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May 3, 2023

10 Amazing Tasks an Amazon virtual assistant can do

On this account, Amazon virtual assistants has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for small businesses that seek to build an online enterprise by selling their products through the E-commerce juggernaut.

Adapting to the new emerging marketplaces is a must if you want to have your business thrive and stay relevant in the present times. On this account, Amazon virtual assistants has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for small businesses that seek to build an online enterprise by selling their products through the E-commerce juggernaut.

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This is how hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant will help you with the following tasks

Virtual Assistant

List of Amazon Virtual assistants Tasks

1. Product Listing

One of the most important necessities of running an Amazon business is to advertise your products and list them out the right way.

Your listing is nothing but a product page that lets the customer know what the said product is all about. Hence, they include the name of the product, the basic description, specifications, special features, discounts, etc.

Since this is a menial task, it’s a lot more beneficial if you hand it over to an expert i.e the amazon virtual assistants to get it done for you, while you work on much more important tasks.

2. Listing Optimization

Since we’ve already covered the product listing previously above, the next important task is to get that list optimized. What does that mean? Listing optimization is nothing but the process of having the product list optimized to aid organic sales and rankings.

Since this task requires someone with a specific skill set and cannot have you go on your own, you can have an Amazon VA do this for you instead.

3. Inventory Management

Inventory management in a traditional sense involves the supervision of the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses. In an Amazon business, things are more or less the same.  When a customer orders a product online, inventory management is necessary to ensure that the products are available for the sale and that the logistical process runs smoothly.

An Amazon Virtual Assistant is perfect for the role since they would have their technical acumen in the matter would guarantee that this system runs smoothly.

4. Order Processing and tracking

Tracking online products is just as overwhelming as ordering them when you’ve got so many to keep an eye on. It is highly possible in such matters to miss out on the essentials due to oversight.

As a business owner, this task can undoubtedly take too much out of your busy schedule and time unnecessarily. Hence, it is better to have an Amazon VA track and process your orders instead.

5. Product review requests

Product reviews are positive or negative, legitimizes not just your business, but the quality of your products as well. And if you do want your amazon business to succeed, product reviews are a must. It’s also a great way to engage with customers/ prospects.

As an Amazon Virtual Assistant, the individual would have much more time on their hands, specifically reserved to do this particular task, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your own.

6. Bulk Product Upload

Uploading products individually is a painstaking process. Fortunately, we have found a way to reduce the time taken and save it for your benefit instead. How? By the bulk upload process.

By doing this, the VA uploads a certain amount of product onto Amazon in bulk to fasten the process, rather than slowing it down through individual upload.

7. Product Image Editing

Your product’s visual representation is just as impactful as the content that best describes them. Hence, it is imperative to choose and upload the right images that do them justice.

An Amazon virtual assistant would ensure that the images have been cropped to the right size, adjusted the contrast and saturation to make the product look bright and vivid, the background has been adjusted to seem less prominent than the foreground (the product), etc.

8. Managing discounts, offers, coupons, and reward points

One of the major selling points of an e-commerce business is to provide discounts and offers and rewards often enough to draw in more prospects and increase sales of the products that you’re selling.

An amazon virtual assistant given their expertise would know to create and initiate a coupon marketing strategy that works best for your business and a lot more.

9. Amazon seller analysis and market research

Researching on your competing sellers to know how their business is doing or just drawing inspiration to do better in comparison is something an Amazon virtual assistant is great at.

Additionally, it is important to know how your business is faring in the present or future market scenario. To find this out, you can have the virtual assistant conduct market research to realize your stance in the economy or marketplace.

10. Keyword research and headline search ad management

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, in other words, forms the groundwork for an online business (of any kind or size). As a business owner, you wouldn’t know what the best keywords would be apt for your business and generate the most sales. But an Amazon Virtual Assistant would.

Furthermore, headline search ads are one of the top 10 best advertising strategies for an e-commerce business or otherwise to build their brand. Amazon virtual assistant would be able to design and optimize them for your business so that you can sell and gain a lot more recognition in the market.

Who is an Amazon Virtual Assistants?

An Amazon virtual assistants is a remote working professional that performs delegated tasks related to your online Amazon business or assists you with whatever it is that you need.

Why are they an integral part of your business? Because first, running a business on your own, no matter the marketplace it falls under isn’t an easy feat. You’d have to wear many hats which can get quite overwhelming in the future.

So, this way, they can save you some much needed precious time. The money wouldn’t be a problem either since they are contract-based workers, they wouldn’t need payroll benefits, human resource incentives or any other miscellaneous bonuses that come from being a full-time employee.

With that being said, are there specific skills and tasks that an Amazon VA can help you with? Yes.

Why Amazon?

One of the most treasured benefits is how popular the site has become and its brand’s ability to become a household name for over 25 years of its existence.

In fact, a report by Statista indicated that in the U.S alone, Amazon tops the list of popular shopping apps with 142 million cell phone users viewing Amazon’s mobile application in March 2019.

In addition, individuals find Amazon to be very trustworthy with 89% agreeing that they are most likely to purchase products from Amazon than any other e-commerce business.

Hence as you can see, by being a part of this e-commerce giant’s network alone, you are setting yourself up for success.

The seller's point of view

In a blog published by Amazon Business last year, they noted down four major advancements in the system that they devised to help their customer’s business growth. They were:

Customer diversity

In a blog published by Amazon Business last year, they noted down four major advancements in the system that they devised to help their customer’s business growth. They were:


The company has also made quite a few changes, including updates and features as a means of keeping it innovative for its customers. These have been specifically targeted towards bringing in transparency and improve the procurement processes.

Global expansion

Starting from 2018, the company has internationally expanded its ‘Business’ section to go live in eight major countries, which also include U.S, U.K, Germany, India. Any business, from a small-sized enterprise to an MNC can procure and do business locally from these countries.

Growth of third-party sellers

They also mentioned that one of Amazon’s priorities is to increase the seller’s ability to reach more customers and making it far easier to make customers be able to buy from them. As a result of which third-party sellers make up half of the $10 billion in global sales.

But then, this isn’t all.

Even if you did have all these features to bank on, it doesn’t make your process any easier if you’re the only one overseeing it all. This is counterproductive to a business owner and will do more harm than good.

So, how can you, make your job easier without compromising on your set budget and precious time?

The answer – an Amazon virtual assistants.


Managing and supervising an Amazon business isn’t an easy job to do. Either you take on the role of a business owner and only tend to certain tasks of high importance or get down to an executive level and take care of everything under the sun. You can’t do both even if you did try, because, in the long run, this can have a detrimental effect on both you and your business.

Fortunately, with an Amazon virtual assistant, things can be less cumbersome and smoother for your business to function.

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