what is necessary today to ensure that customers remain loyal to the brand is sending them newsletters. An important element of email marketing, newsletters are an essential aspect of generating leads as well.
Having the latest updates, press releases sent to your customers will serve as a link to keep them interested to know what your firm is up to.

Invest in public relations

The large corporates that you see thriving, have their public relations contributing to their success as much as their ideas have. The public’s opinion of them has been constantly manipulated by the media to build a specific image in their minds.
Hence, by dabbling in PR it should be easier to get information of your business updates out to the world, effectively and with professionalism (which would vary if you would go on it independently).

Downloadable take-aways

To a customer, there is nothing more satisfying than getting free help be it through templates or e-books that certain businesses provide on their websites.
This gives them a glimpse into your firm’s capabilities and quality in terms of the services that you provide.

Answer customer feedback and reviews

Take customer engagement a step further by constantly encouraging customer reviews on your products and services online. This will help in focusing on what they expect from you and work towards it.

Answering them to acknowledge their opinions will give an impression that they have been heard, whether you choose to consider it or not. A simple ‘thank you’ should suffice.

Offline or online lead generation strategy are being undertaken with equal amounts of seriousness and curiosity to keep innovation and integrity flowing through. Through there is a lot more to this than the aforementioned strategies, implementing them into your day-to-day marketing process will surely bring about noticeable changes in your leads for the better.

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