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7 Biggest E-Commerce Marketing Trends in 2021

Freshest changes are ever-evolving in the eCommerce. The rapid development of e-commerce industry has been appreciating a growing consumer base across the trade. As we rapidly approach 2019, we must look through the marketing strategy and whether it is enough to content with the competitor’s plans.

The future of global e-commerce marketplace is here to expand. A marketer must promptly equip their business in preparation. Let us uncover the latest eCommerce strategies we must be aware to implement them, in order to remain at the top.

Total e-commerce revenue is forecasted to hit $4.88 trillion by 2021”.

This outstanding growth can be seen across all the modern marketing disciplines. Customer expectations are increasing higher. Modern generations are high exposure to marketing and advertising. Hence a clear-cut strategy must be followed by utilizing the tools to specifically suit your business. Hence, e-commerce merchants must stay on toes to get ahead.

E-Commerce Marketing Trends to watch in 2021

E-Commerce Marketing

Below are some of the fundamental changes to keep in mind.

Evolvement of Blockchain

The blockchain is to quickly uptake the near future due to its undeniable advantages. It has become really famous from the last couple of years. These technologies are serving real purposeful actions. Blockchain technologies prove authenticity for the consumers. It makes cryptocurrencies possible and is currently being used in the marketing industry. It ensures impressions and click-throughs are authentic. As devices become more connected to AI, IoT, marketers need to stay top on how consumers can find the information and capture their interest.

With blockchain technology, user data never physically get transferred and digital advertisers get their message delivered to the target audience.

Visual Search

Visual search is experimentation has done that allows us to search for information using visuals rather than text. It is definitely changing the face of e-commerce marketing. SEO is highly influencing in promoting the ranks of these searches. It is increasing expectations for speedy results and is one of the most important innovation in the e-commerce space. This can be proven from ‘62% of millennials are aiming visual search over any other new technology’.

This technology helps vendors multiply in numbers, and likely adapt to the new standard of search. The biggest e-commerce websites have already started implementing the visual search element and are looking forward to advancing its space in 2021 also.

Rise of Voice Search

Voice search is another digital best researching. The supporting statistics has been estimated that ‘40% of adults are now using voice search at least once a day’. Voice search is next to take the reins over the next few years. By the year 2023, there is estimated to be 200 billion voice search queries each month.

Role of Influencers

Consumers are turning to key opinion leaders, i.e. influencers in a specific niche, to learn about the latest products in the market. Influencers produce relevant content ranging from live streams to articles. These people are boosting the e-commerce market growth and playing an important role in shaping consumer preferences, driving awareness towards the newly launched products.

Smarter Exit Intent

Smart exit intent is here to survive. Targeting is based on user needs and buying scales. Smart exit aligns with customer’s tastes, lifecycle and product buying cycles. It gives information when a customer is likely to abandon the website during the buying cycle. Hence messaging strategy must be built around that journey.

With this, consumers will be increasingly more comfortable making large value purchases.

Multi-channel Selling

E-commerce merchants must cater to the needs of omnichannel consumers. Multi-channel is about to see diverse popularity in the coming year. For this, the merchant must be available across all the channels that shoppers use, including popular social media platforms.

It involves just syncing the inventory with the popular channels and process the orders accordingly from a uniform location. It helps merchants reach more people, increase visibility, and grow revenue exponentially.

Smarter Payment Processing

Payment processing is the vital stage of the customer journey. It includes awareness and consideration, so finally the buyer can make a decision. Long and complicated checkout process make the shopper abandon their carts before finishing the purchase.

Smoother checkout process with easy payment option will quick up the conversions. Consolidating payments within a single platform is another excellent solution. It manages all payments regardless of currency and reduces payment realization time significantly.


In many ways, the future of e-commerce is already here. All these trends are massively shifting the e-commerce digital landscape and collective statistics can be seen forward in 2021. Advancements in e-commerce not only yield benefits for consumers, but they also address significant areas such as product-safety concern, global trade. Economic and social development is also powering the transformational change in e-commerce across the world.

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