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May 4, 2023

How to hire the best SEO content writer?

The Internet has become integral to our lives, and brands now look to professional agencies to market their goods and services. These professional agencies sell writing content explicit to blog posts...

How To Hire The Best SEO Content Writer

We all know that the world is connected to the internet these days. People look into the internet for everything ranging from both personal and professional needs. The importance of internet is such that people hire someone who can help them with their marketing of their business online. It is best that we hire people who are good enough to help them develop their business online. SEO writers are someone who can help you develop your business online by writing content which can help you promote your business online.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A SEO Content Writer

They are certain things which need to be kept in mind while hiring an SEO content writer which are as follows.

1. The experience of the content writer.

2. The writing style of the content writer

3. The cost which will be incurred in hiring an SEO content writer.

4. The background of the writer

5. The interest of the Content writer

The Experience Of The Content Writer

You can look at the experience of the content writer before hiring him or her for the role of a content writer. You can look at the portfolio of the content writer how much content that person has written and how can that person benefit you to grow your business. It is important to look at the experience of the content writer, but it is also fine to hire a fresher if you find that person committed to his or her job and has the enthusiasm to learn and give back to the organisation then it is best to hire a fresher.

Why Hire A Fresher?

It is true that people are looking for the best person to hire in their organization. The reason is that people feel that experienced people can help their organization as experienced people need not be trained. They already have the knowledge of what they have to do. Yes, that is true, but an experienced person was also a fresher one day. They were also trained by someone which helped that person gain experience which made that person an experienced professional. So, someone has to train someone so that they becomes an experienced professional.

A Fresher Might Be More Committed And Enthusiastic Than A Experienced Person

A Fresher is desperately looking for a working opportunity. If that person is given an opportunity by someone, they might be very grateful for the opportunity. The enthusiasm of that person might help the organisation reach greater heights. The organisation can use the enthusiasm of that person which will benefit the organisation. Someone has to take the gamble of hiring a fresher. You can be the one it might workout and be a blessing in disguise.

The Writing Style Of The Content Writer

You must see the writing style of the content writer. How that person writes does that person write long essay form of content writing or write while giving a lot of subheadings by writing short paragraphs. Choose the writing style which best suits your organisation. Train the person accordingly if you plan to hire the person. You have to see your convenience while taking a decision of hiring someone which best suits you and your organisation.

The Cost Which Will Be Incurred In Hiring An SEO Content Writer

You have to see the cost which will be incurred in hiring an SEO Content Writer. You have to see if you can afford that cost. See your budget then offer a pay package to the person whom you wish to hire. If the person whom you want in the organization is satisfied with the money that you are offering, then that is good for you and that person. If that person is not satisfied with the package which you are offering, then hire the person who is ready to work for you as per your conditions of employment. 

A happy partnership is one in which both the employer and the employee are satisfied with the working conditions. Aim to get those people who are happy to work for you to help the organizations run smoothly and you also earn profit in your organization.

The Background Of The Content Writer

You also need to know about the background of the content writer whom you have shortlisted to get hired in your organization. While looking at the background of the person you need to know the educational qualification of the person. The personality of the person and the past achievements of the person whom you are planning to hire. This is important as you must know what the nature of the person is whom you are planning to hire.

This will help you know if the person will be able to fit into the organization and help you to earn profit which is your main aim while hiring someone in your organization.

The Interest Of The Content Writer

You need to know about which topic the content writer prefers to write on. What topics are you planning to make that person write about. This is important to know as if you are working on the topic which interests the content writer it will make the job enjoyable for you and that person. If the job is enjoyable for both of you. Then they are good chances that both of you will be able to give a good output towards the job which you are performing. This will in turn benefit the organization and it will earn profit. It will also give happiness and professional satisfaction to the person who is working in the organization as the topic which they are writing upon are of that person’s interest.

These are the points which can be kept in mind while you plan to hire a person for content writing. These days with the high usage of internet which has become a part of our daily lives. Generally, people are looking for SEO Content writers now let us look at what exactly is SEO and how is it important to marketing your content online.

What Is SEO?

SEO is known as search engine optimization. It is a process through which we see that how well we market our content piece on the internet. The end result what is aimed while practicing the process of SEO writing is that the content which we have made for the audience to view gets the maximum of views and is read the most by people. Our aim is to make sure that people see the content which we have made the first time when they search for that particular topic. 

This will help our organization to earn the maximum profit from the content which has been made by us. The different ways through which we can optimize the search engine through our articles are as follows.

1. Keyword Research

2. Content Evaluation

3. Content Conception

4. Link Building

Keyword Research

Keywords are those words that are important to the content that we are planning to work on. For example, if we plan to write content about MS Dhoni who is the former captain of the Indian Cricket team then we might use the keyword world cup winning captain of the team. Wicketkeeper batsman who was able to lead India to three ICC Events trophies. An explosive batsman. 

These are some of the qualities of MS Dhoni and can be used as key words in the article while working on the content on him. Remember key words should be the ones which are relatable to the content which we are writing. So first think about the title of the content on which you are planning to write on and then search for the key words which complement the content nicely so that the content is viewed more by the audience, and you get the maximum profit from the content which you have written. 

Lastly remember to repeat those key words wherever possible to make the content more interesting and relatable for the audience. This will give you the opportunity to utilize the search engine optimization technique to the fullest.

Content Evaluation

While doing content evaluation the things which you need to keep in mind is that the content has the potential to earn you profit if you are planning to post the content on the internet. While doing content evaluation you need to keep the following things in mind

1. The content should be eye catching.

2. The content should be readable for the audience.

3. The content should be able to explain its message in the minimum possible words.

4. The content should contain the information which is desired by the audience.

The Content Should Be Eye Catching

The content should be eye catching it is important to make the content which is eye catching for the audience. The reason being that since the internet is a big public platform and many people are putting their content on the internet. This means that there is cutthroat competition for space. We need to know that the public has many options to choose from and we should aim to be the best option for the public as regards to their content services. 

To accomplish this, we need to make eye catching content for the audience. The content should be somewhat unique from the content which is already available for the audience in the market.

The Content Should Be Readable To The Audience

The content which we provide to the audience in order to earn profit should be readable to the audience in order to make the content readable for the audience. We need to keep the following things in mind.

1. The content should be in simple language.

2. Cases where you can use fancy and technical language

3. The content should be having as many subheadings as possible.

4. The content should not be very long.

The Content Should Be In Simple Language

When we offer something to someone our main aim should be to make sure that the things which we are offering to that person is liked by that person. The thing could be anything cloths, food and in this case content. While writing content our main aim is to deliver a certain kind of message to our target audience. In order to make sure that the message that we are planning to deliver to the audience is understood by them and they relate to the message that has been delivered through the content made by us. It is important that we use the language which is understood by them. 

Majority of people are able to understand the language which is understood by the majority of the society. So, try and explain the technical terms if they are any in your content piece in a simple language that can easily be understood by your target audience.

Cases Where You Can Use Fancy And Technical Language

You can use fancy and technical language in cases where the audience you are catering to are experts in the field on which you have written your content on. The reason for that is that people who are listening to you or reading your content can understand the technical terminologies which you have used in your content. 

They will not only be able to understand the technical terms which you have used in your content but will also be impressed by your knowledge if you use such kind of language in front of them. So please understand the situation before finalising the language of the content which you aim to publish online.

The Content Should Be Having As Many Subheadings As Possible

Try not to make your content like a huge essay it can get boring for the viewer. Try and use as many subheadings as possible to hook the reader to your content.

The Content Should Not Be Very Long

People today are mostly in a hurry, and they do not have the patience to read a long content piece. So, try and make sure that your content is able to explain your message in the shortest possible word limit. Aim for explaining your message clearly and concisely in order to attain more and more views on your content piece.

Content Conception

Content Conception

While making content you need to make sure that it is conceptualised properly that means the content which is processed should be engaging and be able to hook the audience in order to get the maximum views for the content which you have made. The most important thing which needs to be kept in mind while conceptualizing the content which you aim to provide to the audience is that the content should be original and not be plagiarised. A plagiarised content will give you demerit points and it is true that you will not earn anything if you publish content which is plagiarised.

So, make sure that you research well about the subject about which you are planning to publish the content online. After researching upon the topic make sure that you write the content in your own words in order to get views and profit from the content which you have published online.

Link Building

When you plan to publish your content online you will have to make sure that you build links online for earning profit online. The links are made if your content is unique, original, and engaging.  Plus, you need to make sure that the content gets a good rating online.

People use email marketing or make reports in order to get good ratings of your content on the web. Building good links online is also important for getting profit from your content online.


SEO Content writing is a very important technique for marketing your business. The most important thing while writing about any topic which you plan to write is that you need to be interested in the topic which you plan to write on as to get the maximum profit your content should be informative, original, and interesting to make profit from your content.

So, it is important and will be beneficial for you to have interest and knowledge about the subject which you are planning to write upon. It will be better for you, and you will enjoy making the content.


SEO Content writing is a way to earn profit for your business as it helps you to promote your business online where most of the world is hooked these days. So, it is an important process of promotion of your business.

While writing SEO content keep the following things in mind while writing content of any topic for SEO is

1. The content should be original, engaging and have something new for the audience.

2. Expert-Backed SEO Content, It Should Be Well-Researched & Effective.

The Content Should Be Original, Engaging And Have Something New For The Audience

We all know that to get profit from SEO it is important that the content should be original and engaging for getting views and earning profit from your content. It is also important that you write something in your content which is new for the audience. This is important as to get popularity for your content you need to write on something new which the audience has not seen. This will give you more popularity and your content will be of use for the society.

Expert-Backed SEO Content, It Should Be Well-Researched & Effective

Expert-Backed SEO Content, It Should Be Well-Researched & Effective

To get profit from writing content for SEO you need to research well before writing the content plan your content properly before writing for SEO in mind as you need to write something original which has not been written before. This is true as there is cutthroat competition for content writing. For standing out you need to write something you need to write something which is well researched before putting it on the web for the viewers to see and enjoy. 

You can also take the opinion of an expert on the subject that you are writing upon as they will be able to help you in giving you knowledge of something in that subject which is unique and will be able to give the people something which the people do not have knowledge about. This will give you high ratings on the web. Plus, you will also be able to earn more profit from your content. 

You can also research about the articles which have been written before on the same content which have been written before. You can think for some time before locking on the title which you have to write upon. If the title and content which is original in order to get popularity and profit for your content. Content writing has always been an important aspect of giving information to people for the various products which are coming up in the market or new information which has come up in the market to inform this to the audience.

The Changing Medium

Since content writing is such an important activity for the growth and development of the business. So, it is important to hire people who enjoy writing and are passionate about it. You need to hire the right people and research upon the topic diligently to write original content for the web. 

Since we all know that internet is the most important medium for giving information to the public. This is the main reason why we try and make sure that we make content keeping SEO in mind as the truth is that wherever they are more people engaged. The more information is given in that medium. When newspaper was more popular most content was written targeting newspaper in mind. After a while when radio and television became more popular than most business people asked their content creators to make content which is suitable for both radio and television in mind. Now when internet is the most popular medium content is created keeping the web audience in mind. 

This is the reason why content is created keeping SEO process in mind. Hope the suggestions which have been given in the article help you create articles which give you success keeping web trends in mind. All the best for writing SEO content which gives you profit.

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