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How Consumers Use Amazon: Device, Search, and Purchase Trends.

customers-behaviors using amazon device

Many of the latest surveys place Amazon as a top destination for shoppers and customers, be it among adults and kids. Amazon has been the most relevant and trusted retail brand among its Millennials, those of age between 20 and 36 since they feel a strong attachment to it. It is majorly known for its usefulness, and dependability, delivering a consistent experience and making life easier.

There is no denying fact that Amazon is the driving force e-commerce Business at present. In the growing number of markets, it can be clearly seen that Amazon has been reshaping the Customer Experience, by offering millions of products for sale. The company’s rapid scale and pricing powers are the other main reasons, it is winning over the customers.

Customer Behaviour – How Consumers Use Amazon Device, Search, and Purchase Trends

How Consumers Use Amazon


Most of the Amazon Customers are estimated to use a mobile device (be it Smartphone or Tablet) to make purchases on the Site. Use of Amazon’s digital technology is improving the consumer device experience. It has officially launched AmazonFresh, AmazonFresh Pickup Locations, the grocery delivery services and choice of choosing their pickup time using the device and getting them loaded in their cars.

Amazon also has introduced us AmazonGo, an automated prototype grocery store in the US. Here, Amazon has been experimenting with the fundamentals of advanced technology, computer vision, sensor fusion, to create a grocery shopping experience like never before. The new module allows the customers to walk into the store, select the preferred items and leave without having to wait in the checkout line.


Amazon search services had an impact on its Search expectations. It can be seen to have significant opportunities to grow its search position in the lucrative retail market. It is rapidly bringing up the shopping innovations into the market and is changing the massive market in a big way.

The fact is that most of the consumers who are regular shoppers from Amazon tend to visit the website, search and browse the products at least once a week.

Purchase Trends

As Amazon is constantly meeting up the expectations of the customers, and making their experience peaceful, and putting its competitors to edge, it is also striving towards reshaping the user experience.

The idea of IoT connected devices is one such idea to enhance the purchasing decisions of consumers. And many of the shoppers are ready to use this automated method. Price and Delivery options are also the key criteria influencing the consumer’s purchase decisions. It has become a predominant channel for product purchases. It also meets up to the consumer purchasing decisions by offering voice-assistance.

Amazon never fails to develop connection between the consumers, and later translate them into marketing share. The influence of Amazon on consumers is ever accelerating. Consumers tend to purchase what they look on Amazon. It can be seen that Amazon records a significant share of online spending with Prime members typically making a purchase decision on Amazon at least once a week.


Amazon never backs to charm its consumers with its devices, original programming and entertaining functions. Amazon is making considerable moves to evolve as the largest player in the arena and is following an apparent way. It is highly using technology to improve customer experience, enhance the scaling and employ clever business strategies. It is undoubtedly here to change the future.

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