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May 5, 2023

14 Top Email Marketing Strategies for 2023

Email marketing strategies are classic way to increase your traffic online, but it is an old-fashioned way to keep a closer watch on your customers.


Contrary to popular belief, email isn’t dead. And for a good number of reasons. If anything, experts still claim Email marketing to be a cornerstone in propelling digital marketing campaigns in the coming years. This vital communication channel is so popular that according to Statista, the number of global email marketing users is set to grow from 3.7 billion in 2017 to 4.3 billion in 2020. That’s about half of the world’s total population. With this, it’s a no brainer that marketers will tap into emails to accelerate their lead generational process for effective results. But before we move on further, here’s a quick intro to Email marketing and also learn about Email marketing strategies.

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What is Email marketing?

In a nutshell, the term refers to using emails as a means to a (marketing) end i.e using them to sell products or services and pitch them directly to the customer. If not this, emails can also be used to pursue prospects or connect with pre-existing clients. They keep them updated with all that’s going on in the company/ brand new offerings and such. Furthermore, the purpose of email marketing can be broken down into 3 main points:

  • It keeps clients informed
  • It’s a cost-effective marketing tool
  • It’s one of the most persuasive and conversion-rich forms of email marketing that assured great, quick results

That said, let’s take a look into a few facts that prove these points:

  • According to a resource, emails are strong on ROI because for every dollar that is spent, one can expect an average return of $32.
  • They’re great for business growth. According to Emarsys, as of 2018, 81% of small businesses are heavily reliant on emails as their primary customer acquisition channel
  • Welcome emails are one of the most successful with about 82% of the average open rate.

All of this is great. But if a company has to really benefit from the changing times, it needs to adapt its marketing tools to fit into the modern consumers’ lifestyle. For instance, screen time is gradually increasing by the day, especially to do with the use of mobile and cell phone devices.  Since phones are portable and always on people’s hands, your email marketing strategies should be directed at making itself more mobile-friendly if it isn’t already.

Importance of Email marketing

Importance of Email marketing important

Well, if email marketing emails are mobile optimized then chances are that as a marketer or business owner, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. To illustrate this point further, below are 7 great tips for email marketing you can incorporate into your email marketing strategies to make it more accessible and mobile-friendly.

Catchy Subject line

An email’s subject like can be considered as a torchbearer for the entire marketing campaign. Why? Because you could offer a prospect great deals and offers. None of that will be realized if your subject line is below par. The subject line is the very first piece of email content that your prospect’s eyes is directed to. So, if they do not find it interesting enough, everything else that you’ve included in the email marketing would go wasted. So, work, rework, edit and edit again to see if the subject line hits the spot.

The second most important thing here is to ensure that you maintain a certain character, limit to curb the length of the subject line. The difference is that desktop typically displays a subject line up to 60 characters while mobile devices display them up to 20 to 30 characters. Hence, if the latter device is what you’re going after, it’s safe to say that you are nee to keep your subject lines shorter, crisp, precise and anywhere between 20 to 30 characters or lower.

Using a pre-header text

This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns or content. Hence, most marketers fail to make a good impact and monetizing their emails right from the outset. Why? It’s because of the placement of such a text. For those of you who aren’t sure, what a pre-header text is, it is the very first line you write in the email body, which falls right after the subject line. It’s usually where people write salutations and address the receiver of the emails. But that isn’t all you can do with such a thing.

For instance, if you’ve had a prospect subscribe to your newsletter or email list for the first time, you can address then by writing – Greetings from or Welcome so on and so forth. There’s absolutely no set limit to how creative you can be with a pre-header text, but you should make it interesting enough to persuade the prospect to click on your email and want to read it and build your email marketing strategies more effectively.

Write scannable content

Brevity is key in emails. Remember, your customers or prospects are already burdened to read a hundred emails that are flooding their inboxes every week. If you are even so lucky that they notice your email, that’s not enough. It doesn’t end up in the junk mail folder. They do not have the time to read every single sentence you’ve ever so perfectly crafted to their liking. So, what do you do? Keep your sentences short (see the beginning of this article).

Divulge the meaning of a sentence in fewer words rather than using complex endless sentences with innumerable jargon. Ensure that the sentences are spaced out evenly. Use parenthesis or bullet points wherever you see fit, to break the monotony in the content and direct the reader’s attention to certain relevant pointers.

Use thoughtful design

Do you know what else makes emails read-worthy? Design and images. This doesn’t mean you go over to the internet and pick the most boring set of stock images that you think will do. No! Design your own images. You don’t have to crowd it with intricate work it ensures that the colors are vibrant and it compliments the content effectively. A problem that you might encounter here is that you’ll find that certain mobiles do not display images right or they don’t allow for it at all. In times like this, ensure that your content can make up for its absence.

Your CTA should be crystal

There is nothing more daunting for a customer than figuring out what the purpose of the email is. Or what they need to subscribe/buy etc. from the said company. Why does this happen? Because most probably the CTA’s aren’t clear enough for the reader to comprehend. There’s a lot that goes into this – placement, design, phraseology, etc. let’s get into them one by one. Ideally, it’s better if you have your CTA’s placed right at the top of your email. Then, for clickability’s sake, ensure that the buttons are 44×44 at the very least. The font should be comparatively larger than the rest of your text to make them stand out.

Include clickable links

Instead of telling your customers what you’re all about in a heavy text paragraph, how about you send include a clickable link to your website in the email body instead? Or, if this isn’t it, include links to whatever you want the customers to view, directly. This will be time-saving and increase views on the said webpage too. But since cell phones are limited by saving, you can close off the links together like you can for a computer screen. So, space them out evenly across the body of the email and under relevant information.

Be cautious of the unsubscribe button

As a marketer no matter how dreadful the thought of your customers unsubscribing may sound to you, it’ll do you good if you embrace it. When it comes to mobile devices however, the placement of the unsubscribe button is crucial. More often than not, businesses lost clients due to poorly placed buttons. Clients might unsubscribe accidentally if the CTA is too close. Hence, ensure that you place the button somewhere at the bottom away from the rest of the content, with a slight gap to differentiate its placement from them.

Tips on Best Email marketing strategies to drive results instantly

Tips on the best email marketing strategy to drive results
  •  Less clutter is always better.
  •  Always include an email signature.
  •  Let the no-reply text not come in your way.
  •  Always add a call to action.
  •  Personalize your email
  •  Always add your logo.
  •  Let there be quality over quantity.

Email marketing is not a new strategy to increase your traffic online, but it is an old-fashioned way to keep a closer watch on your customers. Though some may find this strategy traditional, it can help you generate leads and convert your customers into important businesses if you work the right way.

Some agencies offer email marketing services. But for a hands-on approach on a tight budget, consider these best practices and smart email marketing strategies. Generate efficient leads for your business.

1. Less clutter is always better

It would be best if you do not run around the Bush in your emails and keep changing fonts or typefaces, making it difficult for your readers to understand what you are trying to convey. In addition, different fonts and sizes can distract your readers and spoil the entire look of the email. It is best to use the web save font such as times new Roman, aerial, or calibrate with fonts 10 to 12 points. This will ensure uniformity in your emails and send the right message you want to convey to your customers.

2. Always include an email signature

In a study conducted by the state of business email marketing in 2019, almost half of the marketers voted that email signatures are important for a company’s visibility and brand proposition. In addition, an email signature also speaks volumes about the standard, authenticity, and uniformity which transcribes authority in the company. People react to emails if they have personalization and human touch. By adding an email signature, your customers will naturally be inclined to your mail and feel that their presence is wanted in your company.

3. Let the no-reply text not come in your way

If you add the famous text that says no reply, you do not expect any communication or conversation from the recipients. Such texts are accepted if it is a government organization and the message sent to the customers are one-time messages such as a user name, passwords, OTP, or even confirmation mails. However, if you are looking for a brand engagement, then adding no reply to your emails can put your customers on and off mode, and they will never feel connected with your brand because of the automated emails you send them.

4. Always add a call to action

A mail should be more than appealing to the reader and convince the reader of a call to action. The main message and call to action should be above the fold. Readers must see it before scrolling down the email. Though users are prone to Scroll down due to the vertical timelines on social media, it is the about-the-fold content that gets more attention from the users. In some cases, this content even appears in the notifications, so the users get a gist of what the mail will be about.

5. Personalize your email

One of the best email marketing strategies is that it would be best if you start the email by referring to your customer as a dear member. Know the recipient’s name and use personalized greetings. The first name catches attention and reflects well on your company. Several email marketing tools will help you automatically add the individual names of the recipients before you send them. Hence, you do not have to sit and manually type the first name of, say, 100 recipients to whom you opt to send the mail.

6. Always add your logo

A study by redshift and entrust in 2020 revealed that logos positively impacted the customers and increased email engagement and brand recognition among customers. To make your brand logo noticeable and easily recognizable to your audience, you must add it to every email you send to your customers. Studies have suggested that adding a logo can increase up to 35% of fuel purchase interaction in the market. In addition, above 18% of customers will likely open the email when they do not do so without a logo.

7. Let there be quality over quantity

While it is a temptation to send emails to as many customers as possible, there are chances that not most of them even open up those emails and reply to you. Less engagement lowers email algorithms. Unread emails hurt campaigns, decreasing loyal customer quality. In such cases, it would be best if you would review your customers and subscribers with the highest engagement over a certain period and remove the ones that have least interacted with you.


This was all about email marketing strategies and tips you must ensure before starting your email marketing. In addition, if you feel this is not your cup of tea, there are many email marketing services in the market that you can opt for to outsource your email marketing strategies. Numerous email marketing tools and programs enhance user experience and strategy. As a business owner, stay updated with new methods to attract your audience.

This article was one such article that you can pin down or make notes of to ensure that you are doing the right thing the next time you send an email to your customers.

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Why email marketing is important?

Email marketing is vital for direct communication with your audience, delivering tailored content and promotions, building brand loyalty, and driving conversions.

How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy

Email marketing fuels inbound efforts by nurturing leads with relevant content, guiding them through the sales funnel, and maintaining engagement for long-term customer relationships.

What is an email marketer?

An email marketer designs, implements, and manages email campaigns, crafting compelling content to engage subscribers, enhance brand awareness, and drive desired actions.

How many marketing emails is too many?

The ideal frequency depends on your audience and content. Generally, 2-3 emails per week are well-received, avoiding excess to prevent unsubscribes or disengagement.

Is email marketing effective?

Yes, email marketing remains effective. It offers high ROI, direct communication, and personalization, allowing businesses to reach audiences directly and drive valuable interactions.

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