May 4, 2023

Simplistic Business Communication with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has already proven to be a successful customer tool with billions of WhatsApp users incredibly engaging through it each day.

There is no denying fact that WhatsApp business is the new leading communication channel among the people. WhatsApp has already proven to be a successful customer tool with billions of WhatsApp users incredibly engaging through it each day.

What is WhatsApp Business? How does it Work?

WhatsApp Business is a specialized version of a chat app specially meant for businesses. This app is launched with the aim to help small businesses to communicate easily with clients and customers, alike. This newer version of WhatsApp includes several special features that are unknown in the previous version, for example, Quick Replies, Automated Messages, Greet Messages, and Away Messages.

Businesses are slowly admiring this newer version of the app, as it is letting them connect with customers, promote their offers, discounts, and shipping details, and send up-to-date information on their growing business. A lot of businesses are already happening on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business is becoming increasingly popular

  • WhatsApp Marketing has been used globally for some time now.
  • WhatsApp for business is actually good for users.
  • WhatsApp doesn’t have the fear of spam messages.
  • WhatsApp Business has only changed the way to separate transaction messages from personal chat.

How does it Work?

Small and big companies are using this platform to exchange the messages, readily. It makes it more convenient for the users to chat with the businesses through it.

WhatsApp gives the business a separate official profile/account and gives a verified tick beside it to update customers with regular messages. Businesses areonly able to contact people who have willingly provided their phone number and agreed to be contacted.

  • You can enter complete information of your Business under Business Settings.
  • Businesses create and manage business profiles that include basic information for customers, like, business description, physical addresses, open hours and website URL.
  • It provides some of the best tools like metrics, Web WhatsApp, and Account type.
  • It provides fast answers to customer FAQ’s, greeting messages and away messages.
  • WhatsApp Web provides desktop access for businesses to communicate even more efficiently.
  • Metrics allow businesses to change the way they approach the customers.
  • It enables businesses to look at the messaging statistics and review simple metrics, such as the number of messages seen and read. Thereby, it helps them create a feedback mechanism.
  • Depending on the nature, businesses can save the client’s name. They can categorize the clients and even start labelling them.

However, customers still possess the power to block a certain business account from sending further messages.


  • This new version decreases the dependency on email and messages.
  • Additionally, it makes communication between business and customers direct, personal and instant.
  • As for consumers, they can continue using WhatsApp, and there is no need for them to download another new app.
  • They have the convenience to report certain message as spam.

Bottom Line.

Since WhatsApp is the easiest medium to access among all age groups, solutions are crafted according to the service brands. It, in turn, saves a lot of time, money and resources for both customers and businesses to solve issues and concerns in a seamless fashion.

The capabilities of this new product are ever expanding and are transforming the modern business messaging. Need help or Assistance to set up WhatsApp Business to grow your small business. Get in touch with our virtual assistant team.

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