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How to hire your first amazon virtual assistant

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Hire your first amazon virtual assistant

With new marketplaces cropping up every now and then, business models are also constantly transforming to fit into this ever-changing landscape.

One such business we’ll discuss here is Amazon.

What is Amazon’s business?

Put simply, Amazon business is a B2B marketplace for businesses of various sizes.  They are an easy way for businesses to launch themselves out into the open with everything laid out for them (or at least with the right assistance) from pricing, selection, employee feedback perspectives and more.

Now, if you’ve already started or beginning to consider doing so, seeking additional help is inevitable. But as a small business, you wouldn’t have the budget for you to hire a full-time assistant.

So, what’s the next best option, or is there any?

The Amazon Virtual assistant

The answer is yes. An Amazon virtual assistant (VA) will do just the trick to get you acquainted with the system, its features, and benefits to get your online business up and running within a stipulated time.

Because let’s be honest, as a business owner, you have much better and more important tasks to tend to than having to answer every menial update or email that you receive from being part of the Amazon marketplace ecosystem.

Better yet, if you’re new, you’d find it hard to go about the process without an expert advice to rely on and walk you through the nitty-gritty details and various nuances that flood the same.

Hence, an Amazon virtual assistant can help with:

  • Saving time
  • Being budget-friendly
  • Offering expertise
  • Technical know-how

Amazon virtual assistant can accomplish tasks such as

  • Product listing
  • Amazon Listing optimization
  • Order Processing and Tracking
  • Product Review Requests
  • Product Image Editing
  • Keyword Research
  • Amazon PPC Management

hire amazon virtual assistant

The hiring process

That said, let’s take a look at the steps that you’ll have to take to hire the right and most proficient virtual assistant.

1 Posting the ad

Prior to posting an ad for the VA, it is essential to get clear on what kind of virtual assistant you are looking for. How proficient should they be about the Amazon business? Are there specific skills you are looking for? Like data entry, logistical, etc.?

Are you looking to outsource them from a certain geographical region like the Philippines, India or China (which are the most popular outsourcing destinations)? This point alone gives you a better idea about what prices you’ll have to pay up hourly since they differ from one region to the other.

Secondly, what tasks to you want the VA to tend to in your Amazon business? The last thing you want to do is have them to work on something that they are either not meant to be doing or hired to do, just like any other employee at a 9 to 5.

Once you’ve gotten this down, it should be much easier for you to structure your advertisement, because you’re at a much better place than when you started out.

So, with that done, the very next thing to do is to fish out the exact match for the ad. You can go about this two ways.

  • One you can get on the internet and contact virtual assistant agencies. Here, you will be led to a resource person who after a discussion regarding your requirements will give you either one or several VA’s as options.


  • Two, head over to freelance and virtual assistance websites such as Upwork, etc. and customize your list of requirements from that which is provided by the website itself.

2 Filtering out applications

Now that we’ve established a stable foundation to base the rest of the steps off, the second and most crucial phase would be to scrutinize the applications thoroughly.

Why is this important? Because this step will determine how fruitful and beneficial the partnership between you and the virtual assistant will be. If you choose someone who doesn’t meet your expectations or whose skills are subpar then, chances are you will struggle with them for the rest of the contract.

If as mentioned in the previous point, you’re going with an agency, then it would be much easier for you to go about this process.

But if it’s the latter and you going with a website instead, it’s going to be a lot of heavy lifting, filtration wise. Hence here, what you’ll have to do is:

  • Delete unnecessary applications that do not fall under your ‘Amazon VA’ or ‘Amazon FBA’ keyword.
  • Delete proposals and applications that do not look right or unprofessional
  • Then test the remaining applicants on the hours they have worked. Have a quick one-on-one session to deduce the quality of their communication skills before moving them onto the next round (if provided by the website)

3 Testing round

Agency or not, having this step as part of the process anyway, will do you good.

Why is this important? Think of it as a precaution if during the trial task the VA ends up being redundant. That way you would have saved yourself a big headache.

While writing this out, you could mention that they will be paid a stipulated amount for the time of the trial run and a list out a set of tasks that they will be tested on.  Be as clear and descriptive ad you can. Keep the sentences short for maximum readability.

For the time to be taken over the course of the trial, give them a few minutes of buffer just in case. For instance, if you think the task would take an hour then, allot the time to 1.5 or 2 hours maximum.

This is because they’d need time to go through the instructions, think of or ask questions if any, before getting started with the task. Also, ensure that you furnish any documents or material that they’d need to complete the same.

4 Onboarding

You can’t just base your decision of hiring a virtual assistant on their test results/ performance alone. You’d also have to look into the time taken, the number of times they stopped to clarify doubts/ questions, their sense of understanding of the instructions gives or the lack thereof, etc..

After you’ve assessed the candidates based on these criteria, you’d end up with the perfect candidate.

Have another round of discussion with them to discuss the fee structure and time. Once this has been agreed on, you can go ahead with inducting them into your business. This can include:

  • Incentives or bonuses
  • Introduction to the team and the business (in-depth)
  • Weekly/monthly work schedule ledger

So, there you have it!

A complete foolproof run down of hiring the best Amazon Virtual Assistant in the market.

This is imperative because a virtual assistant is one of the most profitable investments for small businesses. You could see it bearing fruit very early on if you go for the right individual.

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