May 5, 2023

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

Online advertising is at its peak right now. Every individual and every company is trying their best to sell through online adverts and promote their product in the best way possible.

Online advertising is at its peak right now. Every individual and every company is trying their best to sell through online adverts and promote their product in the best way possible. What better virtual billboard can you get than the biggest search engine in the world? Google AdWords is the perfect place to go. However, simply putting up ads and spending your money isn’t the task here. You want the ads to attract audiences and get your pay-per-click views which could be done easily if you follow our ten tips. Here’s us, shedding light on how you can create a profitable Google AdWords Campaign and curb the competition.

What is a Google AdWords Campaign?

Let’s understand what AdWords is before we jump into its world. Google AdWords Campaign is an advertising system created by Google to help individuals and corporates get an intensive reach worldwide with their products and services. Consider this as a virtual billboard that would show up on anyone’s screen which has its area of interest. It works on an algorithm basis, and thus keywords and phrases play an important role here.

Top 10 Things to Consider When Making a Google AdWords Campaign

Top 10 Things to Consider When Making a Google AdWords Campaign

1. Clarity

Having a clear goal in mind is important. If your focus isn’t at one place and you don’t have a clear idea of what you are selling and what you should be expecting, then AdWords wouldn’t work out well for you. Search Engine Marketing needs extensive planning since the competition is too high, and to grab the eyeballs, you need to have a plan.

2. Target Audience

You are not catering to everyone. Every product and every service has its target audience, and you need to know what kind of people are likely to be your customers. You won’t get any clicks on your car ads if you stream them to someone who has no interest in them. Your ads, the keywords, the phrases, and the images should all be well targeted only to capture the attention of the people who would be willing to be your customer.

3. Do Not Mislead The Customers

Many people make this mistake when they try to clickbait the customer into clicking on the ad. This might work a couple of times, but you would eventually face the consequences for it. As soon as people start reporting your ad as misleading, Google AdWords Campaign will stop showing it. So it should be accurate from the word go. Precise in writing, pictures, hashtags, and keywords. Putting up irrelevant keywords would do nothing but cater the ad to people who are simply not interested, who then will report your ad for being irrelevant. Be smart, be honest.

4. Use Negative Keywords

Now, negative keywords are nothing but a trick to keep disinterested people away from your ads. Including negative keywords, targeting would simply apply the effect that any other keyword not related to your keyword would not qualify. Your ad would be well-targeted, and the algorithm would also not get confused with it. This builds a quality audience.

5. Keywords and Targeting 

Implementing the right keywords would give you the best boost you could have imagined. It’s the game of keywords and algorithms at the end of the day. There are three kinds of keyword targeting.

  1. Exact
  2. Phrase
  3. Broad

Use them all in the right way in your planning. You need a higher number of exact keywords and a lower number of broad keywords in Google AdWords Campaign since they are not exactly reliable while getting the target audience.

Google AdWords Campaign furthermore gives you the option to geotarget the ads to specific regions as well so that you can build any kind of base you wish to.

6. Do Not Forget About the Mobile Users

Mobile users have a way bigger user base than you would realize. Most people use the internet and surface through websites on their phones for the most part of their day. It would only make sense that you make sure your ads are mobile-appropriate as well. Their resolution and design should be optimized for the mobile screens and UI. It should have an easy call-to-action for mobile users, which can direct them to your website. This will surely get you more conversion rates.

7. Improving

Having a successful campaign isn’t enough; you need to max out the profits and conversion rates. To increase the clicks, you need to keep analyzing the market, the campaign, and the audience’s reaction and build upon it. You need to come up with a better plan and an improved version of the campaign for the next successful run. This will keep your ad fresh in the algorithm systems as well.

8. Get Conversion Tracking

We talked about analyzing conversion rates, but how is that done? You need Conversion tracking for that. There are plugins/apps/software you can use to check the ROI of the ad. Based on that, you can build a better campaign. Conversion tracking is important as it would let you know how many people actually get interested when they see your ads vs. the ones who simply see them and ignore them. A good conversion tracker would let you track the successful keywords, ads, or keyword themes.

9. Understand the Market

Analyzing the ad and monitoring its performance would give you a great insight into the market and the audience. You need to see and understand which keywords work and which don’t work for them. You can stop using the keywords with the lowest retention. Try different ones. See which type of ad gets more clicks. Market your ads to websites that are completely relevant to the product. For example, a gaming mouse’s advert would make sense if it pops up on a Gaming related website.

10. Google’s Remarketing 

Google has a feature called Remarketing. This simply means that anyone who seemed interested in your ad but did not convert would see the ads again and have higher chances of conversion now. This is a smart tactic, and companies are using it left and right nowadays, with some even receiving backlash on it. So be careful that you use this tool cleverly and don’t push your ads right into the audience’s faces.


In a nutshell, creating a Google AdWords Campaign is not a challenge. But, creating a profitable one might be. You will need a certain level of understanding and expertise in the ad industry to really have a crack at it. And to achieve that, we’d recommend you to visit Ossisto for a service like never before!

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