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May 5, 2023

Struggling with E-commerce business during pandemic? Virtual Assistant is here to help.

Virtual assistance is a relatively new practice, it may be easily availed in a personalized format. Business owners have been on the lookout for strategic solutions to establish their business and preferably...

Electronic Commerce, more formally, Ecommerce is all about listing a wide array of items and goods online for a seamless purchase experience. Over the years, billions of enthusiastic buyers worldwide have popularized this innovative style of shopping. The willingness of people to poise over the latest availabilities and opt for the best one went ahead to establish E-Commerce as one of the hottest trends on the World Wide Web. It’s the courtesy and honor of Ecommerce that gave us many of the purchase experiences worth moments of pride and elegance.

We are thankful that we no longer trudge along the crossroads to buy what we want. We just take a quick look into a website or a handheld device and place an order in a few seconds. And now, when the world has come down heavily on us in the form of Coronavirus, the demand for the online purchases has grown manifold. Every Ecommerce platform is rendering the best possible attempt to ensure timely delivery with utmost customer satisfaction.

And as obvious as it sounds, Coronavirus lockdown is offsetting the speed of online services and the overall serviceability across various locations. It’s getting increasingly difficult for the eCommerce platforms to streamline the layouts of various items on the official sites and apps. The more difficult part for the Ecommerce dominions is to arrange the delivery boys to service the needs increasing every second.

What can be a solution centralized to serve majority of the demands? How can the online portals be smoothened to ensure optimal interconnectivity between the buyers and the sellers? If you think your concerns relate to any of the scenarios as such, why don’t you take a quick look at the idea of Virtual Assistants? Yes. Virtual assistance can surpass many of the expectations the Ecommerce domains are pitching right now.

Past few years have seen a rise in the number of Virtual Assistants with a phenomenal growth of firms opting for the Virtual Assistance. Is it easy to guess the reason why Virtual Assistance is skyrocketing on a global level? The guesswork is easier than we expect. The virtual assistants are easy to introduce and manage. They are easy to avail after a thorough analysis of their skillset and verifying them with the current demands.

What are the goods people are in hot pursuit of amid the lockdown?

  1. Healthcare
  2. Groceries
  3. Online education
  4. Games
  5. Toiletries
  6. Food Takeaways
  7. Digital streams (Digital Media)

Staying updated with the headlines on lockdown is important. Being updated with the various ways to cope with the lockdown is, however, of paramount importance. And most Ecommerce operators are at discomfort due to restrictions on movements across the regions with high prevalence rates. Apart from sustaining the growth, maintenance of the customer base is imperative.

The Ecommerce websites are being flooded with a consistent demand for groceries. The customer services online such as telephonic support and chat support are slowed like they never were. The customer base seeks to rise continuously amid the restrictions in the wake of the factors like judicial wrath. And fulfilling them meticulously keeps getting increasingly difficult due to the situational unrest.

Here are the various ways virtual assistants can harmonize mutual gains amid the lockdown without being affected by the unrests:

1.Leveraging the virtual assistance in the lockdown can offer the services remotely. Since they demean themselves as the virtual team members, the productivity of a firm can stay atop with the virtual assistants.

2.The virtual assistants keenly process the administrative tasks, schedule the meets, keep the records and help the business owner to stay updated with the events to come.

3.Bookkeeping service that entails complex tasks like accountancy, bills payable, expense classification and Sales commissions. The virtual assistants are liable to keep a track of various tasks under bookkeeping seamlessly. This might enhance the interoperability between two departments without any serious hurdles.

4.The most integral part, however, about hiring a virtual assistant is to allot the tasks and schedule them remotely without any physical contacts. This dissuades any chances of infections.

5.One tends to get enough time to leverage the sanitary toolkits to safeguard the premises in and around the office or at the center. This is the right and perhaps the best way one can uphold the occupational safety in the lockdown.

6.Virtual assistance is mainly about the management of the inventory on a remote basis specifically under the lockdown tumult. It doesn’t require a space to keep or manage the stockpiles. It may save a hefty amount for the E-commerce website.

7.Virtual assistants can uphold the purchases and bring a difference to how an interaction between the user and the Ecommerce owner is completed.

8.The purchase experiences occurring across varied geographical regions can get automated with a virtual assistant mediating the transaction.

Struggling with E-commerce business during pandemic? Virtual Assistant is here to help.

Below are the tasks mainstreamed easily for an E-commerce portal with a virtual assistant or a guild of virtual assistants deployed:

  1. Cataloguing the products online
  2. Management (Addition and removal of the online catalogues)
  3. Online Grievance Redressals
  4. Processing various types of orders including bulk orders
  5. Support as a sales consultant
  6. Lead generation
  7. Email management
  8. Remote Account Management
  9. Online support 24/7
  10. Website design and optimization
  11. Blog creation and modification
  12. Management of the updates on orders
  13. Handling the market developments
  14. Online awareness on the lockdown updates

Since virtual assistance is a relatively new practice, it may be easily availed in a personalized format. Businessowners have been on the lookout for strategic solutions to establish their business and preferably manage every update seamlessly. A virtual assistant can strategize most of the resources appropriately with little to no regard for budgetary control.

If the profit margins are to remain unaffected in the Coronavirus Lockdown, it’s a mandate for the Ecommerce owner to optimize the usage of the available resources in every way possible. World Health Organization has regarded Coronavirus as a pandemic. Therefore, most firms have resorted to working from home. A virtual assistant can help lower the costs and retain the operations smoothly with very less expenditure.

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