May 5, 2023

6 Advantages of Keeping Virtual Employees

Virtual employees are professionals working from any remote area for your company. Here are some advantages of hiring virtual employee services.

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. Who is a Virtual Employee?
3. What are the Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Team?
4. Is Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant Important for Businesses?
5. How to Hire Virtual Employees?
6. Why Do Businesses Need a Virtual Employee?
7. Businesses that Hire Virtual Employees
8. About Ossisto Virtual Employee Services
9. Steps to Hire Virtual Employee from Ossisto
10. Who Requires Remote Hiring?
11. To Sum Up


The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to work remotely and find alternatives to run their business. Most businesses switched to virtual assistance services or signed up with companies that provided virtual employees to cater to their ongoing needs.

Firstly, this approach was suitable because it allowed people to be safe and work through the confined walls of their homes. But is safety the only benefit of virtual assistance services?

As more and more companies are moving towards virtual assistant services, it’s time to ponder if these remotely working employees are worth your time.

Who is a Virtual Employee?

Virtual Employees

A Virtual Employee works for you and works with you

A Virtual employee works remotely for the client as an outsourced contractor. At Ossisto, we provide the best virtual employee services to match your work or business profile. We offer a competitive price model with a broad offering of skills.

Virtual employee services even comply with rules and guidelines with guaranteed client satisfaction. Insurance firms, government bodies, and many other agencies are outsourcing services to get results as an economic outcome.

With Ossisto’s remote employees, you get the services of data input, administrative services, research, and social media management. In addition, we also provide native English speakers for specific regions like USA, Canada, and UK. The pricing model is based on a monthly package based on the services on the number of hours.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Team?

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Team

Here are some ways a company can benefit by hiring virtual employees.

1. Maintain a Work-life Balance

Businesses can ask their employees if their work motivation levels have increased or decreased after the work from the home approach. You will find out that most employees feel that remote work is a better option. Ideally, because they have a better work-life balance, this flexible timing increases their motivation to plan their work on time. A virtual employee you hire ensures the same. All you need is a productive team that efficiently balances your work and does not let their personal life cause a hindrance to their work.

2. Pay Only for the Work Done

Virtual employees are paid only for the work they have finished or according to their work timings, often shorter than the in-house team. They are cost-effective because,

  • You don’t have to arrange an office for them, so you aren’t paying for overhead costs such as electricity, water supply, and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Office appliances such as laptops, printers, or furniture are not required.
  • Since they work remotely, you do not have to cater to their transport.
  • No costs in training your team or providing internships to new trainees

As most virtual employees work from their offices, they harbor their needs, and you, in return, save a chunk of maintenance and servicing money. So, the only place you will be sent to is when hiring a virtual team from a virtual assistant service or buying software for the virtual team to carry out their work.

3. Schedule Work Anytime

Your in-house employees may not be pleased about staying back for extra work because they have a fixed 9 to 5 working plan in their mind. And you can’t blame them because they have a personal life to live. However, virtual employees are not restricted to a particular location or fixed timings. It means you can hire virtual employees following different time zones from any site.

It provides an advantage to your business because you have people working for you 24×7. For instance, when your in-house team in New York calls it a day, your virtual employee in India will start their day, and in this way, you are ensured that the work is happening around the clock.

4. You Get to be Time-efficient

You don’t have to plan a schedule or draw out an operational plan for the team because a remote working team manages its timeline and creates a program for itself. It would help if you gave a deadline to ensure that the work is complete before the deadline.

In an in-house team, not all employees have the same working speed. Some are perhaps productive in the mornings, while others are in the latter half of the day. Getting all your employees on board can take some time; you don’t have to cater to a virtual team.

5. You Get Dexterous Talent

You can select employees from any location with a set of skills not present in your local employees. You get to choose from wider regions, and sometimes these skillful people are paid fewer salaries in their countries, so you can get them on board without promising huge wages.

Today, your employees are from a tech-savvy generation with technological advancements. Hence, they are happy to work from home because they have hands-on experience with newer technologies to make their work effective and efficient.

6. Higher Productivity

A productive team is essential for the growth of any organization. Therefore, when employees work remotely, they complete the task before getting the latter half of the day off. For instance, if the job for the day is to submit a monthly report of accounts or build a blueprint for the software, then the virtual employees will work without wasting time.

Moreover, because they know if they do their work in two hours, they save the rest of the working hours doing some other activity. This way, you get 100% participation and motivation as opposed to when working in the office, as the employees know that even if they finish the work early, they can’t go home early.

Is Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant Important for Businesses?

Is Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeping

Most businesses have plenty of trim work titbits that eat up too many work hours and workforce. Spending routine tasks will take time for business planning and analysis, which is essential for the company’s growth. However, everyday tasks do not require any intervention. Important work does require supervision, planning, and guidance.

Hiring a virtual employee helps businesses increase the additional load of employees in their initial phase. Virtual employees can handle routine tasks like replying to emails, creating spreadsheets, or responding to common queries. Moreover, hiring a virtual employee proves more economical than hiring a full-time employee for routine tasks.

How to Hire Virtual Employees?

How to Hire Virtual Employees

The first step before hiring a virtual employee is to assess your business needs. Outsourcing remote employees is one of the most common ways to enhance your business. A remote employee is efficient in filing income tax returns, managing accounts, and data entry. In addition, a virtual assistant can also reply to regular emails, keep tabs, and organize a database. The task details with a time plan will give you a fair idea of routine tasks.

Many companies are proficient in providing virtual employees. However, doing a background check on the virtual assistant company before getting into business dealing is advisable. Another way is to post a job listing on job sites to look for freelancers. The process may be cumbersome, and getting the right candidate in this mode might be challenging.

The best way is to hire a reputable virtual company that proficiently gets you the right candidate. Ossisto is a well-established, respected, and reliable partner in getting your company the best virtual employees.

Why Do Businesses Need a Virtual Employee?

Why Do Businesses Need

Virtual employees are extensively used everywhere these days. As more companies hire remote employees, it has a great future and use. Here are three reasons why businesses need a virtual worker.

1. Employ Management

It is always better for companies to utilize their trained force for essential tasks. Trained employees can focus on critical functions in the company. The mundane job can be handled by automation or get done remotely. A virtual employee can tackle most of the ordinary and repetitive tasks remotely.

2. Cost Reduction

Hiring a virtual employee reduces the cost. Instead of appointing a full-time operator, companies can outsource it at an economical hourly cost. It will reduce the monthly salary and other facility costs and save you the cost of training and creating additional infrastructure.

3. Time Management

A virtual employee also significantly saves time; your team need not put extra hours on resume screening, posting ads, or the interview process for essential functions. A remote worker can accomplish these tasks efficiently and quickly. Ultimately, you will have an efficient and happy team at your disposal.

4. Handles Financial Records

An Accounting Virtual Assistant can prevent your business from collapsing by adequately maintaining your financial documents. It can create labels according to the expenses incurred every day. Recording purchases with the reconciliation of each transaction is also an essential feature of a Virtual Assistant.

 A proficient Accounting Virtual employee helps businesses track expenses to cut unnecessary costs. It records and links financial transactions to accounts for easy verification of payments.

5. Generates Invoice with Bill Payment

Your remote accountant can track your returns and report financial requirements. A professional Virtual employee can pay the bills and generate an invoice. It acts like a trained accountant performing an everyday task to perfection.

Your payment follow-ups are no more problems. You can track the dues with your virtual employee and plan your finances accordingly.

Businesses that Hire Virtual Employees

Businesses that Hire Virtual

1. Real Estate

Buying and selling properties require a lot of work. Real Estate agents need home listings, stage open houses, make marketing lists and find properties. A virtual employee helps in keeping things organized.

Remote workers can filter leads along with scheduling and maintaining appointments. It can also handle social media accounts and post ads. In addition, a virtual assistant is used for taking customer service and emails.

2. Information Technology Firms

A Virtual employee is being used widely in IT firms, and the industry was among the first users of virtual assistants. It is used for administrative support and website construction. It is also used in many other ways.

With virtual assistants, IT firms have increased their efficiency and grown exponentially. IT firms are using virtual employees for customer support and technical sustenance. In addition, it is also used for a task schedule and screening of mail.

3. Education

The pandemic has created a paradigm shift in education; most institutes have adopted a hybrid online and offline classes system. Change has its inherent pros and cons. The biggest drawback is the distraction in online classes.

Teachers can effectively use a virtual assistant to pair up with students as learning buddies. It can also help students and teachers research; most institutes effectively use virtual assistants to manage events calendars and make timetables.

4. HealthCare

Online medical services have allowed the induction of virtual employees in the healthcare sector. A virtual assistant effectively manages a receptionist’s task. Use it to fix appointment dates with the doctor and update the schedule and appointments for the medical staff.

A virtual assistant can also handle the medical professional website. It can handle email correspondence and organize files. Various medical agencies specialize in providing virtual employees for specific fields; Ossisto is one of the best.

5. Marketing Companies

Digital marketing is a challenging field that requires extensive creativity and keeping pace with pressing demands. A virtual employee effectively handles market analysis, social media accounts, advertising, and blogging. It can also be used as an editor, searching photos and creating designs.

A virtual assistant is essential in digital marketing to improve efficiency. In Marketing firms, routine tasks can eat away at your time. A virtual assistant saves time and proves cost-effective in the long run.

About Ossisto Virtual Employee Services

About Ossisto Virtual

Ossisto has been a leading name in virtual employee service to all companies. We specialize in crafting unique techniques for businesses customized for your needs to thrive online. If you want to grow your business, it is time to look for a trusted partner to increase leads and build revenue.

Managing accounts for business requires a user-friendly approach. With online businesses becoming more popular, handling the entire bookkeeping is arduous. It requires attentive eyes for detail and a sharp mind to catch flaws. At Ossisto, we offer various strategies in account creation, taxation, and online ledger management.

Suitable accounts creation, pitching reports, accounts analysis, and taxation are a few everyday tasks done by virtual bookkeepers. Ossisto’s bookkeeping services handle most of your accounts.

Here is how Ossisto’s virtual employee service helps you grow.

  • Creation of new accounts.
  • We are embedding correct figures in taxation.
  • Strategy building in expenditure cutting.
  • Drive engagement and user-friendly platform.
  • Create brand value with conversion.
  • Performance evaluation and accounts improvement

Ossisto’s virtual hiring service can elevate your business to new dimensions. We provide virtual assistants for all companies that are better than AI modules. At Ossisto, we deliver virtual hiring experts in the form of professionals for all kinds of businesses.

Ossisto has been a leading name in digital services and employing virtual assistants. We have assisted more than 500 clients and have answered 95% of calls within the third ring cost. The company also has the distinction of delivering over one thousand completed projects.

Virtual employees can be trained to work with proficiency around the clock. It is an effective communication tool that can get into details of transactions and records that other accountants may miss. Virtual bookkeeping experts are proficient with Google, Microsoft, and other popular platforms.

Steps to Hire Virtual Employee from Ossisto

Steps to Hire Virtual Employee from Ossisto

Step 1 – Inquire

Once satisfied with our executive virtual employee service, give a partnership commitment. Get in touch with our consultant to identify your needs. List out points to see if we fit your requirements. If yes, we will send you an agreement and assign a dedicated client consultant. There is no need to rush into a contract.

Step 2 – Evaluate

Evaluate all the pros and cons with our client consultant. Look at your tasks, tools, and requirements, and be assured how we will help you grow. We offer virtual employee service with a detailed report of merits and a time plan for assistant induction. We believe in transparency, and there are no hidden costs or false promises.

Step 3 – Placement

Meet the placement team and select the top candidates from our pool of talented assistants. Our client’s consultant will interview and help choose the best candidate for you based on your requirement.

Step 4 – Kickoff

Get a kickoff call with our assistant in the presence of a client consultant. It is deemed to be the official start of our partnership. You can set initial goals, communicate your plans, and look forward to success.

Step 5 – Onboarding

Our client-consultant stays in touch to provide a valuable relationship service to guide you through our foolproof onboarding process. We are honed as the best virtual employee provider in the operations and administrative packages.

Step 6 – Follow up

We will follow up to keep ongoing check-ins to support your framework. Through our partnership, we advocate a win-win arena for our clients. Ossisto’s virtual employee service consultant will keep himself tagged on for expert guidance till you are satisfied with our services.

So, who are Our Remote Team Members?

One of the most important reasons to hire virtual workers is the cost-benefit. Outsourcing most complex tasks to virtual employees can reduce labor costs, administrative costs, and additional costs of employee benefits. In addition, other benefits of outsourcing virtual employees are time management to focus on core issues and access to a dedicated pool of talent.

Country-Based Location

Our US, UK, and India contractors have proven and tested experience employing virtual bookkeepers. Ossisto helps you get the apt professionals according to the region and client your company is based.

Completely Remote

With complete remote hiring, you can reduce the company’s costs. Ossisto’s virtual employee service remote hiring team specializes in the technical evaluation and assessment of any website.

Get a Chaperon

Our team of experts will guide you all the way. We specialize in accounts maintenance and taxation and have delivered excellent results to small businesses in bookkeeping.


We don’t brag about our services. We know our success is linked to your growth. At Ossisto’s virtual employee services, we let our clients speak for us.

Who Requires Remote Hiring?

Requires Remote Hiring

There is a lot that virtual employees can do for businesses. Ossisto’s global outsourcing handles most of your business-related IT tasks. We know the basics and the unique needs of offshore outsourcing. We do intensive and exhaustive research to build a strong portfolio that gives you an online presence to help your business grow. It would be best to have a dedicated outsourcing service to manage content and have a responsibility and proactive approach.

Hiring virtual employees is the best decision for conducting daily operations. They are accommodating for tasks that demand incredibly skilled workers. They ensure sustainability with flexible, reliable, and affordable solutions. In the long run, they make the right way for your business. If you feel your in-house job can be best done by outsourcing, choose the same.

Who can use virtual employees? The answer lies in anyone who is an advert with business goals and needs visibility. A few services are listed below.

  • Executives
  • Small Businesses
  • Leaders
  • Sales team
  • Attorneys
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Photographers
  • Authors

To Sum Up

Virtual assistant services are of great help to your business. Some agencies like Ossisto even customize services according to your needs. Low costs and budget are two significant benefits of virtual employees that can increase turnover for your business. A piece of advice is, to begin with virtual employees for smaller tasks, and if this approach suits you, then you can plan for more significant jobs.

The way remote employee demand and culture had increased post covid pandemic, it has become an accepted norm. Importantly remote employee services must comply with the highest standards of suitability, affordability, mutual gains, and security prototypes.

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