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May 4, 2023

How Email Marketing Can Help You Boost Website Ranking?

We, today, live in a social world. Improving the website visibility and attracting traffic needs a well understanding of marketing platforms. One such marketing place is email.

We, today, live in a social world. Improving the website visibility and attracting traffic needs a well understanding of marketing platforms. One such marketing place is email. Digital Marketers can generate over millions of revenue from email marketing alone. If you know how to use email marketing, it exponentially grows your business. Although many new reach-out options arrived in the market, email marketing is still effective.

They are estimated to be 40 times more effective than social media platforms. It is still relevant and boosts website traffic when performed correctly. It depicts your brand and identity. Email Marketing plays a big part in the launch strategy. However, not every click on the email leads to the sale. But, it leads to micro-conversions.

Let us in this article, review the basics of email marketing, its methods, and metrics

  • Email Marketing is used for branding, acquisition, generating traffic, and using it as a tool to grow business.

  • The outcome of strategic email marketing indeed profits in the long-run.

  • It moves customers from one stage to the next of “value journey”.

Method of email marketing

Below are a few types of emails to engage with the subscribers:

  • Transactional Emails: These emails are sent by automated systems to confirm the actions taken by prospects and customers. The average revenue per transactional email is 2 to 5 times higher. Some of the types of transactional emails include order confirmations, shipping notices, return confirmations, password reminders, etc.

  • Relational Emails: Emails that nurture leads generate 50% sales-ready leads. Types of relational emails are subscriber welcome, newsletters, blog articles, surveys, reviews, referral request, etc.

  • Promotional Emails: Promotional Emails are a powerful growth tool. Types of promotional emails include promotional content, sale announcement, webinar announcement, trial offers, etc.

  • Wish-list reminder Emails: It is closely related to abandoned cart email. It convinces shoppers to take the final step in purchasing products. It motivates them and helps minimize regrets.

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for making sales and generating customers. They offer an intimate interaction. Email provides space to exhibit things that are not possible otherwise with social media.

It is tough to capture a bunch of email addresses. Regular, valuable emails sound like an effective marketing strategy.

  • You can expand the email database by giving incentives to prospective customers. i.e. they can provide necessary contact information by filling out forms on the website.

  • Email marketing helps increase traffic to the website and enhance SEO.

  • Sending out regular newsletters and promotional offers also help you stay in touch with the customers.

  • Useful information and links to pages also must be provided for example, blog posts and landing pages, newsletter, signing up for the next webinar, etc.

  • However, emails shouldn’t either disengage or in unsubscribe form.

Email strategies that highly influence the Website Ranking.

Email strategies that highly influence the Website Ranking.
  • Estimate Email Open Rates: Before clicking on emails, people must first open them. Email open rate is a crucial step in calculating success. They vary widely from industry to industry. So, the acceptable open rate must be decided.

  • Grab Subscribers Attention: It is important to keep subscribers interested in long enough click through. The areas that attract them are accessibility, relevance, and well-written content.

  • Email from a real person: People trust emails from a real name rather than a generic address. Email receivers must be able to recognize you instantly. Additionally, a factual subject line gives an idea of what to expect and inspire them to open the email.

  • Mobile-friendly emails: A mobile responsive email template makes emails look good. Optimized images also appear at the right size and load fast. Emails must also be accessible and help lead marketing conversions.

  • Relevancy: Emails must be relevant to recipients. This can be done using email list segmentation, to decide what emails people get. Short and sweet emails are the best approach.

  • Encouraging people to take action: Email marketing conversions are achieved only when people click through and take action on it. It is better to include call-to-action that is convincing.


Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies. Pay attention to the above email marketing statistics to improvise the results and boost engagement. It also helps to turn your email subscribers to become customers and ultimately boost the sales. By using these strategies, the quality of email marketing can be improved thereby leading to the conversion of subscribers.

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